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  1. This is how it goes ...just as Jesus proved to be a stumbling block for those of his fathers house...so too it seems dates and chronology...will stumble many ...
  2. I have not been able to quote as I was not a member of this group...my confused emoji is because you speak kind words to a sister and then insult her at the same time because she does not agree with your evidence, JWI....it was a insult to her..a backhanded one..not many may have noticed it but I did. You feel empathy for her because she is being attacked by senseless ones who are with out reasoning...really..then Why did you open this subject up in this group full of them....my feelings is because you needed their back up...their reassurance..and now you come to her with soothing wo
  3. 1) There are also patterns in Jesus time...a pattern of many listening to Jesus but turning away because he said strange things and they lacked the faith to preserver in faith. (His words of eating and drinking his flesh and blood) 2)the pattern of when he was In Danger on his last night and All his apostles fled ..scattered... ( that may yet be played out in a even fuller degree than it is today ...a wait and see job I guess) 3) the pattern of Christian brothers and sisters abandoning one another in a time of need..as Paul and John experienced..( which is already happe
  4. Just go to that WT....I don’t think they will suddenly appear... but always been here...but this is just my personal opinion...and I’m well aware many of my opinions have proved wrong over time...but at this time I’m still holding with this one,,,
  5. I have posted the links up on the JW club...Alan some one tries to be compassionate with you..and even admits some of your arguments are valid...but you are like a rabid Dog...and like rabid dogs they don’t even know they are...Toms right...at some stage one needs to walk away from such madness for it serves no purpose.. Rabid dogs even eat their own...they do not recognize any hand of compassion,,,they are beyond reasonings,,,or capable of having any degree of discernment or insight ,.
  6. Wrong Alan...you post up wiki...you cannot even find the links or posts on utube....otherwise you would have put them up here...I will post them up on the JW club...because honestly....one cannot keep throwing pearls before swine.....you are a very poor researcher aren’t you you are pickled with bitterness..you don’t drink koolaid....you manufacture it..
  7. At one of our Circuit Assemblies we had a bethel brother give a talk...he said they are aware the org has some serious problems...and they are trying to fix them...but they may not be able to before the appointed time... He also gave scathing counsel to the elders... That came from A bethel brother Tom...not me...you may be fortunate to not have experienced serious problems...
  8. Yes that’s is true...but you can block certain ones...which I have done here...( Not Alan ) and the principle is as you say but also the example Jesus used when brought before that old fox Herod....when questioned or enticed to answer,,,Jesus did not speak nor even look at the man...so contemptible was he.. There are posters here of that type...
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