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  1. Unfortunately these sites and others such as e watchman...e JW ..and beroeans pickets...of which at some stages and many years I was a member of ...and of which I usually got disfellowshipped or banned from. All start out ..promoting Jehovah’s people as Gods true people but in serious error...hence their web sites...and they also go on to promote their own understandings on certain issues.. The serious matter that happens with such places is that they are refusing and lacking trust in Jehovah to be able to correct, allow..and rule his people as he sees fit. Thus they act in a pr
  2. I still miss him..I liked him...I would have loved working with him in a car group or on the doors...and he was NOT a proven apostate....and I’ll stick up for him because nobody knows his full story and no one here can read his heart ....Just for the record Billy I am an active witness and approved In Good standing and conducting Bible studies still.... At times I Unjoin this group because it doesn’t help me with my fruit ages of the spirit..so I cannot respond impulsively......but when I’m mentioned I will respond. How come Billy if you are a witnesses you are not in the closed gro
  3. Arauna ..I think Sis we need to let this person have the last say...or we become like him....don’t waste your precious spiritual energy...I’m not sure what is going on here but it’s not healthy...it’s time to back away for the sake..not of those participating...but for sake of those who may be reading this and dismayed at how low we all have become...me included ... none of this thread is dignified...or mature... Jesus didn’t even look at Herod as he was so disgusted with him... you know the old saying...If there is no wood,...there is no fire...I admire your tenacity...
  4. I’ve heard this story before....I’m trying to figure out on which forum and from whom?????
  5. Aaaah...librarian....I so love Phil Hayworth talks..some have been taken down and it was such a great loss..I have listened to this a few times and now will listen again....he has another fantastic one called.....ARE YOU TIED TO JEHOVAH ...or something like that....it’s brilliant....I came into the truth on these types of talks.....much appreciated !!!!!!
  6. Well I was loath to chime in on this subject I admit ...and it probably would have been wiser to not say a thing..and yes I broke my own rule over this. Because it declines into a emotional school yard cat fight... but you also do not fully understand either Billy....NONE..of us here do...not really. But I know first hand of certain issues here in Australia..I watched all of the ARC..talked with victims and elders...know of certain cases...intimately ..so can speak from experience... The way they were handled by elders and the Branch directions of the time..and how victims
  7. Arauna I agree with so much of what you say...but as a people we shouldn’t have needed the ARC..to do the right thing....that’s what some are arguing here. And they are right....BUT..we have corrected the error..even if it was forced on us....our policies have been updated..and this would never happen again...it will never be sorted in house or quietly . we are under Jehovah’s Laws...and there are no loopholes with them...but he taught us...thru the ARC.
  8. He will probably treat them like he did the thief on the stake next to him but the thing is he repented at the last moment...where as the other fellow didn’t ......so what happens to him....wouldn’t he be covered by Jesus ransom...?
  9. I’m guessing it will go so far as tho we may feel we have been deceived or tricked....or he has completely forgotten us.... I hope not but I often wonder if we will be tested as Jesus was... Mathew 27:46 My God My God why has thou forsaken me.... ( how utterly terrifying to feel that ) and STILL REMAIN faithful to A God who you think has left you..
  10. The elders didn’t screw up Anna..it was the way things were done back then...their hands were tied....we have to acknowledge that...our policies have changed because of the ARC....
  11. Your exactly right brother....I often think as you just articulated..we know so much but really so little....Jehovah loves a seeker..a searcher of the scriptures...but that doesn’t mean the reward will be any different than one that’s is not quiet so interested in scriptures ..but has bowed their knee to their God Jehovah. The things we may grasp a little earlier can be a stumbling stone..as Jesus was with the Pharisees...or it can develop in us a much admired and treasured thing...that is highly favoured by Jehovah...humility and grace in remembering where we came from..( I was sort of a
  12. I THINK..which doesn’t mean a lot...but hear goes..from what I’ve read..the Alpha and Omega can mean both Jesus and Jehovah...Jesus being the first creation of Jehovah and the last creation by him to be resurrected . Its a title that they both can lay rightful ownership off...( obviously only after Jesus proved successful ) I have also come to the conclusion that no one can understand Revelation unless they really understand the Hebrew Scriptures ...the secrets or keys to understand revelation is in them.
  13. Good advice for me to follow too.....
  14. Well I hope you don’t get banned..I don’t see why you would..probably for the reason you have quoted above.. Yes I liked JRT...for a number of reasons of which I won’t go into here...but yes I also winced as some of his phrases.... but I got him... As to abusive language..well I tend to be surrounded by it normally...so what you and some others here class as abusive probably wouldn’t bother me too much.. personally if I’m honest I dont really know who’s who..or who’s what..here... But I would object strongly if you were banned...
  15. Nor should they..this thread is stupid....brothers and sisters are dying out there.. being tortured..thrown into prison...losing their employment..families turning on them...their faith tested to the max!!!!!! And the worse is yet to come for many of us and this is the Calibre of point of discussion...c’mon..people!!!
  16. Bad men,,and women will always infiltrate the congregation..we have so many scriptural facts on that...I think where the society had to readjust and were forced to readjust was on our policies...we need to admit that...and we now have policies that allowed in house and even strongly encouraged in house handling ..removed..due to those policies being changed...certain things will no longer be handled or tolerated as they were once. It would have been best if the brothers had done this by themselves instead of the ARC forcing them too...BUT...they have changed..been corrected....we are bein
  17. I also read of a ex JW who stated he went to the Bible students ( Russell’s followers) and some other groups of which I cannot remember and he noted that all the problems he/she saw with In The org...was also present within those said groups..it’s everywhere...even Franz who wrote his famous book said he did not see that this was a issue any worse than any other faith...
  18. Someone really anointed or really Invited would not promote or make it known on line ...it’s as simple as that..a really humble one ..would allow them selves be wronged..as Jesus did and as the apostles did.. PRIDE makes them have the need to be known.....
  19. Do you think Jehovah lacks the power to correct the errors you talk about?
  20. Every man and his dog on line now claims to be anointed....it’s hard to take any of them serious...why on earth would he or any one be jealous of them??...I’ve had my differences with JWI here..but I will stand up for him..on this..I think he’s got a lot more guts and backbone ..than you give him credit.
  21. Well it totally depends on what amount of damage the hypocrisy .( that’s the only point I’m addressing here) .which is there...actually did...and we are not and nor will we be for many years be like Jesus ....In The ability or power...of forgiveness ...but we can try....I think that’s what your saying Tom. I think what certain ones here have done.....is allowing their pain..and often a extreme pain ...a righteous anger ...turn to resentment and bitterness that may even be justified....BUT...it then it controls them....thus satan has got them either way. Im Not sure exactly what wa
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