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  1. Hi,

    Do you know Paul Grundy? He is formerly  member of JW religion.

    He has many articles on his web site about the topic regarding JWs beliefs and mostly  of his explanations on those topis are sounded good. See attach example.    


    What can you say about this? It seems no one can refute on what Grudy wrote.




    1. JW Insider

      JW Insider

      I don't know Paul Grundy, but he is the author of jwfacts.com. I'm surprised it is just one person. jwfacts comes up in Google searches a lot when I look up a topic. I have not read too many of the articles there, but the ones I have read have been very accurate and well-documented. I'm a bit of a "nit-picker" so I read articles closely and I have seen a few mistakes. I recommend that everyone do their own research and not just rely on things I have said, or anyone else has said.

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