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  1. Unfortunately, there are many atheists that still consider themselves among the old guard. That’s not the case in the US. It’s been stipulated, that atheism can be and is a religion, since 2009. The concept shouldn’t be that surprising if one looks at paganism. Witchcraft as well.
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    This will come as a shock when someone wants to claim no deity. They will have to understand the concept of throwing things to the wind. They fought for it, now they need to own it. But, I will defer in your presentation on who is allowed to post. I’ve seen people removed from here. So, I’m not prepared to speak freely here as much as I would like to as some of you can. I will continue to tread lightly like a frightened little mouse cowering in the corner. I don’t wish to offend any of you, especially the owner. So, my hands are tied. But, thank you and TTH, for your interest.
  2. Atheism has been made to a religion. I believe your view extends through extremism as any other religion. The Watchtower holds the extremism of the first century Christian, as taught by Christ. Jesus went through what the Watchtower now goes through. I believe the message from Christ and the Apostles was to maintain faith with whatever came across as being tested. Atheism as you state fairs the same compulsion. This in itself does not condemn one entire group because of certain misguided views by certain people. If this was normal, then those people are positioning themselves as kings among men, as they cannot do this with God. Administrators also have a certain responsibility to allow all voices to we heard. I’m afraid this has not been the case in this forum. This is why I reject the advice of TTH and will tread lightly as not to offend the owner, as some have seen fit to offend others without repercussions. I have kept an eye for a while enough to see the reality. In my opinion, too much emphasis is being placed in one individual that is rallying to portray a certain religion in a negative way, when it can easily be said about any other religion. The truth of the matter is inertia. This is why, a single unproven claim carries no lasting weight, not even when the chips are stacked up high. That said, this is an open forum for all is it not? If not, then it should be set to private so only those the owner likes will be granted and set as a target for a specific audience.
  3. My opinion is based on observation through time. It seems some posters and comments have been removed for no better reason than to decide who can or can’t post here, that’s all. My observation shouldn’t be offensive to anyone as a discussion board should have a platform to refute certain claims. But, I’m a newcomer here, so I will tread as though I’m walking on eggshells, as not to anger the owner.
  4. You must be confused Srecko. My opinion is in reference to someone stating their grievance as Dr. Ford did without proof. People want to be believed. Christ story was not just told but witnessed. That is the substance behind my comment. If it becomes confusing to you again, please fill free to ask. What I have seen. Not everyone gets a fair shake when it comes to being offensive here. I will do my best to avoid that. That's why TTH comment was confusing, to say the least. There is no need to get cynical and aggressive as some seem fit to do here. How people define religion in their personal life is to seek the approval of God, not man. Each religion has a way of introducing people to that prospect. Whatever, personal grievances you think you have, as the owner said, move on. You do yourself a disservice to think, something can be solved in a discussion board. There are no answers to serious questions that society itself has generated. This is where faith comes in. To subvert faith for personal reasons is meandering and unacceptable to god. Even when it placed in a humorous way. Gods guidance doesn’t sustain the majority of arguments here if understood through scripture.
  5. Then you can understand what nonsense is. In all fairness, that can be ascertained by an opposing view. As for Jesus being offensive, he was a perfect man and a symbol for the truth, whereas you are not. So, there is no comparison to the behavior you are applying for the truth as you see it. Jesus experience is documented in scripture. Is yours? But, it seems that’s where the line is drawn with some people when insults without provocation lead them to automatically assume right (truth) is on their side. Perhaps you can be civil with your response, and not show hatred upon your fellow man just because there is no redemption through them. The owner is correct to suggest, people like yourself should move on, and find a religion you can accept to worship God and Christ the correct way. None of the arguments posted are noteworthy in Christian life, and I believe that is a road you seek.
  6. John, First of all, I am not here to defend either side. I believe each proactive religion stands for something positive. A religion that adheres to the first century standard of worship which Jesus taught also had a standard for excellence. Members within those groups also were subject to critical review by their Elders and High Priest. I made no such point as you describe the rebuttal other than making certain observations by the posting of a certain commentator by the name of, witness. My observation was made in lieu of the material being used to make a point. A right I believe each owner should prevent from being excessive if they have not been granted certain rights to publish other people’s material. That’s all. I can appreciate that fact that many people feel their life story should be told and listened to. I believe the FORD story was credible, as I’m sure your is. No one should be in a position to lie and have others believe is such a lie. understandably, I don't believe anyone here can qualify as an expert witness to what happened to you. This is why Ford’s testimony failed to achieve the smell test. Not because she was not credible, but because the standard of law was used. If she could not convince a panel of Senators that had much more information than what the public was seeing, then a grand jury would expect that type of information to decide whether or not to indict. Now, her story has become a rallying cry by many groups, just as it has become a rallying cry for White Cops that shoot Black kids while running away. Pedophilia is also at the forefront of many nations. So, you don’t have to repeat your story to gain attention for your cause. Just know that many religions are experiencing this problem and that experience is not limited to one religion. This is where the difference is. When a person or a certain group of people attempt to make one certain religion out to be worse than others. I can think of plenty of reasons not to become a Muslim. One happens to be the sharia law. Should I condemn all Muslims because of some radical Islamism? Should we then think because many Christian religions have a priest go into battle to pray for their side to win, make all Christians guilty? This would mean, you are personal holding Christ responsible for the things people do. That has become your rallying cry. Others here happen to think the opposite. Not because they don’t find you credible but because they find your attacks offensive and at times not forthcoming. This is the kind of mentality that got Jesus killed. Where does it end with imperfection abound in every discussion by many nations? There is no right or wrong answer since the makeup of peoples solution is being considered by a society that is imperfect itself. Then it becomes a question of loyalty. If you want to serve God and Christ, you need faith in them to understand, what you seek can’t be found on this earth. This is where being with those that have that same value can give you that personal strength to better your life instead of always being in the dark. Now, doesn’t scripture mention that? I would use the public domain bible KJV, but I find it, it might be difficult for some to read. Ephesians 5:8 It does no one good to harbor resentment and hate. I believe it’s time to reconstitute the art of civility if we as a society, hope to find common ground for now.
  7. In my opinion, should this be a correct understanding that the majority in this world that is atheist have no compulsion for religion, then you as the administrator also need to understand the need to allow those in favor or opposition to freely state their opinion without this administration picking sides. Your statement is quite clear. Then honor your own words by allowing comments such as Bulter to be presented, and if there is an opposing view, allow that presentation to be placed. A neutral observer is what is claimed here. As a business, that allows a discussion needs to be free to all, not just a selected few. Another observation would be, the use of certain material that goes beyond what the law allows for a debate. A discussion board can have a certain responsibility to eliminate such information from being abused. as seen with commenter witness. This website seems to be a news outlet. An interesting site that I receive world news. Therefore, precautions would be recommended. Now, the post “Why John Butler Left Jehovah's Witnesses” Trademark Spiritual “Israel” are the anointed ones. They are assembled IN THE WATCHTOWER. Rom 2:28,29; Heb 8:10; Rev 7:4 The disfellowshipping act shows that Jehovah has a clean people who adhere to Scriptural guidelines in order to maintain that holiness. Wt 15/4/15 Does it really matter why this individual left? There are no restrictions made for any individual to stay. That organization is not Scientology that obligates their members to stay. The Bible states free will and choice. Whatever the motives are for an individual to leave, if it has nothing to do with breaking God’s scripted laws, then to each its own. If an individual wishes to criticize any religion, they have free reign. But, those individuals need to understand, an opposing point of view can be freely made as well. That’s how democracy works in the United States. I hope this observation doesn’t disqualify me from making future comments. I will say, it’s refreshing to hear from the owner to stabilize an environment that can become continuous very quickly, Thank you.
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