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  1. @Shiwiii No, I was only encouraged to seek Baptism, even my late uncle who had no religous affiliation, but was very hard on applying the Bible also encouraged me and others in my family Caza despues del bautismo y se salvo, as he puts it. But as I grew older, I took the steps necessary torwards Baptism myself, especially during my early preteen years. I made thos choice because I firmly accept what the Scriptures teach about Jehovah God and his Christ and I took the time and effort to put the teachings of the Scriptures first, even as far as to mold myself to be a better Christian, and a declaring that I myself want to serve God fully, and in doing so, I go about with the tools that I have been given to teach what Jesus taught regarding the good news and what the Kingdom would bring - caso y punto.
  2. @admin It's getting crazy out there now. And in the world of today's politics, people will go even crazier when the "orange man bad" crowd starts to riot. 😬 Speaking about Proresting, there's the United Kingdom, Haiti, and I think Chile, and the whole climate change thing too.
  3. @Witness But you are just making assumptions, nothing more. 🤔 Also no, because the focus was on the term, Mentally Diseased, but we see that you're adding quite a bit. Why not start another thread instead of adding on? But the question still remains, if the term Mentally Diseased is in connection with what we see in Scripture correlating with this term, Mentally Depraved concerning specific individuals, why consider us in the wrong for pulling from the Scriptures itself? In a simple term, do you agree with what is read in the letter to Timothy or not? I like to add that this isn't anything new, others will simply term it as, Mentally Broken or Mentally Lost, Ill Minded, Diseased Mentality, and the list goes on. An odd one I heard that even alludes to the Scriptures is "A Broken Basket". This I only heard once lol, I dunno where the girl I met learned that from but when I talked to her, she only says this about people who is quick to start something without having all their facts in order, which is no different from an Apostate starting problems for Christians. Do you at least have a citation or a source? 🤔 I still couldn't find that "God" source of yours, so I am just going to check "False" on that multiple choice paper. And again, you're quite on the passage mentioned earlier and what Outta Here mentioned.
  4. Lol one of my teachers mentioned this to me even tho I knew this. He knows I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  5. Didn't JWI and Space answer this a while back?
  6. @Matthew9969 The choice of Baptism is up to the individual themselves, and that they feel that they are ready to full serve Jehovah God. Pretty much if they're ready for such a task they go about the steps taken to reach that Spiritual Goal.
  7. @Arauna I would say people of different cultures have a view of strangers and assume things, that is, before they get to know them. Pretty much any person is like a book, you don't know unless you read. I had some run ins with bad people who don't want to heard anything about the Bible but I've met some good folks who do, and be it a good or bad apperance, all people differ and their culture. For us Latinos tho, we are kinda a close bunch so we are open to hear from one another, especially when speaking the same language, especially if it is about family.
  8. The comment in general and you kinda went off in a tangent. There goes another JW comparing? Lol, no amigo, estas siendo delirante ahora 😑. All that was said is what is read in the Scriptures is as what is said, therefore the term "mentally diseased" concerning Apostates, especially the ones looking for some action, fits like a puzzle piece. Ok and your point is? Not one from the Governing Body ever made a claim to be inspired at all. That was something brought up by people who assume with evidence to what was really said, in addition to that, I think some people here grilled you on this before. Being anointed is like an invitation of God, so how are you so sure you are all knowing in this sense when you haven't even confronted or talked to them? Plus you are going off into another subject, one, I believe another fella here who says he's anointed too, corrected you on a while back. Yes. That is why we have to remain awake and keep on doing the work, fortifying our faith in the process. Because the day of Jehovah is like a thief in the night, unexpected and no one knows the day not even the Angels, not even Jesus, etc. It is something like this that even drew a late intellectual mind into the Scriptures, and my professor loves talking about him.
  9. @Witness That's a very weak response. That also throws into question Discples and Apostles who took the lead in the early congregation, i.e. some in Christendom equating Paul, Peter, and several others who were taking the lead, even some brothers who had some kind of authority, equating to God and Christ. So technically, you just jumbled together your own conclusion. And..... You're not too hot on what was said in the letter to Timothy, or what Outta Here has mentioned. On the other hand, Matt was throwing out a claim that the governing body actually said this. But let's be real here, as in, as real as a box of legos here, no one is claiming to be or being equal to God, not even an imperfect man or the governing body. You're just fitting the bill with the Scriptures talking about. @Outta Here Pretty much if you point this out people will ignore it and won't believe it. They'll have that "I can't believe it's not butter" reaction 🤣
  10. But not violinist have nasty habits, some of them are good people, some who have tragic upbringings and or was formerly someone who was a nasty person who turned over a new leaf.
  11. @Witness Lol, you do realize I said "other term" and mentioned "1 Timothy". Yes he would need to understand what an Apostate is, and he has to also understand the other term that in discussion, mentally diseased or as 1 Timothy puts it, in context, mentally depraved. Right now, you are adding on something vastly different, amigo.
  12. Buddy, you have to understand what an Apostate, and you also have to understand why and how they other term is used because you literally just ignore the passage in Timothy. It isn't straightforward, amigo, you took a bite out of an oreo and put it back in the package on this one when people noticed on this one. You are only ADDING that they are on par with Jehovah because what you said before doesn't add up. I even told you where you saw them verbally say that, but nothing...
  13. @Matthew9969 And yet Peter Parker aka Spiderman recieved a NWT Bible translation in Modern English and got a bit of insight on who Jehovah God is and Christians who follow Jesus Christ. Satan? Mislead? Oh Dios mío... 😑 Someone must've stolen the apple pie you left by the window.

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