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  1. Top of the day to you sir. I confess that I am dumbfounded by this answer. I only meant to congratulate you on a job well done. Surely when you refer to Tom, you are not referring to TrueTomHarley. He’s even more stupid than Arauna.
  2. Mr. Alan: I am greatly savoring your exchange with Arauna. Truly, her grasp of science is dismally weak. I also appreciate the razor-sharp wit you display engaging one who is plainly not in your league. What are your thoughts about the future of Darwinian evolution? Do you feel that your personality represents its pinnacle, or may we look forward to reaching even greater heights? Thank you, sir, for your work.
  3. TTH don’t do dates, cat. He don’t go there. Cat to cat, I’m telling ya. That goes for you, too, @Outta Here. You guys itching for a cat fight?

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