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  1. How demonstrative to think a heretic writes an op-ed and people believe it comes from the Watchtower. The letter itself continues to make the same claim heard over and over again on the internet. That means the same senseless propaganda continues to circulate to entice the masses, instead of looking at the worldwide problem as it should be, with diligence, not cynicism. Watchtower faders must be loving this. The most important thing would be, how the government operates, and how their own laws make it a conflicting proposition for those that want genuine justice. There lies the difference between keeping records and not keeping records. The reality is not one size fits all, but each case is unique and should be handled with caution not with guilty until proven either way guilty or innocent. A good case of destroying evidence is with a US case in Texas where a priest “murdered” a woman, and the church along with the STATE OF TEXAS concealed the matter. It wasn’t until a reporter found some documents that brought this 57-year-old case back to life. A murder case, with child sexual abuse outcome. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/church-officials-shielded-priest-suspected-of-murder-for-decades/ https://www.abqjournal.com/1255522/new-legal-troubles-for-the-archdiocese-of-santa-fe.html http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/ag-requests-full-disclosure-from-new-mexico-dioceses-on-sex/article_84dac37d-bfd4-5df3-aa9e-cda737509837.html “Assistant District Attorney Mike Garza -- no relation to the victim Irene Garza -- said during trial that a deal was struck following the murder between local law enforcement at the time and officials with the Catholic Church to protect John Feit from prosecution and allow the Church hierarchy to discipline the priest under its own terms.” Therefore, the only slander I see here is with exJW’s, faders and noneJW’s
  2. Different topic. Stick to this one, or do a new post for it.
  3. As for your argument about perfection. Consider the other definition that is associated with Christianity, not common usage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_perfection https://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/perfect-perfection/ Therefore, the word accordingly is an abstract that can be used as relative.
  4. It seems something offended you. I have seen many of your other posts. I wouldn't retaliate either or be pathetic about it.
  5. Then I can only say, what are you doing here? Scripture is meant for those that follow Christ, not become retaliatory to let off steam. If you have insight about scripture with a better interpretation, then, by all means, let’s hear it. This idea of criticism by you and Bultler has brought nothing but failures in understanding. We are all adults. But there is a difference between being a human grownup, and being a spiritual child that matured. Let’s get off meaningless criticism and concentrate in fundamental in Bible truth if you wish to learn. If not, then there is no need for further discussion.
  6. Then you cannot appreciate what scripture is actually relating to us mortals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_5:48 If you wish to bring in scriptural understanding with the old Greek Classic, versus the Koine Greek, if you have experience with linguistics, then, by all means, let’s discuss this matter through intellectual understanding. From the textus receptus, Latin Vulgate, or whatever codex you wish to use. Even the Westcott and Hort. Since Srecko failed to reply on how his wisdom is above all others, then I can only stipulate this is your idea also. Logic, as seen through the definition, brings in many afterthoughts. The word perfection is not intended as you describe it. If we do, it loses all credibility to what is intended through scripture. This is a fundamental flaw in understanding. We can only imitate perfection, not become it until after Armageddon. To an extent, you and Srecko have become what the post is.
  7. FelixCA

    Can we trust carbon 14 dating?

    Radiocarbon dating. Has science been able to carbon date the sun? Is carbon dating an exact science? Fossil imprints were thought to have no bacterial evidence. New science has made that a thing of the past. But, science is dealing with an alternative to the power of Jah’s active force (Spirit of God). A power that no human can test or fathom. How could 14C be relative if extreme heat and extreme pressure have not been fully confirmed to the level of God? When the Garden was created, dinosaurs being part of creation became destructive enough to have Jah rethink the purpose of size to redirect the spirit of God to use the same means of creation to readjust a partial creation. Then after, setting a new standard in size of the animal kingdom and creating humans to subdue them. To Jah, this could have been accomplished in a short amount of time or could have been as science dictates, billions of years. 14C is unable to understand the logistics between the two. Crunching numbers is a computer would not be adequate to understand what power Jah’s active force played in creation other than what is written, and what it played before the Garden of Eden manifested. Through scripture, we know Jah created the heavens and earth. Can science replicate any of it? Can science Terraform floating space debris to create a planet? Can science replicate a human cell from nothing? I’m not referring to getting something that exists, and clone it. There are many old theories and some new ones. Known of which can explain the power of God. Then we should understand the fundamental of 14C as described by Libby, Arnold, and Anderson. If a man, can generate one, one hundredth the power of God, Leon M. Lederman called it the God Particle, aka the Higgs Boson Theory, then we ask has this been achieved? Not just in theory but actuality. This is just another indicator that 14C isn’t relative to creation and dinosaur fossils.
  8. Let’s ask the question. How would you go about teaching and inspiring over eight million witnesses and about twenty million interested parties? Remember, there are language barriers and scriptural interpretation to consider. Have you ever run a corporation? You place your self above all the anointed. Can you explain how Jah gave you this higher spirit?
  9. Then you would agree there is a need to comprehend what is before us. Especially when it relates to definitions of particular words. This prevents us from thinking we can be perfect instead, try to imitate perfection by following in Jesus footsteps. Do you honestly believe you are perfect according to the word, perfection? Even if we comply with every instruction given by Jesus and the commandments given by Jah can we remove our sinful state? This can be illustrated by the conduct here of a failure to meet Christ standards of perfection. Ephesians 4:22-32 This is why Jah continues to give us a chance to redeem ourselves from a sinful state. Meaning as imperfect humans. Romans 5:8 What is one of the prerequisites to maintain that appearance of sinless state, if not with obedience?
  10. This is how the GB explain themselves when stating they are not infallible. It seems witness keeps misunderstanding the ramification. I guess he believes the Catholic POPE when they state they are infallible. That’s one good point to trust in God’s spirit direction instead of trusting on your own. Personally, I wouldn’t trust someone that doesn’t understand scripture and they think they are perfect. This becomes a problem when one shares falsehoods to appease themselves rather than serve Jah. So, how would that differ from the criticism given toward the JWorg when people believe the Org spread falsehoods? Was the Catholic Church wrong when it stopped using soldiers like the crusaders to win a holy war? Does this not mean changes were made? Which church can be side not to change their understanding when a new discovery makes it necessary to adjust previous understanding, such as in language or time?
  11. Can you explain how a mortal soul can accomplish this? Perfection means a sinless state just as was Christ. Adam and Eve lost that sinless state. How can an imperfect person be perfect?

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