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  1. I see a deliberate attemp by Mr. Butler to twist the facts and distort information. He may appear to understand the facts, but in no manner should he be given serious consideration folks.
  2. And.....why do some people BOLDLY say certain things about JW's without getting their facts straight? If you imply that you know what your talking about, then my goodness, do some proper research, before you destroy all your credibility and look like a fool. People will catch on given enough time.
  3. With all due respect, people should get their facts straight before they make a bold unverified statement. When a person does that quite often (without proper vetting their statements) then people will suspect EVERYTHING they say thereafter. That is why their overall credibility will and should suffer. Think about it. Just saying.
  4. Either way it is not a critical issue in the big scheme of things.
  5. Everyone can choose to believe whatever they want.

    Truth, lies, half truths or whatever.

    I know what I believe, and am thankful to belong to Jehovah's organization until the end.

    Everyone answers for themselves in the end.


  6. I am amazed at all the bitterness and sarcasm on this site. People cannot act decent. I think a lot of people have an "agenda", and that's, fine. But I do wish people the wisdom to see the childish agendas clearly. Truth isn't for everyone. So be it.
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