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  1. WOW!!! - Starts at 2:00 about his JW topic. Sad if it's true that Parents were the culprit, but goes to show how sometimes one can "irritate" their children. I've seen it happen too.
  2. Ha - that's a good one. We need to look at from God's statements to us Humans. Jehovah could have chosen the Ear to be holy and to abstain from people's ears. Or eyeballs. Well - we know that's ridiculous. BUT - Jehovah views our life in a particular way. Blood is what keeps one alive. That is the internal tissue we cannot change. What we take in externally (Food, Air...) keeps the LIFE in us (Blood) working to keep us alive. So if I tear your ear off - you still can live. Chop off a leg or arm - you can still live. BUT - Remove the Blood we do not live! For ancient ones of God who were like big children - who tossed stones at people for their temper / anger. They HAD to learn LIFE = Sacred. So - to teach us this, Blood must be considered Sacred in all cases. (Genesis 9:4) . . .Only flesh with its life—its blood—you must not eat. No would one die if they ate blood? No. But it's the principle of Life we need to learn. Your blood is Your Life. I can't touch your blood. I must respect your blood. Is donating blood risky? Very rarely, but could cause Anemia, which could lead to passing out, perhaps falling and harming one self. BUT - that's a long shot. (Leviticus 17:14) . . .For the life of every sort of flesh is its blood, because the life is in it. Consequently, I said to the Israelites: “You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh because the life of every sort of flesh is its blood.. . . This law would help followers to Respect Life! Thus why even Kind David didn't drink the water (2 Sam. 23) - amazing his response: (2 Samuel 23:17) . . .Should I drink the blood of the men going at the risk of their lives?. . . It wasn't Blood - but it was the point They Risked Their Lives! He needed to make a statement. If he did drink - it would have moved others to risk their lives. Great Question
  3. @Nicole I’m saddened by the way some have or hold on to old ideas. simply read the KM 11/2006 KM. PRP is clearly in the “your choice” regarding procedures with “your own” blood. Before 2006 it was the way of “if it leaves your body it must be poured out” Rule. Many held on to that. But we re Students and I know it’s hard when you see even how others stop learning and adapting. If Anyone extracts all scriptures with the Word Blood it’s very clear 1. It’s about ones blood is his life 2. We conclude too that it was in context in food as well The first century didn’t have concepts of medical use like we do. So what is the context of abstain ? Again food. but keeping the principal that ones blood is Their life. So we won’t touch anyone’s blood. As for our own blood - there is only what You Decide. Some as you read in here have not addressed it with their conscience, thus still a law to them. like this weeks meeting on head covering - one doesn’t Have to wear in presents of I baptized male. But one’s conscience might move them to. 🤔 Why I have no idea. But Paul referred to weaker consciences. bottom line - PRP is your choice to make. i myself am faced with this but for major instability in my neck. I’m from pre 2006 new light. And I learned the rule of “if it’s not an extension “ bla bla bla... but how many never prayerfully did a new study on the matter. It’s easier to just go as told. If you do - no one can pull you in the back and counsel you. It’s In Writing as Your choice to make.

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