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  1. Huawei has become famous in Latin America for selling devices less pricey than Samsung. I personally used one Huawei brand cellphone, but had to return it. Even sending an email was a difficult task. 😕
  2. Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware and software products except those covered by open source licenses, a source has told Reuters. The news is a blow to the Chinese technology company that the US government has sought to blacklist around the world.
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  3. The study is the first ever comparison of 100% fruit juice with soda Researchers from Emory and Cornell found excessive soda consumption increased the risk of early death by 11% Excessive consumption of fruit juice increased the risk of early death by 24% An expert described the study as important but said there was no risk from a single 150ml glass of fruit juice per day Consuming fruit juices is just as bad for your health and likely to lead to an early death as drinking cola or lemonade, research suggests. A new study found an increased risk of dying early from any cause for people who consumed a lot of sugary drinks. US researchers compared, for the first time, 100 percent fruit juices with sugar-sweetened beverages such as cola and lemonade. They found very similar associations for both fruit juices and sugary drinks with an increased risk of dying early, though they said more research was needed. An expert described the study as important but said there was no risk from a single 150ml glass of fruit juice per day.
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  4. Enjoying seeing the rain and a at-home pedicure 

  5. Abstaining from all food and water/juices or abstaining from all food but drinking water/juices?
  6. When I heard that lady saying that in Venezuela there is not a human rights crisis and that nobody should care about it, I thought that something must be wrong with her mind or she is following the communist protocol 🤷‍♀️
  7. With several series, dozens of seasons, and thousands of characters, the Star Trek franchise is as sprawling as the far-future worlds it explores. But few have captured the hearts and minds of Trek fans as much Jean-Luc Picard. As the Captain of the USS Enterprise-D, Picard wasn't as brash or boisterous as the franchise's forbearer, James Kirk. Instead, Picard, played by English legend Patrick Stewart, ruled his ship like a philosopher king, more comfortable debating the finer nuances of moral quandaries than socking a Gorn in the face. It's been nearly 17 years since the character last appeared on screen, in the much-maligned film Star Trek: Nemesis, so it's no wonder that fans were excited when CBS All-Access—and Patrick Stewart—announced last year that the character would be returning.
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  8. El es mitad holandés, mitad indonesio y lloró justo antes de tomarnos esta foto porque después de muchos años él escuchó el lenguaje de su corazón. Estaba totalmente aislado. Ahora después de tres años de estudiar con él y con mala salud, ha podido asistir a la conmemoración dos veces. Compartido por _all4thelove
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