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Hello and within my renewed walk with Jehovah, I am just sharing information. Hopefully you will share with JW headquarters and the rest of our brothers and sisters! Romans 12:10 "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." We are all our brothers keepers, so I am encouraging repentance, asking for foregiveness from Jehovah and all those HARMED, and serving only the master of RIGHTEOUSNESS, JEHOVAH God versus Satan! Jehovah's ways remains the same, the straight and the narrow. REGARDLESS of what we think, GOD'S laws, which are All his 10 COMMANDMENTS including the Sabbath must be upheld for our own salvation. In addition to praying, we must speak up and out against wrongdoings. We can't continue to serve 2 masters by supporting or hiding evilness and praying to God. That's using God's name in vain. We are required to publicly serve God in all our actions by informing the proper legal authorities of any and all criminal behaviors and activities that is or has HARMED anyone, especially children or continue to serve Satan by covering up evil wrongdoings. Continued silence, is standing in support of SATAN'S evilness. We save our brothers and protect the innocent by publicly exposing any ungodly behavior, praying, and fasting to promote change in the weak. I already foregive you, because we must foregive as Jesus foregive us in order to be foregiven. I will continue to pray and "fast" off and on until God's will is done within JEHOVAH'S ENTIRE HOUSE! Much continued love, REGARDLESS my brothers and sisters! Christ second coming is much sooner than we think to devide and conquer! Take care!

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