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  1. On September 18, 2019, in the Leninsky District Court of Saratov, the prosecutor requested 7 years of prison term for Konstantin Bazhenov, Feliks Makhammadiyev and Aleksey Budenchuk and 6 years for Aleksey Miretskiy, Roman Gridasov and Gennadiy German. All of them are charged with their religious beliefs.
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  2. Tuesday marks the 25th anniversary of the imprisonment of three Jehovah's Witnesses in Eritrea, where they have been subject to torture and allowed little contact with the world outside the prison walls. Paulos Eyasu, Isaac Mogos, and Negede Teklemariam were detained on Sept. 17, 1994, apparently because they conscientiously objected to military service, according to a report published in August by the Jehovah's Witnesses' Office of Public Information. They were held at the Sawa military training camp until 2017, when they were transferred to Mai Serwa prison, where they were briefly granted access to visitors for the first time since their imprisonment. None of the three have been charged or granted a hearing. Their detention has also proven painful for friends and family, and one described his sorrow at losing his friend a quarter-century ago. "I was with him the night before they arrested him," said Eyasu's friend, who asked for anonymity for protection. "Our families spent the whole evening together. That was the last time I saw my friend. He has been imprisoned for the past 25 years. It was very painful to lose such a friend. I know he has not done anything wrong, and he has been suffering for so long, it really breaks my heart. He was a very honest, hardworking, upright man. He was young and a person of impeccable character." Read more:
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  3. Según autoridades policiales, víctimas de entre 2 y 7 años habrían sufrido abusos en reiteradas ocasiones VALPARAÍSO.- Tras la declaración de algunas víctimas, hoy mayores de edad, carabineros del OS-9 de Valparaíso, detuvieron al presunto autor de los delitos sexuales cometidos de forma reiterada y prolongada a menores de entre dos y siete años. Así lo afirmó el teniente Arturo Alvarado del OS-9 de Valparaíso, quien señaló que el detenido “era líder en una congregación religiosa y aprovechaba la confianza depositada por sus feligreses para hacer actividades en su domicilio”.
  4. Tegucigalpa, Honduras: A failure in Central America's electrical grid has left millions of people without power for hours in at least four countries. Honduras is the country hardest hit by Monday's blackout, with the entirety of its territory and its more than 9 million inhabitants affected. Leonardo Deras of the state electric company said at a news conference that the problem arose from an overload at a substation on the Caribbean coast. Salvador Mansell is president of the company responsible for power transmission in Nicaragua. He said the blackout hit the capital, Managua, and the main departments. There are about 600,000 paying customers for electricity in Nicaragua. Internet service and water distribution in parts of the capital were also knocked out.
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  5. Numerosos creyentes surcoreanos están empacando sus cosas y se preparan para volver a sus hogares a fin de librarse de la persecución y el acoso constantes llevados a cabo por el PCCh a causa de su fe. por Li Mingxuan «En ningún otro lugar en el que he estado he encontrado tanta persecución como en China. Hay cámaras de vigilancia por todas partes. No existe la libertad personal», le dijo a Bitter Winter un presbítero perteneciente a los testigos de Jehová procedente de Corea del Sur, intentando resumir su experiencia de más de diez años viviendo en China. El mismo llegó a la provincia oriental de Shandong hace más de una década para dedicarse a la obra misionera. Este año, decidió regresar a su país de origen. Afirmó que, al igual que otros testigos de Jehová procedentes del extranjero, trataría de perseverar hasta fin de año. Actualmente, se está preparando para vender su departamento antes de mudarse.
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  6. I was wondering what that gesture means, because from where I come from, if someone shows me that gesture, it mean this person is asking me for money... so I thought: are they asking for money? 😂 but as per the comments it has a different meaning: paulb8416 What does the Hand gesture, mean? I see a lot of friends doing it? ecua_gringo @paulb8416 A ‘mini heart’ icon, meaning ‘I Love You!’

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