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  1. Coming from a long-winded insane person that converted to accept apostasy to further his attacks and hate of the Org, it seems as waste of internet space if people are going to believe such an insane person. But that's what this website is designed for, Apostates false, misleading, and hateful rhetoric.
  2. That is what your naive assessment is. There are still certain steps to go before the fat lady sings. Your apostate friends just happen to apply one. Of course the California Supreme Court and the Appellate Courts have spoken. That doesn't mean the US supreme court can't send it back to the lower courts for further review. That doesn't mean the Org can't ask for an oral argument for the highest court. More hot air coming from an uneducated person. Srecko, try learning something for a change. It's not about maneuvers, it's about the US process of the law. If you don't u
  3. I see you like sniffing through other peoples garbage. Technical denial. Most likely the petition was entered too late for a writ. 90 days from the California Supreme Court denied. How about learning the laws. Oral argument will decide. The higher court can descend to have it reconsidered by the appellate court after the Supreme Court returns it for review. Depending on how busy the US Supreme Court is to hear oral argument. Until the fat lady sings. Meantime, cheering for apostates to win, is bad Christian Conduct. Why are you still a witness? You have lost favor from God long
  4. Anna seems to think you were being sarcastic toward JW’s and Not God. What she “fails” to understand is, I wasn’t referring about JW’s but instead concentrated on your own blasphemous words? “Its good food until it becomes rotten, and “Jehovah has to come up with new food” God doesn’t need to provide anything to us humans. He does so, so that we can benefit from his spiritual wisdom. God gave up his son as a sacrifice in order for humanity to have a second chance for internal life. How dare you insinuate as well as Anna that it was meant to be sarcastic toward JW’S? How dare
  5. I understand the power you have. You must be confused on whom the bad ones are. Try a little honesty.
  6. I don't need to give an example, their actions and words along with yours is proof enough. If you're going to start to hound me like a leech and defend opposers, keep the long-winded comments up.
  7. Take it however you want, and accept it, Duh! I won't try to justify it that way. I just happen to have more "respect" for God than just seeing it as sarcasm.
  8. In this case, YES! I think you should know the difference between the word "insult" and the word "rebuke". Without TTH having to insult people instead of rebuking opposers would be the understanding. I didn't know I needed to spell it out to anyone here. But, I'll make an exception in your case.
  9. Are you telling God what to do? WOW! Setting yourself above God. I haven’t seen such a blasphemous comment. You just condemned your mortal soul, by sinning against God's Holy Spirit. Not to mention God's sovereignty. I hope it was worth it to you. You can try to apologize, but that kind of sin is unforgivable.
  10. Then you have 5000 prime examples. Just because the owner tolerates those that oppose the ORG is meaningless. You are a fine example of supporting opposers. Then your strength is in your hair, since you no longer have any, your moral strength went with it. I don't find any humor about your cartoons at all. People who think your witty, are encouraging the devils work. I don't find any of that funny. So, continue blasting those that oppose the opposers. You're no Christian, no more than they are. You're no more a witness than they are. Who are you fooling, yourself. But then again, you alwa
  11. Keep blowing hot air as you normally do. I don't pay attention to insane people.
  12. I would say, quit while your foot is still in your mouth. I think you have insulted enough people already. Keep it to a minimum. Insulting actual witnesses and not opposers is not the way to go if you are a genuine witness. If not, then show your true colors and not pretend to be something you're not. I think we have enough impostors here already to add more to the mix.
  13. Then you must have a great opinion against yourself. I would suggest learning scripture correctly before telling someone else they got something in scripture wrong. That just means you and your church have a different interpretation of scripture. Is it the correct one? You give a fine example of what Christ was NOT looking for in the Christian church, Divisions and strife. So how “correct” is your interpretation of scripture is you cannot keep simple commands of Christ. No different from seeing JWInsider go toe to toe with Arauna because of pride and thinking his argument is better
  14. Since “Blue Jay” has forgotten scripture John 17:16 in lieu of humanity, to be accepted by this world, it doesn’t matter what opinion this person now has in this forum. This person is nobody just like any opposer. Maybe being as forthright about other religions might give you credence, Might! Maybe you should try going to other Christian forums to have endless criticism of their church and see what happens. Hint, start with your own first. Does your church know you dishonor their church and Christ by going against scripture just to argue nonsense SHIWIII in this forum? Maybe your P
  15. I hope you can understand the word newbie. While I’m new to this forum, it doesn’t mean I’m new to the Org. Lets layoff that newbie stuff. The other would be, if someone had an experience that was inspirational to their life, it doesn’t matter if it was 50-60 years old, people will remember. If something was detrimental to someone’s life, they would carry that for the rest of their lives. The argument about that “small church” is inconsequential. Perhaps due to not BEING there anymore. Do you offer the name of your church here? Does witness offer the name of this person’s chu
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