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  1. Read my statement again. I couldn't care less. I don't recommend books that have received negative input by people not in good standing and have a negative view of the Watchtower. It would be like thinking JTR would be mentally sound to give sound advice about the Watchtower to use as good research and accept them as sound talking points. Therefore, I'm not harping. I'm demonstrating the difference when you attack (Rebuke) some people (Actual brother) here but not others. That in effect makes your books of fighting a good fight in a journalist point of view, null and void. Can't have it both ways. Scripture is more specific. Kinda of reminds me of JWinsider. But then again, birds of a feather!! Admin & Librarian. 😉
  2. Sure do, actions speak louder than words. Your action and behavior is not conducive of a Christian. That's right! There needs to be at least one person to call out all you, opposers and the nonsense you claim in the name of God. 2 Corinthians 10:10-11 Context: Paul's Apostolic Authority 10For some say, “His letters are weighty and forceful, but his physical presence is unimpressive, and his speaking is of no account.” 11Such people should consider that what we are in our letters when absent, we will be in our actions when present. If you can’t understand scripture, why continue to “slander” 8 men you know nothing about in their personal devotion to the one true God, and how the commission of the Holy Spirit works and who God chooses. Get over yourself! You know me TTH. I couldn't care less. I wasn't referring to the sale of Books but rather sloppy input you receive and poor research points given. Your team has to answer to God. The good thing, your associates are NOT mind. I don't consider witnesses sitting on the fence witnesses in GOOD standing. Especially those that continue to "agree" with opposer views.
  3. I have. If I was you, I wouldn't bolster that blog! Silly isn't it. Just like paying attention to your nonsense! Don't confuse me with TTH. He has the need for that kind of research. My research is more serious. However, The point was, you don't have an earthly body of Christ (Christ Church) filled with God's people that actually devote their time and lives in the worship of the one true God. What do you do besides bash and attack 8 men. What earthly Christian conduct does that prove? What part of the Body of Christ can you tether yourself, When Christ would reject you're behavior by his own words. You're no better than Pearl! That's all you opposers are, excuses and justifications. Use scripture to bolster any false claim.
  4. When did Pearl start receiving direct instruction by God that you can't comprehend, if the 8 men you hate are writing their own doctrine even though "everything" is based on Bible Principle, why would anyone expect to think Pearl's doctrine that she does ADD to scripture cannot be considered the same. I suppose your internet connection is free to use, to ATTACK that organization. True you're not publicly asking for donations, but, do you have the need to ask for donations in that "oneness" ideology of yours in private. What part of Circumventing Jesus own words of "Unity" continues to fail you. Does Pearl sell books?
  5. I wouldn't be too quick to mention Idolize, but instead respect for those that God has chosen. No one should admire anyone. It doesn't mean, it doesn't happen here. Sometime, people defend others that gave input toward a book. That doesn't mean it's right. That kind of support doesn't get anyone anywhere with God. That would be the point. Look at your own actions and behavior. Don't worry about others. They will not be held into account in your behalf, unless you take the Responsibility of the FDS. Something tells me you have a lot to learn about scripture. Point being, the text you just submitted can be applied to you, and witness.
  6. This is exactly why I didn't bother to answer you, back. Ex-witnesses have only ignorance to offer. I deal with Scholarly facts on debates, not boneheaded ones. No different of that from Pearl Dorsey. An embarrassment to even consider as an anointed. However, her pupil here has not been appointed by anyone put herself. God knows exactly where his Holy Spirit will be most beneficial and by whom he elects. I understand the counter argument. However, ex-witnesses as yourself, started that nonsense. Now prove how the governing body of the Watchtower is NOT in God's heart. They have more spirituality in their pinky than 100,000 ex-witnesses put together. Who do you think God would pick, sad people like you, or a person that his heart is in the sole service of God? Even someone like you can see the logic. I don't aspect you to understand, since you have to defend and prop your denials, just know I don't care about it.
  7. This is true. You don’t speak ill of the people you support. You don’t speak badly about TTH, Srecko, JTR, Anna, ComforMyPeople, Witness, Shiwiii Etc. People that either oppose the Watchtower or criticize it. However, you do go to great lengths to argue with those that oppose the opposer’s position on false and misleading information. Much as you are accustomed to doing. There is a good reason why opposers tend to give you a positive vote. Can it be because they see in you exactly how they feel in their hearts? Can it be, the people here have a disingenuous motive and falsely portray themselves as a light, when indeed their hearts are in darkness? You just made a grave mistake supporting the nonsense of “Pearl” much as you have supported “Barbara Anderson” in the past. Apostasy is your greatest strength and it will continue to be. No wonder you kiss up to witness. Isaiah 1:16 Meaningless Offerings 15When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide My eyes from you; even though you multiply your prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are covered with blood. 16Wash and cleanse yourselves. Remove your evil deeds from My sight. Stop doing evil! 17Learn to do right, seek justice, correct the oppressor, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. How do you justify the disdain that “witness” shows against 8 men that is the focus of that darkened heart? Compassion should not be something given but earned in order to receive mercy. Who, has given you the ability to forgive sin? Who has made you a spokesman for the Watchtower? This person professes to be anointed. How dare either of you compare yourselves to the sound doctrine of Christ, and the words of God. The same position of an immoral brother that you have always been. 1 Corinthians 5:13 Expel the Immoral Brother 12What business of mine is it to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you.” Birds of a feather flock together. A good reason not to criticize those that oppose the Watchtower. So don’t try to be a sanctimonious martyr of good will.
  8. Hi! Srecko (Lucky) The first thing you need to consider, is Bible interpretation one thing, and Bible translation another? Keep that in mind when you ask yourself a very important question. Do you believe Jesus had “faith” the ancient scrolls were well written and represented what his father’s intention was for mankind? The follow-up question should be why, do you believe the scribes have corrupted the ancient writings to a point it now defers from the time of Jesus and think God would allow his inspired word, be so corrupted that it could not be interpreted and translated by modern linguist. Wouldn't that poison the body of Christ since Jesus is the Christian Church. Consider the following. If you have a well-rounded rebuttal and reframe from personal speculation and vendetta, I will respond. 1996 Hebrew Bible Old Testament the History of Its Interpretation, vol. 1 page 20 “Every discipline of research that is of some age has its specific history, without which its identity would not be fully understood. It is, therefore, perceivable that the history of research, as a discipline of its own, in recent years has become an expanding scholarly matter of concern, both in science and in humanities, and not least in the field of biblical studies. It may be maintained that the writing of the history of studies increasingly seems to be regarded as a significant scholarly challenge. 1. In view of a broader context of the present new History of biblical studies two introductory remarks of a general character may be relevant. First, historiography of research is, methodically, not different from any other kind of historiography, each kind having its distinct character according to its specific object and setting. A critical history of the study and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament through the centuries has definitely a most specific object of its own; at the same time, however, ft. will be but a part of cultural and social history in general as well as of ecclesiastical history and Bible studies in particular (cf. M E I N H O L D; E B E L I N G). 2. Second, the basic and partly philosophical questions of what 'history' and 'historiography' really might be cannot, for obvious reasons, be discussed as such or at any length on this occasion, and far less so as the opinions concerning these issues among historians and other scholars occupied with historiography are considerably divergent.” Your response will deal with facts. Who is more qualified to interpret and translate God's inspired word. A scholar or a servant of God. Especially a servant that is "faithful" and "chosen" by God. Then ask yourself, is anyone here qualified to honestly answer your two questions?
  9. You just made my day TTH with this scathing rolling commentary. I wouldn’t expect anything different. That was for the benefit of those that don’t know me, and don’t know how long I have been around, so they don’t think I’m a “newbie” just because I have been “deleted” at you're, Anna, JWinsider, JTR, possibly, Melinda, Eloine Joyce, and many others, request for censor. It is also good that you understand, I will correct anyone that thinks they know the Watchtower, and scripture to the best of their ability without realizing their abilities are not the best intended, when speaking for the Watchtower. There are far too many apostates out there to listen to those pretending to be members of the Org, here. You hit the nail on the head, when you stated, there might be someone to inadvertently stumble into this site, because of deceptive advertisement. Those brothers, can easily accept the words of a member NOT in good standing, and think, that’s the way other witnesses think. They wouldn’t know a real apostate from a pretender of the Org. That’s the exposure. So people can understand who is “fake” and who is “genuine”. You should know by now, I don’t care one way or another since everyone knows, we are responsible for our own behavior, and we have to deal with God’s judgment. If anybody wishes to sustain their stance on false interpretation of scripture, I won’t concern myself with them. Remember, I’m talking about “fake” members, not opposers. Each generation has an obligation to bring in their best spiritual and scriptural experience, forward. When someone misrepresents past Watchtower literature as though they fully understood it, I will make that distinction. Always have, always will. As for who is the Admin and Librarian, I understand, we know what’s what!!! Just so you know when people are banned. We know who done it!! Remember, I’m not trying to change peoples mind here. Never have. A closed mind has no wisdom. I’m trying to prevent others from falling into a trap by false prophets. Especially those that start with, WE as JW's should not defend 1975 when it is clear the Watchtower made a mistake. The Watchtower didn't, imperfect people that wanted the world to end on 1975 did. Leave the Watchtower out of that nonsense.
  10. I’m glad you finally admit, what a false prophet you are. I agree with your assessment that you alone can mislead more JW’s than 8 men. The good thing, those 8 men don’t have the support of Satan, much as you do, witness. I see you still try to impress everyone by your long post. When will you and JWinsider learn, expanding your comments weakens your position of not applying scripture in a manner consistent to Christ teachings. Misrepresenting Watchtower literature is so last, year. With your comment, you condemn Christ. You crucify him once again, and for what. As you stated, to mislead more JW’s. I framed it for prosperity. I assume you will try to clean what is actual truth in your statement. Let, Pearl know she needs to get better students. Since you entered Psalms 140:1, what danger do you feel those 8 men pose to you that you alone pose to yourself? Keep in mind, the context here is “prayer for rescue”, not exactly the same as in Matthew about fruits of the tree. Matthew’s context that you submitted has to do with, knowing them by their fruits. Matt 7:15-20 So, who is them? Are you them? What fine fruits can you bear with hate in your heart? In 2 Corinthians 4:1-4 Paul is making a distinction between the “light of Christ gospel” “A treasure in Clay jars” “Treasure in earthen vessels” So, what fine gospel of Christ can be compared to the disdain you harbor for your fellow humans, especially those you hate, the 8 men? What kind of pearl of wisdom can be applied by your standards, that others would be willing to accept? How does this comparison give you a sustainable argument against the 8 men you so hate?
  11. You must be confused TTH. I know the parrot is you. I don't think you would "BAN" yourself, unless you feel you need to do it in order to confuse people or make a deceptive point. I've known that Parrot since Jehovah's Witness dot net when you spoke harshly about the Watchtower. So, try to keep your deceptive story straight. You will make a better storyteller. But, I will agree, I have been banned because of people like you, Anna, JWinsider, JTR. People that are far from being witnesses. So, I don't see why you argue with "witness" another false prophet, when you should be, agreeing with her. I don't see the need to continue being deceptive about whom the Admin and the Librarian is. Who the old hen is. That boat sailed long ago when you gave up that info by trying to computer hack a member of my group. Therefore, stop trying to be cute and witty, you're no better a liar than, JWinsider. Ban me again!
  12. Follow, admire, and elevate, whatever terminology works for you. That’s why I follow “only” God. If I followed a human and their idea of interpretation of scripture. I wouldn’t call myself Christian. No one should. This is why, I'm confident above all other religions, The Watchtower holds the truth. I am proud to be part of the Org. If you follow Aruana, that’s up to you, but some people call that stocking. Please don’t compare me with what JWinsider and Anna are doing, it’s beneath your dignity, and insulting to Aruana. But to a certain extent, you are correct, many in my group do show how fake the news is here, regardless if they get deleted in the end. Somehow, fighting a good fight for God is above anything, here. 1 Timothy 6:12 Since we are no longer friends, then I will add you to the list. I do consider myself a typical soldier of God. Always have been and always will.
  13. It's good you follow a man rather than follow God. That my friend has always been your problem. I don't believe Melinda is the owner. We know who the owner is. I think there is enough "fake news" out there to start a play for it here. I have no doubt some here consider themselves witnesses. I’m referring between a “good” witness and a “bad” witness. These differences are noticeable. As for caring, you and most of all the old posters know my stance. It is not a matter of being kind, it becomes a matter of priorities. When Jesus “rebuked” Peter in Matthew 16:23. Do you think Jesus was being kind or loving? Get behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block to me. Therefore, Jesus set his priority to his passion. Then the question becomes, are we being, loving to allow other members distort the truth, just because it’s done anonymously? Doesn’t this mean they bring their own interpretation of scripture to others? Are we being kind to allow misinformation fester without calling on those with Matthew in mind? This is the mindset, a scholar as myself consider. I'm not here to research for books, or do weak researches to bolster my view. I defend the truth. You would think, being on the right side of God would follow a true Christian wherever they are.
  14. My dear friend TTH. As far as I can tell no one here is a true JW, I’ve said it before. No one here speaks for the Watchtower. That is especially true for JWinsider. In order for that to happen, a JW would need to adhere and comply fully with scripture. This site is meant to give spiritually weak people the platform to speak out against the Watchtower. Those of us, or at least I never, thought I could convince anyone here about anything within what their tormented minds have already decided. I never cared for it. I know my group doesn’t care either. What they do care, is “sitting the record straight” about many deceptions, misleading, misguided, misrepresentation and plain false allegations about the Watchtower and Bible Truth. You have not chased anyone away. But you have “banned” people at your leisure. A little like “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” scenario. It is apparent you prefer to have opposers (around) than true “defenders of the truth”. There’s a difference. That doesn’t mean you can ban everyone. Someone will come in to defend the Watchtower from slander. They will defend God’s truth within the Watchtower from ex-witness bashing. Something too common here. The point is, this site has a “false” presentation about “News regarding JW.org, Watchtower, IBSA including... “ that make people think this is NOT an apostate site, when indeed it is. If you don’t want defenders of the truth, change your website platform to exclude the Watchtower and stop advertising this site as a JW friendly site. I just want to make sure your words are honest and realist. Now, I agree with Melinda, you should close this post. It’s gone rogue!! Of course, I mean after one of you makes a disingenuous comment as the last word in this post. I understand strength and pride.
  15. Couldn't agree with you more on your assessment. While it is true that back in the 90s a Chinese citizen could criticize if something was not right when it was placed as a ruling mandate, it doesn’t mean, Chinese citizens had full freedom to express what western nations call freedom of speech, freedom to live a life as they chose or pleased. China is still a communist nation with limited freedoms. The problem now with China is what Hitler might have thought of after Germany lost WW1, resources. China not only is targeting Africa but other nations like Australia. While it failed with Australia, and the USA, it is having an imprint in third world nations. Mexico is one of those nations. “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) also strengthened its power over the government Bureaucracy in a major overhaul of central government structure in March. The party oversees a powerful new government body, the National Supervisory Commission, which is empowered to detain incommunicado anyone exercising public authority for up to six months without fair trial procedures in a system called “liuzhi.” In October, Meng Hongwei, then-president of Interpol, the international police Organization, and China’s vice minister for Public Security, disappeared upon return To China and was assumed to be held in “liuzhi.” The CCP also subsumed state bodies in charge of religious, ethnic, and overseas Chinese affairs under a party agency, the United Front Work Department. Authorities dramatically stepped up repression and systematic abuses against the 13 million Turkic Muslims, including Uyghurs and ethnic Kazakhs, in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region. Authorities have carried out mass arbitrary detention, torture, and mistreatment of some of them in various detention facilities, and increasingly imposed pervasive controls on daily life. New regulations in Tibet now criminalize even traditional forms of social action, including community mediation by religious figures. In Hong Kong, a region promised “a high degree of autonomy” under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Chinese and Hong Kong governments hastened their efforts in 2018 to undermine people’s rights to free speech and political participation. Human rights defenders continue to endure arbitrary detention, imprisonment, and enforced disappearance. The government maintains tight control over the internet, mass media, and academia. Authorities stepped up their persecution of religious communities, including prohibitions on Islam in Xinjiang, suppression of Christians in Henan province, and increasing scrutiny of Hui Muslims in Ningxia. If China was as free as some people think, we would know what happened to the young protester (Tank Man) in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. This is why “censorship” has gotten worse in recent decades in China. Therefore, both views can be correct. What is not correct is to think Chinese people can criticize the government of “mainland China” and think there won’t be consequences and retaliation from the government. I believe the word province works. Hong Kong is now a province of China where Chinese people have criticized the government of mainland china. What is happening now because of it? Also, what Trump is doing to influence the advancement of prophetic time is in line with scripture. William Barr is advocating a more religious stance to bring his kind of “morality” back to US society. The problem there, it conflicts with the moral and standards of scripture, even though BARR speaks as though it’s done in the name of Christ Jesus as an evangelical.

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