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  1. When it comes to the Watchtower history and 1914? I have yet to see good research. What I do see is, the same opposition views demonstrated at any other apostate site. There is no difference in references and speculations. That determination is given by all here, including opposers. Pupped up, I would look at my own eye before you accuse others of this. If people can't understand prophecy or refuse to see what is written in "scripture" about prophecy, they have no business condemning those that do know and understand prophecy. To speak as though they are part of an organization to condemn that organization falls beyond hypocrisy. Thank You. I hadn't noticed. These however won't stop people from distorting the facts. Just be careful with grammar. I don't know if you purposely wrote "funktion" but here, when people are not liked, they resort to childish tricks like using grammar mistakes to insult. I'm not saying they will insult you since you oppose the Watchtower, but others that don't.
  2. I agree. Allen Smith has shown everyone here how dishonest you people really are. That's why when someone else comes along giving the same assessment, you don't want to hear the truth. You people have a nerve to insinuate just because you control the forum. I don't see you arguing about other people including yourself that insult people here all the time. Yet you zero in and want to focus on those that actually speak the truth about you people not being in good standing with the Watchtower that makes you so defensive. Childish at best. Hypocrisy is a better day. I will also agree that many here including you do sloppy research. I think many people you have had deleted because you just can't stand the truth has made that observation. Just because I wanted to correct a simple mistake, now you dog me with a ravenous intent. God forgive, all of you. I think Aruana's outlook on OCD belongs to you all not the opposers.
  3. Let's not start using the word dishonest. You are giving yourself away. It will be our little secret. However, you are correct, if speaking with the truth troubles people here, then they will be insulted regularly. 😉
  4. This only shows how spiritually immature you really are. Whatever tactic you wish to compare only to find out that many shares the responsibility for the truth. When people don't correct others with small stuff, what makes people think they can argue big stuff. I don't believe my observation was insulting. I understand it to be your own ploy when you're getting ready to BAN someone. It's not a matter of the Bible reference, but that persons poor choice of words. I believe you can understand that without resorting to your common tactics, of misleading the subject. This is correct. Perhaps you should learn by your own words not to add to scripture by mistakenly suggesting something not found in scripture. You have many opposers that have no problem continuing a distorted view then turn around and blame the GB and the Watchtower, when it's the individuals that don't understand scripture and misapply it. Thus far, too many errors have been made here. But since, everyone believes they are brilliant with bible understanding? it, should be up to them to defend their erred position without misinterpreting scripture and Watchtower literature.
  5. This was mentioned by a person calling him/her "witness". I hope you will understand the difference from your earlier post. I think your own willingness to debate such a silly mistake that I have drawn from, and defend the indefensible should be proof enough.😏 This also shows how meaningless your down votes are. But, we can play the same game, good enough?😊 I believe the distinction was that Paul never meet Jesus. I have no idea why you wish to make that an argument, and why, a supposed witness like JWinsider would want to agree with an error in bible understanding. I, can only conclude like many others have concluded in the past. JWinsider is not a witness in good standing, and he proves it here every day by writing or approvals with emojis. That however is his problem with God. So you can better understand your own words, This would conclude Jesus met with Jesus. The inference of the word "directly" gives it that weight. It would not be proper for any Christian to think Paul had DIRECT contact with Christ. Jesus spoke to Saul of prosecution. Jesus was not making a distinction between himself and those Saul prosecuted himself as a pharisee. Therefore, God appointed Saul/Paul. Jesus paved the way for Saul to see why he was in error for prosecuting Christians. This meant God opened Paul's eyes and anointed him with the Holy Spirit.
  6. I understand those opposed want to make an argument on anything they can cling onto, but who were the last people to see Jesus in spirit form? If anyone here wants to make an intelligent proposition without outright speculation than even seasoned witnesses here have a problem with, then by all means, lets distinguish those biblical understandings.
  7. Thank you for making my point between the supernatural and physical appearance. Paul never meet Jesus personally. It's unfortunate people like (4jah2me) want to continue in ignorance just because a true Christian makes that distinction when there are no true Christians here to take light of a minor mistake. That is expected when no one here actually knows or understands the bible.
  8. Just a friendly reminder. Paul converted to Christianity in AD36. Paul never meet Jesus. He heard about Jesus works after Christ death. I don't want anyone to confuse this notion. Paul's higher calling came directly from God.
  9. Does anyone have solid proof of homosexual behavior by these people mentioned? I noticed years ago, the Librarian commented on this subject. Dear Reader,
      Hello guest!
    Brother Ewart Chitty resigned in 1979. The reason was never stated officially. There were only ALLEGATIONS of homosexuality that some still refer to. Brother Leo Greenlees resigned in 1984. Again, no official reason offered. The “gossip” ever since around the internet and elsewhere is that it was due to pedophilic practices. No actual reason was ever officially offered. The reason for such allegations against them is that some point to the article in January 1, 1986 WT article (p. 13), which commented: “Shocking as it is, some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to homosexuality and child molesting.” I don’t believe our main article on the Governing Body touched on these points because it is all based on speculation and conjecture." It appears some wife swapping was omitted. *** w86 1/1 p. 13 par. 12 Days Like “the Days of Noah” *** 12 Shocking as it is, even some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to immoral practices, including homosexuality, wife swapping, and child molesting. It is to be noted, also, that during the past year, 36,638 individuals had to be disfellowshipped from the Christian congregation, the greater number of them for practicing immorality. Jehovah’s organization must be kept clean! It should be noted, the article above was NOT specifically speaking about the GB individuals mentioned, but the nearly 37,000 individuals that were disfellowshipped for whatever reason such as immoral behavior. Therefore, it is as the Librarian mentioned, just speculation and conjecture if proof is not provided to such allegations. 1975-Ewart C. Chitty of London, England, who is secretary-treasurer of the International Bible Students Association. Leo K. Greenlees was already a GB member when Chitty was appointed to the body. Simply relying on an “anonymous” blogger that presented no evidence but rather compiled ex-witness information (speculation) from apostate sites is not evidence.
  10. I agree, ALL opposition examples are dumb.
  11. Legal entity, no! I don’t see where the first century churches were “obligated” by the prevailing laws to form a legal entity as secular law now requires. But that’s not what should be considered even from people inside the ORG that have a hard time defining their role as a witness. The structure Jesus was referring to was not a physical church but the church of Christ. Members that are worthy to be part of his body. Therefore, unity and seeking those with the same goal is paramount. How can anyone be part of Christ’s body, if they defy the basic foundation Jesus set out to build? People here want to excuse their understanding in order to do what they want to do in life without consequences. Good luck trying to justify that action come judgement day. The old saying is fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well you get the picture. That also goes for people that use inconsistent bible applications to sway others to their corrupt views. To God, that is less forgiving.
  12. Exactly, couldn't have said it better. Witnesses don't care for worldly views and definitions. What they care is what is written from apostle Paul. The good thing, Paul is referenced in the Bible.
  13. Yes, it’s sad that someone needs someone else to “enable” he/her attitude toward the Watchtower in order to continue this line of hate. I wonder what’s the difference between, shunning an ex-witness derivative with that of worldly view, cut-off a family member?
      Hello guest!
  14. I agree. Even our estranged cousins the Bible Students have made a similar and compelling argument with that of the Org. The Herald of Christ's Kingdom January/February 1997 Statistics are constantly quoted in the news leading to concerns that the hectic day outside the home does not stop when the family comes together inside. It is a greater challenge to keep families together. It is harder to keep the outside influences of the world from invading the thinking and relationships within the home; the results can be tragic and heartbreaking. Domestic violence increases. Divorce rates increase. Child abuse increases. Suicides increase. While the Christians are in the world and affected by the same pressures and environments, they must constantly battle to avoid being of the world. The world’s solutions are not acceptable nor are they to be copied. The Christian knows that success in fighting stress is directly related to the transforming of the mind into that of Christ. A point to be considered. Back then, in the most part “child abuse” meant “physical maltreatment” not sexual molestation. Therefore, to use the term child abuse in the earlier context to mean the latter should not be taken out of context.
  15. I for one do, understand how society is looking at past allegations with today's laws. Not that society is better off with the laws made to protect, it just gives people a false sense of hope.

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