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  1. Practical things are so much easier than 'spiritual things'. I've spent the day working on one of my vehicles, hard physical work, but so much easier than trying to understand God's written word.  Oh where are those True Anointed Ones that will guide 'earthly' people ?  I'm convinced that the 'earthly class' are not supposed to fully understand scripture...... One only has to look on this forum to see the totally different 'understandings' people have, or don't have. 

  2. Hi Srecko. I hope you can see this photo. This is my daily driving car. It is outside a Dance Studio where  I have danced and hope to go dancing again, John 

    moff n stuff 043.JPG

    1. Srecko Sostar

      Srecko Sostar


      Flame on the road. :)) Nice!

      Daily driving? Great!

    2. 4Jah2me


      Yes it is the car I drive every time I need to go anywhere, or drive it just for fun.  I would not show this car to Tom or Arauna :) .  I have a serious side when thinking about important things, then I have this wild side when I can relax and have fun. 

  3. You needed a new name just to give negative ratings :) ?

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