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    We know this is not actually new news but is just an update Institutions refusing to join the national child abuse redress scheme face losing charity status through new laws planned by the Morrison government. The government has for months threatened groups failing to join the abuse scheme t
  1. @César Chávez is throwing his toys out of the pram again and having a sulk. Dear C. C. you obviously know nothing about your GB and the Organisation. And, opinions of ex-witnesses and all people are of interest to normal people with balanced minds. It is only people such as yourself that have a closed mind and want to be blind to truth, that pretend ex-witnesses opinions do not matter. A lady on here blocks comments from me and others. A very stupid thing to do as she will never know truth or know a different point of view. I prefer to listen to all viewpoints, even yours, as
  2. Maybe it should be at least five years in jail if proven true. I wonder how long the child has been suffering.
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    A Jehovah's Witness church elder is accused of failing to notify police about a known instance of sexual abuse against a minor in his congregation. Michael M. Penkava, 71, of Crystal Lake, was charged Nov. 18 with violating reporting provisions. The offense is a misdemeanor typically punishable b
  3. The GB are the bad association. The GB have made their own Bible interpretation too. The GB have dishonest Lawyers to tell lies for them in courtrooms. The sins of your GB are as high as a mountain. They twist truth, misuse scripture, hide Pedophiles in the CCJW org, tell lies, pretend to be the F&DS and misguide millions of congregants. BUT as scripture tells us, 'The things done in darkness shall come out into the light' and this is now being seen Earthwide. Your GB don't have long left. Their reign of power is nearly over. Almighty God, through Christ, will remov
  4. @Anna tries very hard to twist things. She is a well trained JW to be sure. I quote her The only message I know of is the message of the Good News and salvation for all those who want to live under God's Kingdom. However she deliberately 'forgets' to mention that the 'message' also says 'You have to be a baptised JW to be saved' and that Armageddon is so so so close that you must get into the Org NOW. Ignoring the fact that JWs have been saying this for around 100 years. And that the baptism is not 'In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit' as Jesus words
  5. One cannot listen to these courses without the thought occurring that early Christians were persecuted for reasons exactly parallel to those of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Um, did the early Christians falsely declare the Great Day of Almighty God ? Did they hide Peadophiles in their congregations ? Did they pretend to be the F&DS ?
  6. I didn't bother to read @TrueTomHarley book promoting rubbish above, as he just loves to try to be funny and/or make excuses for his failed American Governing Body. It is such a shame that they are all American or American influenced. They have become 'big headed' and obviously do not have God's or Christ's approval. A couple of quotes for dear Tom. It’s called getting the overall picture and not just zeroing in on what you want to see. OK, so lets enlarge on that one Tom. Overall picture of the Org' from it's beginning shows that the Org and it's Leaders have been putting dat
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    The flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party, Akua Donkor, says since the religious beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow them to exercise their franchise, they will not enjoy any benefit under her presidency. Justifying her decision, Madam Donkor explained that because they have refused to ex
  7. Yes and those 'God fearing, legitimate true Christians' will not just be JWs.
  8. @Space Merchant @TrueTomHarley Um, it has been proven over and over and over again that leaders of the CCJW (or what ever name it used in the past) had deliberately made false predictions, pretending they had some 'special knowledge'. Tom always tries to brush it off by using his sick humour, but bad try Tom. @Srecko Sostar has written a topic about the Org and Armageddon predictions for 1941. Maybe have a read of it you guys. You will note that the Leaders of the Org were saying that Armageddon was 'very near' in 1941. Then in the 1960's the Leaders of the Org a
  9. Whilst trying to tackle the problem of child sexual abuse earth wide seems like a good idea, it has to be realised that CSA will not be removed completely in this wicked system of things. Many people 'in the world' do not have a Christian conscience or good intentions, so CSA will continue to happen. However, if a person believes that they are in the 'true' religion then the best they can hope for is that CSA will be removed from that religion. That means the leaders and those in authority within that religion MUST HAVE a good Christian conscience, and MUST have good intentions. Unfortunate
  10. The CCJW Organisation has cried Wolf so many times that they have made themselves look stupid. They have also lost the real meaning of ungency because they keep making false predictions. Of course if you cry Wolf enough times then eventually you will be right, but that is not what God or Christ wants. It seems to show selfishness on their part to want Armageddon to happen just because THEY feel safe. But they make a mockery of God and Christ and also of God's Holy Scriptures. Now, if they think they are the F&DS, they should show humility and say "We do not know when the Judgement will be
  11. Do you think there will actually be JWs at that time ? Won't ALL religions be banned ? I have an opinion (which I know never interests you CC ) that there will be Christians and non Christians. Others here have said that not everyone that wants to serve God will be a baptised JW when the end comes. And I don't think that will be what a person is judged on. I don't think there will be a CCJW org, or a GB. And the printing will have stopped of course. I think Christians will be more tolerant of each other and work together because every non Christian will be the enemy. So, t
  12. @paulus Ah but this is where you are so wrong. Would have told Jesus he was wrong to 'jump ship' from the Jewish way of serving God ? Or would you have told the disciples so ? Probably you would. What i did was 'purposely' 'got out of her' that immoral JW Org. But unfortunately you are so misled that you presume that everyone leaving that Org, goes back into the world. Are you told by your bosses in the CCJW that the Org controls who serves God and who doesn't ? Well i presume you are told so. You have been brainwashed into thinking that people cannot serve God from outside of
  13. @paulus How wrong you are. I am an ex - JW by choice. I saw the wickedness in the CCJW many years ago. The immorality of many, the Elders that loved to rule over the congregations, the lies in the Watchtower magazines. The bitterness between families in congregations where father and son were both Elders and would bully other elders into submission. BUT, the final straw was when i did research into the Child Sexual Abuse / Paedophilia in the CCJW org. I did months of research before my Christian conscience and prayer told me I had to leave that immoral Organisation. It is obvious to an
  14. JWs seem to approve of the GB saying that Anointed ones should not gather together, and the GB saying that the Anointed ones would be working 'against the Holy Spirit' if they did gather together. If JWs do not protest against this then they are supporting the GB in beating the their fellow slaves as mentioned in Matthew 24 v 48 & 49 “But if ever that evil slave says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying,’ 49 and he starts to beat his fellow slaves and to eat and drink with the confirmed drunkards Now why would JWs support their GB in beating the Anointed Ones ? Why wouldn't JW
  15. Pretending to be the F&DS and frightening people into believing that we are living in the last hour of the last day, and that you must be a baptised JW to be saved, is not a noble quality either. But your GB are happy to live that life.
  16. When did I ever write that Witness is of the True Anointed ? You are looking for fault in me when it is not there. I do believe in a True Anointed Remnant, but I've never said or written about who is part of it. How could I ? It is not my place to judge. Maybe re-read what i wrote. Such as this JW's are in for such a shock when Almighty God through Christ reveals who the True Anointed remnant really are. I've never claimed to be a prophet. Once again you are making false accusations against me. I don't need time to call you out on your mistakes and false statement
  17. This is why JWs are so lost, because they are so jealous of the True Anointed that most JWs blind themselves from truth. JW's are in for such a shock when Almighty God through Christ reveals who the True Anointed remnant really are. It will be then that every JW will have to be humble and have to admit that they were serving the GB. They will have to repent and turn around and start to serve God through Christ, as the Bible tells us to. I think many JWs will leave the CCJW org because they cannot humble themselves.
  18. CC asks What is the Church? The 'church' as you want to call it, is the True Anointed ones, the Body of Christ. It is NOT a building built with hands. It is not of human making. But your GB is trying hard to crush the True Anointed because your GB are jealous of them. Your GB have blood on their hands and will pay for their sins. F&DS indeed, I don't think so.
  19. @TrueTomHarley says There are a lot of damaged people around. But JW's have always said they are so different, and pretended to be so much better at showing love and mercy and tenderness, because, they say, they have 'the truth'. Well reports seem to show differently. However, I do admit that I don't know truth from lies, and many reports could be lies. So people have to make up their own minds what they believe. A question arises in my mind though. Are JWs put under too much pressure from elders and higher ups in the Org ? Like I've said before there seems to be a compet
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    (CBS4) – A Colorado woman who brutally stabbed and killed her mother 7 years ago in Aurora wants to rejoin society after her stint in a mental hospital. Isabella Guzman stabbed Yun Mi Hoy 79 times in 2013. She was 18 at the time, and was later found not guilty by reason of insanity..... Guzman told CB
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    Two Protestant families from indigenous communities in central Mexico have been living with no access to water, drainage and government benefit programs for a year after they were ostracized for refusing to renounce their faith, and now the community leaders are threatening to expel them, according to
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