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  1. I LOVE IT!! When witnesses and ex-witnesses come together for a common cause. To attack a faithful Christian. I wonder how many psycho wards would be filled with, such mentality. 😉 ENJOY!! Your weekend, hypocrites and worthless critics. 😏
  2. And now you know why you're uneducated. See, it wasn't so hard. This, I can consider as deaf, dumb, and stupid. But don't be confused JB, you always have been. I have also called people here losers and maggots. Don't forget to put that on the list. Once again, the ignorance is shown by proving this forum has no association with spirituality, and or, academia as JWI insist. Just like any other apostate website.
  3. Nothing special, just accurate. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know an apostate, when they hear one. That would be blasphemy. But coming from an uneducated airhead, I should expect such stupidity. However, I applaud your kind of teaching, you have made Arauna a loser to. Nice job, ex-elder.
  4. While I agree, no one should befriend me, try reading scripture to educate yourself on why people like me, shouldn't befriend people like you? You cannot use, your worldly anecdotal, when it comes to worship and salvation. (2 Corinthians 6:14) 14 Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? This is also a good reason I don't call ANYONE here my brother!! Especially, those open apostates!!
  5. False, since any organized religion will be subject to Christ rule. Therefore, the only religion per se, will be God's heavenly Kingdom. JW's that survive, will simply be a beacon on how that Kingdom rule is obeyed. Wrong again. That's why they have several committees. What, God doesn't like, is for him to be challenged. Since the constitution of the Watchtower is the Bible, then, those that dare to challenge scripture, challenge God. By not understanding scripture, you insult God every time you enter this open forum. It is NOT the personal attacks you should be worried about.
  6. Does it really make a difference what it reads like to an uneducated Bible Student? That kind of person stubbornly rejects what the Watchtower offers as sound conclusions.
  7. In my personal opinion, if this site, just admits to being an apostate site, and label it in such a way to reflect it, then I have no problem with the dynamics of this forum. People here, already know, they are dealing with apostates. The thing visitors need to understand, there are wolves among the sheep. Meaning, people like, TTH, Anna, JWI, Comfortmypeople, XERO, and many others are supposed present witnesses and apostates. That can be confusing, since they have their own understanding of scripture. Not necessarily what scriptures, intent and context really is. This forum was ca
  8. I agree, your stupidity does cause chaos!! How did you serve Bethel with such ignorance. *** w82 10/1 pp. 20-21 par. 4 “Carry On as Men” *** 4 However, now, to turn back to that memorable Passover Day of the year 33 CE, when the Roman governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, presented the scourged and humiliated Jesus to that evil-intentioned crowd in front of his palace and exclaimed: “Look! The man!” Jesus was certainly then quite a spectacle! He had taken on an appearance far different from what he had displayed earlier in that selfsame week. This was when he made a triumphal ride into Jer
  9. Where does scripture state co-rulership in your mind and sad interpretation of scripture? What you are suggesting is a false narrative of Trinity, while failing to acknowledge the words of John.
  10. Not really, this still doesn't stop anyone here from being apostates. It also doesn't stop anyone here from being stupid in telling people here, they are witnesses.
  11. What does this stupidity have to do with the Watchtower Chronology under JW's? Stick to your falsehoods in AD1914!!
  12. Yes, that's why I included you in witness lack of knowledge. You don't understand what the word "ruler" means either. You seem to forget, John's vision was meant as a future tense, NOT present tense. So, your analogy is false just like that stupid witness. Therefore, your ignorance of 30-33 CE is bogus. The same difference with authority. He had the POWER to influence in his time, NOT to delegate true power over the Jews. (John 18:35, 36) . . .” 36 Jesus answered: “My Kingdom is no part of this world. If my Kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I
  13. Oh! Please, get off your garbage. If you can't understand what the meaning behind the King of Kings means, the only lie is your failure to understand scripture. LEARN!! 1 Timothy 6:15 (Hebrews 10:12) 12 But this man offered one sacrifice for sins for all time and sat down at the right hand of God,
  14. The owner of the worldnewsmedia is NOT, the owner of this stupid portion of this site did claim it, long ago.
  15. I guess he thinks like worldly people, that believe, money is contingent upon, salvation. Ancients believed they could buy their way into heaven, or the power of God. Acts 8:18-23 Now when Simon saw that the Spirit was given through the laying on of the apostles' hands, he offered them money, saying, “Give me this power also, so that anyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.” But Peter said to him, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not righ
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