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  1. Wrong! It is you that is Judging God, not me. Far be it from me as a devotee to Judge what God has a right to. Do angles have an independent choice? Have you heard of SATAN! Therefore, you are telling God, he needs brain washed robots. The point of “free will” is for humanity to exercise that choice between good and evil. Did God tell Satan to confuse the first pair? No! And because of that angelic choice, we are in the mess we are in, now. What needs to be understood is the word” judgement”. In the OT, God had direct judgement. God has every “right” to exercise that judgement. God has every right to claim his sovereignty. The Hebrews made a promise (solemn oath) to obey God. What did God get out of it? Israelites worshiping false Gods (BAAL). In the NT, Man “killed” his son, now Jesus becomes that instrument of judgement. God is merciful, and has been mocked by humanity since the beginning, including you. He doesn’t need your permission or consent on anything, but you need him to have a place in this world as a “repentant” person in his service. What was the point if Jesus sacrifice? Revelation 4:11 New International Version (NIV) 11 “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” That goes for a “man of war” that decided to lay down his/her arms and repent and never pick up that weapon again. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Revelation 4:11 Then you need to understand Exodus 20:13 in, an objective way. Exodus 20:13 New International Version (NIV) 13 “You shall not murder. Then what is the purpose of allowing man to do their worst to each other. Is it god, or Satan? What question needs to be answered that only God can answer for humanity?
  2. You have the same obscured view JTR has. Once again, God has "never" murdered anyone. The example you gave is about God's angels working in saving innocence. God did not sanction the killing of Abel. Human imperfection did that. Sinful people started killing each other before the flood, that God felt he needed to remove humans altogether from existence. The Flood became a judgement against humanity the angels and Christ accepted. Why? To preserve the "innocent". Therefore, it is NOT something that God sanctioned back then nor does he accept it now. The preservation of innocence comes in high regard. Men of War do not care for that innocence. All they care is about winning. The disgusting thing is, they claim it in the name of God. People kill people, in the OT, it was about innocence God tolerated those with blood in their hands to safeguard the innocent. That changed with the NT. Now the government that doesn't care for innocence became the men of war. Those governments will be judged by Christ in the end.
  3. Anna, JWinsider: Just as a point of reference. That ARC leaked data sheet cannot be independently confirmed it was not altered by the people that leaked it. It was automatically assumed an ARC member leaked it. Another thing. An assumption, the information in the spreadsheet is NOT "all" about child sexual abuse. Mr. Toole spoke about the variations on what information is kept.
  4. Only because they have to follow man's laws. The sooner you learn about secular law, the better educated you will be. It's called a "legal process". The watchtower cannot more subvert that process than anyone else can. Try looking at your President Trump and learn.
  5. Anyone can pretend to commit to a cause. When did the definition of "intend" mean those Organizations, mean they actually will. Every Organization has its day in court. The ARC was not a criminal court but a court to gather information on how to best serve the public about that issue. The sooner people realize that, the better informed they will be.
  6. JTR: No hint needed. It comes not of a nebulous collection of "buzz scripture" but "factual scripture" drawn from understanding Bible Principles. That's why, I understand scripture better than you! But since your testing, give yourself an F! lol!! 😂
  7. I will have to disagree with your assessment JTR. For one, God has “never” murdered any of his creation. In the OT, God used those men of war with blood in their hands to combat and stop the needless murder of innocence. A part taken by angels that understood Gods justice. Now on the NT, Christians are transformed to fight a spiritual battle with the full set of armor to our disposal. Therefore, Governments have taken the role of men with blood on their hands. 2 Corinthians 10:4 Will Christ Judge those men of war? Yes he will. Will god destroy those men of war? No! It will be left up to Jesus to deliver such justice just like he will deliver that justice to Satan. Read James 4:1-2, Romans 13:1-5 This is in essence why the society makes it clear when people are deciding to join the armed forces and get disfellowshipped for what will become blood guilt. If men of war target only men of war, that is one thing, but they target anyone where the men of war reside. Can you separate that blood guilt between the two? NO! Therefore, it’s not a matter of having it both ways, it’s about understanding scripture. It's always been about the shedding of innocent blood.
  8. This is funny coming from ex-witnesses. What does “loyal to God” mean? When their own actions here depict the worse kind of disloyalty by doing everything Jesus warned his disciples against. He warned about, how apostasy would gain ground in the last days. How much proof does one need to see it here every day. Don’t use the name of God in vain. Learn! This goes for witnesses to. Maybe that way, people here will learn the difference between “men of war” that had blood in their hands contrary to God’s command “thou shall not kill”. Murder is no different. Why did God allow killing. Did God Sanction the killing of Abel? No, Cain made a choice. God does not sanction murder. Understand 1 Samuel 8:-6-8. We all have a choice, even men of war. However, what kind of blood-lust does a man of war have when blood is already on their hands? Did God allow King David to build the Holy House of God? No! Therefore, God does consider people killed in warfare murder. It is disingenuous to think of the men of war while leaving out “all” the innocent people caught in it through no fault of their own. WARFARE IS MURDER!
  9. Yes indeed, you have a habit of playing with words. Write something then you contradict yourself to seem you're an honest witness. Sorry! I don't play on both sides of the fence. That's condemned by God.
  10. Wrong you are JTR. I'm referring to the secrecy that ex-witnesses and people like you pretend to exist with the Watchtower. A point to understand the movie is by comparing the foolishness of Tom Arnold, a conspiracy nut in real life.
  11. Wow! You have a strange way of thinking. I wouldn't boast on this one if I were you. Thank God I'm not you to post comparisons and make a statement that you just made. There's a movie called, True Lies, you and JTR should watch it.
  12. That is your assessment about a person that is not a witness in good standing. I wouldn't trust his rhetoric no more than the rhetoric of an ex-witness like yourself. That's why ex-witnesses here support the conclusion of that person. It's one thing to say the GB has admitted to past understandings to be in error now since much new material has come to light to make those adjustments, but this person claims they are completely wrong with bible interpretation. Who is he, and who are you to make that determination since both of you haven't understood scripture correctly. If that is the case about the GB, then it would be the same for he and you. Get something else to argue. This one is embarrassing for both of you.
  13. False facts comes from you. I'm suggesting what my experience has been with the Watchtower. What my experience is with bible interpretation. I'm not concerned about the Bible Student era since I'm not a Bible Student. The fact is you continue to illustrate false understanding by promoting the Watchtower is one and the same with the bible students. Let it go!
  14. I have no idea what you are trying to get at, like I said, I don’t recall a time when an elder or the Branch office thought the word of God was misrepresented by the GB. Do people say that, yes! Puts that’s their opinion. Do others since 1950 noticed a view by the Bible Students in conflict with scripture, yes! A simple one would be the cross and crown. That’s why we are now JW’s NOT bible students. A conflation you seem only to eager to equate. The JW doctrine is the Bible. People that believe the Watchtower has erred in interpretation of scripture are those opposed to the truth and seek their own independent understanding of scripture. When the bible mentions to test, these are the areas where a Christian should test those that carry an independent view of scripture. This is why true witnesses understand the authority is God and Christ as inscribed by scripture. That in itself doesn’t prevent God from having an earthly channel to dispense spiritual food. Only you and opposers believe there is no such thing. A view that is in contradiction of scripture. Therefore, the “superior authority” is God and Christ. However, there are spiritual men “appointed” in their dew course to instruct. If you can’t comprehend that or refuse to accept it, then you are defying God’s superior authority. I have yet to see a flaw in biblical interpretation by the Watchtower. But don’t change the subject, TTH wants to hear from opposers why the Watchtower is reluctant to speak out about ongoing court cases that not even secular authority does just to please a few. That’s how the watchtower views superior authority as written in scripture. This is why Bro Jackson mentioned the GB are fellow workers alongside the brothers, but with an added responsibility they have before God, Russell understood it, Rutherford understood it, the Watchtower understands it.
  15. Even if he had, the outcome would have been the same. The ARC was not interested in changing laws but making new guidelines that everyone could follow.

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