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  1. I will have to disagree with the research done so far, especially when science is attempting to afford people the best information on a new strain of COVID-2. When information is placed on websites, it should be beneficial information rather than a personal opinion on how the worldview is inspiring fake news. While there are errors in assumptions on where news is gathered, it is simple enough to find such fake news if it is something a person is looking for rather than searching for “real-time” scientific research with scientific merits and peer review efforts. Therefore, my submitted information comes from such research. Further proper investigation will yield the original coronavirus strain indeed mutated to a deadlier strain that the world is now dealing with. If the original strain came from wet markets, China is still responsible for the outbreak. If the virus was manipulated in a Chinese lab, China is still responsible for the outbreak. What China is responsible for right now, is keeping out the “true” extant of the outbreak in their land. A confirmed outbreak of the Hantavirus in Yunnan China lab is “factual” not propaganda as indicated by scientific research, above. Coronaviruses cause respiratory and intestinal infections in animals and humans1. They were not considered to be highly pathogenic to humans until the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and 2003 in Guangdong province, China, as the coronaviruses that circulated before that time in humans mostly caused mild infections in immunocompetent people. Ten years after SARS, another highly pathogenic coronavirus, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS- CoV) emerged in Middle Eastern countries6. SARS coronavirus (SARS- CoV) uses angiotensin- converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) as a receptor and primarily infects ciliated bronchial epithelial cells and type II pneumocytes7, whereas MERS- CoV uses dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4; also known as CD26) as a receptor and infects unciliated bronchial epithelial cells and type II pneumocytes. There is no personal protection that can be found. Worldview is survival of the fittest. It is incumbent to place our faith in God rather than man.
  2. Since China has seen fit to militarize P4 virology lab in Wuhan by replacing Shi-Li-Zhengli with China's chief biochemical weapon defense expert, Chen Wei, the suspicion was placed by the CCP, no one else. If they have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t have mattered who was leading the Wuhan lab. Since Shi-Li-Zhengli co-authored a controversial paper back in 2010-2014 about combining the SARS virus with other strains, then it is acceptable to believe the COVID-19 has its origin in China, regardless if it was incidental or intentional. The FACT the Hantavirus outbreak in Yunnan China, can attest to the mishandling of viruses by China. Therefore, China has no defense, and certainly not a rumor if the chief scientist is now in flight for fear of becoming the CCP scapegoat.
  3. Seems to me, people here have forgotten the great influenza outbreak of 1918, Spanish flu that was mimicked by the SARS. However, the coronavirus is not just a “new” strain of influenza as indicated here, it mimics the “MERS” virus that also has NO vaccine to cure people. Therefore, people cannot simply state its influenza. These are resistant strains that continue to develop into diseases that are not common.

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