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  1. Since you indict yourself with this question, simply put, the congregation handed over a food box to a person that was no longer a practicing member. How's that for a "good Samaritan". That makes her an ungrateful person. Isn't that clarified in the French Bible?
  2. Actually, it's neither. The problem is with the mental state of a person. This is why I choose not to waste my time with ex-witness conjecture. This is why people should be taught to understand scripture instead of just trying to convert a lost soul. A person without Bible understanding is not just, misleading the public but is also hardening their heart to God's purpose on earth. That shows a lack of respect for Christ sacrifice and questions God's judgment. " 12 What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understa
  3. If misinterpreting scripture is the best you got Srecko, I can't imagine any justification to respond. Think about the words: "ask" and "demand" to help you with Bible understanding.
  4. People can see your deception here by twisting the question to suit your personal narrative. I was NOT talking about people questioning others about Bible interpretation, I was talking about man questioning GOD. You submitted, man has a right to question God in the same way you say man has a right to question man. Rethink your remark about the true intent of Job. Then think about Jesus action. The point of this wasted 17 pages by mostly disingenuous ex-witnesses is this, That lady had no cause to complain since she got her food box. That person assumed by watching television, t
  5. Two things come to mind when you say “does it matter”. Have you heard the term, Discretionary War and Obligatory War? Does this mean, when ancient Israel gave to the temple, it was meant for war? Deut. 23:15 In essence, does that make the people of present day Israel correct? I understand the argument modern day Israel makes, even though it does not conform to Christ instructions. You seem to forget the shift Christ made. Did you answer, how trillions of dollars are being wasted that could be better spent to help the people of the world? Let’s not make it about WAR, but ins
  6. This is a matter of opinion. When the Watchtower needs to respond, they send out letters. When the GB respond, it is NOT necessary for every member to be in the loop. Especially with those with poor and undesirable account of Bible teaching. However, when a claim is made that doesn't conform to the Watchtower teaching while making claims of being a member, clarity needs to be highlighted as being not factual.
  7. Would this be before Christ or after? Did God not call King David a "man" of war so as not to be able to build God's temple because he had stained his hands with blood. Once again, was that before or after Christ? Also, you didn't answer the question, when did man get the "authority" to question God?
  8. By this view, would it be okay by God to tax and have that money used for war? There are trillions of dollars used for war instead of using it to feed the poor, house the poor, keep the poor healthy. When does earthly governments dictate to God what is God's will? How about those religions that use donated money for lavish lifestyles. What was "Jesus" message since he was referring to the poorest among us. Does that mean God would find it okay if "billionaires" get richer while the poor die making them richer? When is church and state combined to make these things a reality for secu
  9. Are you saying you and JWinsider are texting behind my back to come to the conclusion of banning me because Anna used a scathing indictment of what is or isn't an apostate site? There are little lies, and big whoppers. Do what you must do to protect. It usually happens in October for the last 7 years. Just don't make silly excuses by attempting to make it as though it's the other person's fault. It's a stretch to find a JW in good standing in this place. Someone like me that tells the truth is "never" liked since it doesn't suit the narrative of going against Bible principles. A Christia
  10. I kind of figured you were headed to your old tricks and the lack of understanding. I was taught by the best Bethel had to offer. Those faithful servants (slaves) have done an excellent job in teaching what scripture teaches. This of course cannot be found here 1. How do you understand the Psalmist in Psalm 82:6 2. How do you understand Peter in 1 Peter 2:5-9 3. How do you understand Johns vision in Revelation 1:6 4. How do you understand Johns vision in Revelation 5:10 There was actually a time when opposers of the Zion Watchtower criticized Ru
  11. Since you have yet to understand the difference between the singers, harpist, elders and the 144,000, not to mention the body of Christ, There is no reason to waste my time in trying to submit myself, in what you think it means. What was the process of the 12 tribes? The fact, you refuse to accept what is written in Matthew invalidates your personal opinion on this matter. If you understand the words in “John 14”, we all have to accept, scripture doesn’t “guarantee” life in heaven as well as on earth unless approved by God and has been judged by Christ to deserve such heavenly position an
  12. The one's relating to different subjects are you ex-witnesses, not me. Try to at least be honest with yourself. On the rest of you comment, I'm speaking to ex-witnesses. What possible good things can I relate to opposers? My comments are meant for thinking Christians? So, Let Witness, you John, stick to the subject at hand. It's about how a sad person decided to complain about a food box offered by the USDA that she didn't think, she should thank God for. Instead, she made it a big deal, by suggesting the Watchtower was holding back that food allowance because she sees too much television when
  13. Wow! I think you should consider understanding scripture rather than add your own opinion on what you think scripture is telling you. I believe, it is you that has been suggesting the Watchtower GB are not anointed while telling, blind people something down the line that you are. Reread the passages you cited. It should give you a clue as to who those passages belong to. Therefore, the mocking of Christ comes from an unrighteous heart. You fit the position, just like any other ex-witness in this forum. Just like you people keep confusing secular authority "obligations" with spi
  14. Wow! I guess you never understood what you were being taught by the Watchtower. I don't believe, the Watchtower has stated, buildings matter. That distinction comes from you ex-witnesses, so don't twist words. If building did matter, God would have preserved the "holy of hollies" and the first temple where his personal words were housed. That however, didn't stop Jesus from believing a place of worship should be respected as the house of God. Where one's true heart is as a follower, so is the house of God placed. If you understood that, you would find how Hebrew 10:25-27 makes sense.
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