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  1. The only thing Witnesses around the world need to understand about Uyghurs and other countries where there is willful prosecution of the brethren is by understanding any post that put those witnesses in danger just because some people think of curiosity rather than the reach of china that has government officers that look for any kind of internet articles talking about such religions. Introduction The government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is notorious for committing human rights violations. These violations include infanticide, human trafficking, violent enforcement of the one-child policy, and religious persecution. The international community commonly overlooks religious persecution of the Uyghurs, who are targeted and often oppressed by the Chinese government. China is arguably the center of the political and economic international system but, as the Uyghur diaspora expands to developed countries, including the United States, the rest of the world must understand the issues at the forefront of the conflict.
      Hello guest!
    Who are the Uyghurs? This inference with that region goes back as far as second century BC. However, it is by 1949 when China decided to repatriate and abuse all those that didn’t conform to the Geopolitical will of mainland china. That doesn’t mean there weren’t Community Matters in Xinjiang 1880-1949 Towards a Historical Anthropology of the Uyghur. There was also the Reform and Revolution on the Russia- China Frontier. Preliminary Notes on Sociological Research in China and Xinjiang This analysis cannot be conducted without considering, even though in a preliminary manner, the stage of development of sociological research and methods in China.1 While modern sociology is considered to be born in Europe in the eighteenth century, in China it became a prominent and respected discipline, in the way it has been articulated by Western scholars, only recently. Shortly after the 1949 Communist takeover, studies in the field of sociology have officially been banned from the official curricula as well as from scholarly research. Under the influence of Lenin’s characterization of Auguste Comte’s sociology as “bourgeois”, the new government of Mao Zedong shut down all the related educational and research programs in 1952. Sociologists were labeled “guardians of the bourgeoisie” and became targets of censorship and torture during political campaigns, anti-rightist movements and the Cultural Revolution. After the Mao era, Deng Xiaoping started to acknowledge that sociology could play a role in the improvement of education, and mainly within the context of the modernization process that China started to uncritically embrace. The rehabilitation of the discipline as scholarly and academic knowledge in China can be traced back to 1979, when the Chinese Sociological Association was re-established. Due to previous historical events, at the time only a few sociologists were still in the country, and Fei Xiaotong (1910–2005) was called to be in charge of the restoration of the discipline.
  2. Yes! Just make sure you post a new topic that is not driven under a misconception from Srecko. If you do, it would yield a false representation of someone else's word. A common trait to be sure by former members.
  3. No joke Screcko, I just need you to concentrate on the time of Moses, and not other interactions. When God gave Moses his instructions and guidelines, did God speak "directly" to the people or did he speak to Moses personally. Did Moses not pass that guidance through physical affect? At some point Srecko, you need to stick to "one" subject and not just throw things in a mix. Since you are still unwilling to apply reason, then we are just wasting our time.
  4. Where in scripture do you find God spoke directly to the people? I love to read that, or are you mixing things. What is the "commission". You can find it in scripture. Where in scripture can I find Jesus had no interaction with Rome and its laws? You seem to be adding to scripture. Are you reading non-conical books? Have you fully understood what that secular structure entails? Or are you suggesting the Watchtower break those structured laws to please men and not God since scripture makes it clear to obey all authority. The Watchtower is bound to accepting those secular laws. If you have a problem with them, don't criticize the Watchtower for following Gods command but redirect yourself to your local secular authority. Just keep in mind, whatever laws come out of peoples complaints will be structured to meet "ALL" religion not just the Watchtower. When the Watchtower argued freedom of religion in America, the Supreme Court didn't say, This decision is made just for the Watchtower. Religious freedom became the law of the land for ALL.
  5. Srecko, remind yourself who the first administrator of Jewish law was. Who had to offer guidelines to Moses because the People(Israelites) began to complain? Exodus 17:4 Hebrews 11:24-27 What was the outcome and resolution in Exodus 17:5-6. Did God direct Moses directly to the people? Or did he direct Moses to gather in front of the rock in Horeb to see the power of God through the eyes of the Elders that still held their prominent roles as leaders? Then you come to Jesus that now becomes that force to direct an old nation in a new way. A way that now includes none Jews. Did the Jewish nation "accept" this new condition? Now Jesus directs and delegates the power of establishment to the apostles. The apostles still have to go before a structured committee. Then Jesus expands Gods earthy spiritual power to others. At what point do you believe Jesus superseded the secular power of Rome that can be applied in today's world? When Did God give that secular power over the Jews in Babylonian days? Be it direct or indirect, The power and authority belongs to God. By questioning how earthly structure should be to satisfy the needs and wants of the people will ultimately be applied by God. That is accepted by a true Christian. Anyone questioning it is once again questioning God himself regardless if its from a point of view coming from the outside looking in, or from inside looking at it from a worldly perspective.
  6. This misconception comes from former members that have made it a visual effect. Something the Watchtower doesn't have. The GB don't burden themselves to the structure of man, but instill the value of our heavenly father. They serve only God as it should be. The fact that outsiders want to force the GB to take a more personal approach to secular laws would remove time better vested in spiritual needs of those willing to follow their examples of being righteous before God. After all, that is the point of being a Christian. Therefore, a righteous structure as you indicate as different departments can be seen through the structure of the first century Christianity, were the apostles themselves had to meet with a panel of Sanhedrin or elders of the church. I see no difference in application other than word usage. Now in today's world, What powers did the Jews have compared to the Jewish laws that were in effect in Jesus time that modern churches don't have today. If you look at power as an argument, then you will see the Vatican has more secular power than the Watchtower.
  7. An error in understanding the Watchtower context by former members usually bring this assertion. I can only be seen as a matter of opinion. However, how does the Watchtower fail to implement Jesus commands and instructions by which the Watchtower is physically showing the world, the first century teachings of Christ? Without obscuring scripture to a misapplication thereof, what scripture can you sight?
  8. The Watchtower does with its illustration of fine works as described and instructed by Christ himself. Do I suggest all members within the organization hold true to that Christian value, no! I do however see my brothers with responsibility such as the GB actions do conform to Gods commands and Christ instructions. You should understand me by now, I always separate church from state. It would be equally advantageous if you had the same process. Once again, the understanding of scripture with issues driven by outside influences become questionable when the ideology is taken out of context. Jesus was well versed in the ancient scrolls as well as the misapplication of Jewish laws. Therefore, to understand the difference, the right context of Matthew 5:17 needs to be applied.
  9. Sorry to say, the librarian has misunderstood the point I was attempting to make and took my words out of context. God won’t hold people accountable for not listening to the Watchtower. The post is a misrepresentation of that. What is true is, God will hold those accountable for not listening to Christ as the Watchtower does. Witnesses around the world are not going to be saved by the watchtower but rather, they will save themselves by adjusting their Christian life as illustrated by the Watchtower through scripture by their actions and obedience to God and Christ. That’s the difference. Since the Watchtower structures itself is through the inspired word of God, judging the discipleship of the Watchtower members by “judging” and “questioning” witness motives to obey, then you are in essence questioning and judging god’s inspired words simply because they do adhere to Bible principle. That difference should have been made clear by not changing the words of others. Romans 8:1 The same type of motives that outsiders used to condemn Christ and the Apostles. Romans 2:1-29 Did God condemn and destroy those who actually killed his first creation (born)? John 3:17 It's up to the individual to obey Gods command. It’s a Christian obligation to keep the body of Christ clean. That is the church.
  10. Do not equate this forum with anything like the Watchtower. That is simply insulting. For what its worth, hum! You have been given a nice notice. The only one removed from this forum was ALLEN SMITH that became a soldier of truth. If you refer to this forum as being part of the Watchtower structure, that would mean, this forum is not run by witnesses but to the contrary. Now this will get me banned, since no one likes hearing the truth. Instead, they wish to indulge.
  11. For sure. However, you are not asking but commanding. You are not asking, but condemning. You are not asking but demanding. In other words, you are telling God himself he is wrong. Once again, where in scripture does it stipulate that "anyone" can command, condemn, demand, and tell God he is wrong? If you find a text, it will most likely be in the Satanic Bible, since Satan is the one that used those ideologies to justify his own errors of wanting to be a God. If anyone understands the trial of Job, especially 3 that you indicate, then the outcome is clear why no one questions Gods sovereignty as you are doing.
  12. That's why you are clueless in areas that are beyond your expertise Incorrect. WT lawyers use both present secular law and Gods law combined to get the best possible solution into getting to the truth. Yours is just a matter of opinion, since you are only applying secular law. You can use the above as an illustration. Incorrect again, secular law wants to treat the Watchtower as a regular corporation just like you, former witnesses. That isn't going to happen, while God continues to be the instrument of our faith. If you have a problem with it, then lobby your government, that "only" the Watchtower should be looked at and penalize for just being present. I'm sure, there is enough false religions in your area that will agree with your attempts to dismantle sound Christian doctrine that comes directly from God, so you can feel about yourself. Meantime, look over what you just posted and think hard what is your ideology.
  13. There's a difference Srecko when you ask a question of God for spiritual guidance and understanding. You are not doing that. You are questioning God himself on how his people should be no different from this wicked world by questioning Gods sovereignty. and telling him to make changes to suit you within modern times.

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