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  1. That is funny. In the old days, it was called, revision. Something like First Edition, Second Edition, etc. He adds information as it becomes available. Instead of revising the same book, he titles it differently. Only foolish and ignorant people think, that's a problem. Just like with grammar, they find it a need to show others their personal arrogance. What's funnier, COJ's book is the fourth edition, available right now. Why the other editions were removed from circulation, only a few know what mistakes he made in the beginning. So, I guess ex-witness books are funny to. No, just sh
  2. Yes, that is funny. You ex-witnesses need to be impeached and purged from this site. Take, "insider" with you. 😄
  3. Srecko, as if you understand the complexities of ancient history. You just like that apostate "insider" feeding you false understanding of his perceived research. Perhaps after you correct your understanding of it 21 times, you will make a little sense. 😄 Remember, to him, everyone else is wrong, and this self-loving narcissist is the ONLY one right.
  4. When it rains, you get your answer. But, then again, people are allowed to be hypocrites all they want, here But, I understand why this would be boring for people that don't comprehend a subject. Is prophetic times not written in the inspired words of God? Did Christ not mention to stay on the Watch and be alert? What part of your "presume" God nor Christ wouldn't find it an interest for true Christians to understand? Thinking Christians really want to know. 😜
  5. Read your apostate and opposer friends comments unless you are willfully trying to blind yourself from it. That would be more deflecting. You can't erase your years of opposition of the Watchtower Chronology, no more than apostates like "comfortmypeople" and "Anna" can. Like I said, pick your poison. More deflection with more lies. Go back to your post. Maybe your own words will convince you. LOL!! Because I don't bow down to your stupidity. If you can't even sync King Jehoiakim's reign, a biblical event to your supposed secular chronology, and you can't comprehend a simple sol
  6. Secular timeline argued by ex-witnesses, along with failed astronomical predictions by uneducated people, and then, they post themselves in AD1914 as though they won something. LOL! Remember D.J. Wiseman and A.K. Greyson? How everyone thought those 2 scholars put the nail on the coffin for the Watchtower, until they made mistakes themselves. Then you criticized Furuli, until recently just because he "turned" against the Watchtower like, Raymond Franz, and now you don't seem to mind him, just like Ray. Now you have a problem with the latest author. Pick your poison, and stop deflecting.
  7. Hmm! Really, then why do you keep bringing up 605 BC, 597 BC, 587 BC, 568 BC, 539 BC every year as though those dates have significance to the Gentile Times, and the 70 years. A timeline given by secular history. Now don't get obtuse and start reflecting on the BC dates compiled as 605/4 BCE, 598/7 BC, 587/6 BC, 568/7 BC, 539/8 BC.
  8. Your projecting again. Quit before it becomes something else. I used the word "IF" YOU DIDN'T. TTH: "it is not a major factor in my faith, and even were it to turn out that the JW organization is wrong on this" Therefore, there was no reason to yell! Where do you see the word "if" in your statement?
  9. Only to him. He brings it up every year to see who he can brainwash with faulty secular evidence. But it is amusing to him twisting himself into a pretzel to discredit the Watchtower and try very hard to align secular evidence with the same vigor he is accusing the Watchtower of using. In Other words, he can submit faulty chronology and then tell people he's MUST be believed because secular chronology makes better sense, when it actually doesn't to a smart researcher.
  10. Really, didn't read like that to me. But as usual, when it comes to sound research, you reject it. That should tell people more about you, rather than you trying to discredit any author that comes close if not to a similar conclusion. Stop the hoax, and embarrassment.
  11. When you start, "even if the Watchtower is wrong, sorry, you are taking a side. Therefore, it has nothing to do with the fate of a Barnabas.
  12. You don't use the phrase "Babylonian Chronicles" but you do accept the timeline given by secular evidence that includes the Babylonian Chronicles. More word play as usual.
  13. I agreed with your comment until you started projecting as usual. I guess that's an author thing to take both sides. However, Prophetic chronology is part of Christ commandment on seeing the signs and be alert and stay on the watch. It is NOT made up. Therefore, Christ words of "faith" extend to the knowledge we all should have about scripture, without having to question that faith. Once you fall under that category, we become LUKEWARM. Keep in mind. Just because scripture doesn't specifically STATE or has the phrase "gentile times" embedded in scripture, doesn't mean anything when Christ
  14. This is word play and funny since you keep using the same secular evidence timeline. Give it up! You lost your credibility about 8 years ago.
  15. I disliked JTR way before your ignorance. I don't hate him as a person. Likewise, I don't have a cause to Hate God's creation. Jesus didn't hate anyone. What he did hate and what scripture states about HATE, is the actions and behavior of a PERSON. Therefore, I hate apostate actions with words of falsehood, and their behavior of spreading that "falsehoods" to other, just like, "insider" does every year. That's a difference between your stupid ex-witness ideology of trying to paint me as a hater. BE SPECIFIC before you brand someone with a false view.
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