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  1. At what point in time in your personal life did you notice the difference between right and wrong, or did your parent or parents NOT teach you the difference. If they didn't, how about your school system. If not them, how about your local government with cops and structured laws. Are you saying, where you live, there is NO law? It's a lawless state? Therefore, what's the difference to God which word you use, to describe a personal intent he finds detestable? That's why I mentioned, you need to grow up and stop these silly assertions. You're not making sense anymore, and you cer
  2. Can't think for yourself. That's been your problem. What part of despicable in the actions of apostates isn't in the eyes of God. 2 Kings 21:2 He did what the LORD considered to be evil, following the despicable practices of the nations whom the LORD had expelled in full view of the people of Israel. What's the difference between despicable and detestable? It's time you grow up and stop acting like a childish idiot with no Bible knowledge.
  3. Now apply your delusional mind to those text you entered for yourself, fake anointed!! You cannot serve more than one God. Therefore, your God continues to be Satan, deal with it!!
  4. Give yourself an example of God's creation from, Adam and Eve to the present, from scripture. Since you are supposed to know scripture, answer your own hypothetical using, reason and wisdom. Don't just make it as though you need to qualify your sin. No one else is going to save you. You need to understand scripture yourself. Give an example, where God did NOT punish, those that PROMISED him, they would be his people? The same PROMISE one gives upon "baptism" in modern times. Then ask yourself. Why do I keep questioning God's authority?
  5. This just means, you're either too stupid to think for yourself, or too lazy!! Either way, it's speaks of you being a poor excuse of a man. Perhaps a skirt is more your alley. Beggars can't be choosers, apostates even less!!
  6. Since these people you are defending have no illusion in keeping with scriptural understanding, then your comparison is nullified. You can compare their behavior to, wordly women "GOSSIP" as an intent. Proverbs 16:28 28 A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends.
  7. To you in general, every academic paper is bogus. My thought is, coming from an uneducated person such as yourself, how can you tell if a paper is bogus. Just because, certain academic scholars for insistence, put your ideology of the Watchtower chronology to shame. The latest one, you made a spectacle of yourself, but in your uneducated mind, it was bogus, because you have vested decades, refuting the Watchtower Chronology to your ex-witness friends. You can "never" admit how, incredibly wrong you are with secular chronology, that you're willing to take that false ideology to your grave.
  8. While I agree, no one should befriend me, try reading scripture to educate yourself on why people like me, shouldn't befriend people like you? You cannot use, your worldly anecdotal, when it comes to worship and salvation. (2 Corinthians 6:14) 14 Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? This is also a good reason I don't call ANYONE here my brother!! Especially, those open apostates!!
  9. False, since any organized religion will be subject to Christ rule. Therefore, the only religion per se, will be God's heavenly Kingdom. JW's that survive, will simply be a beacon on how that Kingdom rule is obeyed. Wrong again. That's why they have several committees. What, God doesn't like, is for him to be challenged. Since the constitution of the Watchtower is the Bible, then, those that dare to challenge scripture, challenge God. By not understanding scripture, you insult God every time you enter this open forum. It is NOT the personal attacks you should be worried about.
  10. In my personal opinion, if this site, just admits to being an apostate site, and label it in such a way to reflect it, then I have no problem with the dynamics of this forum. People here, already know, they are dealing with apostates. The thing visitors need to understand, there are wolves among the sheep. Meaning, people like, TTH, Anna, JWI, Comfortmypeople, XERO, and many others are supposed present witnesses and apostates. That can be confusing, since they have their own understanding of scripture. Not necessarily what scriptures, intent and context really is. This forum was ca
  11. Not really, this still doesn't stop anyone here from being apostates. It also doesn't stop anyone here from being stupid in telling people here, they are witnesses.
  12. I guess he thinks like worldly people, that believe, money is contingent upon, salvation. Ancients believed they could buy their way into heaven, or the power of God. Acts 8:18-23 Now when Simon saw that the Spirit was given through the laying on of the apostles' hands, he offered them money, saying, “Give me this power also, so that anyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.” But Peter said to him, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not righ
  13. Well, Satan has been upset since the garden of Eden. The end of the ages in 1914 shouldn't have made him that much more upset. However, why not promote your personal views in your own website. As you stated, the book is there as a free download. If you are banned from many JW sites? Its, because they don't wish to read, someone's own interpretation of scripture, on any subject. However, that won't happen here, since the owner, who claims to be a JW allows such misinterpretations of scripture. Why not ask TTH to promote your book on his website. You and him have many things in common
  14. You are correct. You are that long-winded idiot that needs to go there and get a life. The pathetic one, you have now, only serves Satan.
  15. When has it been other than comical in this forum. People here certainly don't understand scripture, so it's not a spiritual academic forum. When people want to learn, they don't submit to they're devilish ways of using their own interpretation of scripture. It's not an academic forum, since the same false narrative and ignorance is presented. Not just by stupid ex-witnesses and opposers, but by none conforming murmurers, witnesses NOT in good standing. So, this forum has no good benefit other than, when people visit, it earns the owner money. A good gimmick to start a forum that is
  16. Brother Rando, why is the free ebook locked and forbidden to access?
  17. I didn't since it would be too repetitious!! I started to include JWI, but replaced him with that Gothic comfortmypeople. When the anecdotal comes from a false witness, I'm being generous for just down voting. There lies the difference with subtle sarcasm reverting to real thinking of the heart. You might try it, but, it will obviously confuse you, like Anna. Yep! Only you, can pat yourself in the back. The stupidity of writing style is your own evil theater. Remember, you only need is, to convince yourself. I could play along with your stupidity about writing and grammar, whil
  18. In this case Srecko, XERO is the one with the low IQ. I can go one step further, an uneducated disgruntled witness. Even a hamster, and Gerbils which I own, display more intelligence than Anna, Comfortmypeople, Kick, John, Xero put together. Yet, They don't see me as a master but a slave. A slave that they demand for me to feed them and give them a clean house. Affection is NOT something these creatures exhibit. That doesn't stop me from being responsible for them like, a Shepherd to his sheep.
  19. How about you? Keep them coming, I'm having a wonderful day laughing at your post.
  20. No! This just means, science has gotten better. There is also a no blood synthetic that an Australian witness used after a severe car accident. She didn't have side effects, and it saved her life by that synthesized 2 drops of cow blood to be used to carry oxygen. How much, cow blood is left in a steak. The stupidity of JWI, he refuses to see, the science for what it is. You can add your ignorance to. What does scripture say about "whole" blood, that a fraction by scientific terms is deluded to its components? NOT whole blood. In some cases, a formula is made to oxygenate the body,
  21. Once again, you start with a good hypothesis and then, you mislead by using a consequential observation that is clearly against Bible principle. The Watchtower is NOT the one that doesn't "allow" whole or consecrated blood, SCRIPTURE DOESN'T. It's NOT up to the Watchtower to decide for an individual. Whoever, it's up to the Elders to keep the congregation clean by those that don't accept those Bible oriented commands. STOP, forcing your damaged ideology as though it belongs to the Watchtower, it's your damaged interpretation, own it. Therefore, you people have a "lack" of good conscience
  22. Now, apply this hypothesis to the Kingdom of Heaven, and Paradise Earth!!
  23. Still, don't understand legal ease, I see. Keep trying!! You might make sense of yourself one day. After you start taking meds to help your mental instability. Then, you will understand, I state FACT, over accusation. Your accusation has NO proven facts, while mine does. Your written words. So, stop being an idiot!! This also means, Pudgy and Kirk are idiots too!!! I guess, your alter-egos need intelligence, as well.
  24. You insult me for thinking I can ever be that pathetic TTH. 😒 TTH said the same thing when I equated him with JTR. He was infuriated enough to get me deleted that time. This is why, I go through INTERPOL for England. You should learn the government and laws, before you make accusations, and show your ignorance. However, the owner will soon see how allowing your accusations, to stand in this site by ignorance of freedom of speech, will not work anymore in today's society. Their stubbornness is no excuse. This is the kind of stupidity that you need to learn. Learn to understand,
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