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  1. Like I said, reread those passages you try so hard to defend. It will give you evidence you are not willing to learn the truth. My excuses or yours. The only deception I see comes from people that don't educate themselves about history. Anyone can take something out of context in order to express a negative outcome. What those people can't do is teach an educated person how to lie, especially when those, lies are poorly drawn.
  2. People here should go back and reread their historical understanding of Russell. He had a wait and see attitude about 1914 while he had claimed Jesus presence was felt in 1874. That of course had nothing to do with Jesus being enthroned in 1914, nor does it revise a historical fact world war one started in 1914. “CHRONOLOGY--Beginning or End of Time of Trouble Re 1914. Q71:1: QUESTION (1905)--1--Will the time of trouble begin or end in 1914 and why? ANSWER--We answer that there have been times of trouble this good while. (You know we have a trouble corner over there, and he smil
  3. I guess it would have to depend on how the word mother is viewed. Off hand, I can’t think of one directly quoted with the word mother, but many that use an inference, like Isaiah 40:11. Who carries their babies in their arms if not a father and mother? A relative, someone in authority. A more expressive text would come from the psalmist. NAS Psalm 127:3 Behold, children are a gift of the LORD; The fruit of the womb is a reward. (Ps. 127:3 NAS) 06529 פְּרִי periy {per-ee'} Meaning: 1) fruit 1a) fruit, produce (of the ground) 1b) fruit, offspring, children, progeny (of the
  4. Wife like organization from heavenly creatures. Does this mean the Watchtower doesn’t understand the implication of how God views his creation? Does it mean God can’t be the mother and father figure of his creation? Still, the mention continues to be applied from heaven, not from earth. However, the article is expanding on Jesus Credentials as the messiah. With it, could the foundation not then be more understood after the baptism? *** w09 12/15 p. 21 par. 9 The Messiah! God’s Means of Salvation *** 9 People’s expectations, however, needed to be adjusted. Jesus was pro
  5. I agree. There is plenty of proof here, I wouldn't suggest otherwise. But I can also see an amputee walking a straight line with prosthetic's. I've seen some run a better marathon than those with real legs. Don't sell the disabled short.
  6. Same, circumstance. It's to a greater degree with God. When has god needed man for anything, yet man needs Jesus for salvation. I don't believe the watchtower is spoken as the wife of God, but rather an earthly instrument of God, which God has used from the starting of time. He gave the Holy Spirit directly to the prophets in the O.T. and he gave the Holy Spirit in the N.T. to those that would become his ambassadors by baptism. The difference is literal and spiritual. It has not stopped. Then why give access to anyone. Do opposers and witnesses receive the same consideration? Let's jus
  7. I don’t see the difference. It should be clear in ACTS 17, it's referring to Christ not coming to earth to be served, rather than to serve. I don’t see where that compares to Galatians unless we are willing to accept a heavenly Jerusalem that will soon be in charge of the inhabitants of this world. Do you believe in Armageddon? Do you think there are at least a few witnesses that believe in judgment day, and the persecution of faithful servants before that? Are there a few witnesses that believe, there is a gray area between tribulation and Armageddon when Jesus will separate the s
  8. Precisely. Aren't you the same way, isn't AlanF the same way, isn't JTR the same way. If you don't blame the librarian, then you shouldn't complain since everyone here is the same way. That is hypocritical in my opinion. Just because a person makes and effort to expose a wrong perception about an organization in which they serve God under, doesn't give anyone a right to remove someone. Especially being insulting just as you are with the label "loon". What's makes you think, you're not more mentally diseased than that person?
  9. I think the point is, why complain to the owner and librarian about certain people if you're not willing to complain about everyone that offend directly to the librarian to be removed. Then posts are made that others can't refute, because they are removed. In my opinion, that is called a cheap shot at someone else s expense. To me that seem hypocritical. That's all.
  10. That’s a big assumption since Galatians is referring to the heavenly Jerusalem, not a physical organization. So, if witnesses use that term, I suspect they are referring to the spiritual Jerusalem, not the watchtower. Do you believe there are more than 8 million witnesses that don't understand the Bible? Why not bring the post back to its original topic, instead of gathering inconclusive opinions about the Bible, earth and the heavens.
  11. Is there such a thing? or are you just making things up? Could it be he was the only true witness here trying to expose apostates that claim to be part of an organization when they aren’t? Let’s not look at how bad he was, but how bad other people were toward that person. I have been viewing this site for a long time. Some of you got nasty with Allen Smith, more than just rude. However, you're still here. Vic has been seen in JW.net is opposition to the Org in a very ugly way. What does that say about the owner of that account? Don’t use hypocrisy as an excuse not to like s
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