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  1. Actually if the government wants us to take the count to figure information for the census,we comply. The virus Is another situation if it’s a hidden agenda we have no control over that. However we have choices whether to take the test, shot , we are very concerned about our health and well being. Basically we stand neutral. The government uses the currency to do illegal and legal things that’s not Christians concern. We look forward to Gods heavenly government in the very near future that will serve righteous and justice for ppl that are rightly disposed. Until that time we remain obedie
  2. Yes I agree with what others have said true we are no part of the world when it involves political issues. We model Jesus but we do pay taxes and receive services so the census is an official document to ensure the monies are distributed appropriately. Yes we fill out the census it doesn’t conflict with worship.
  3. Ryan what is meant by hailstone message is the type that will be delivered very weighty maybe but unknown at this time perhaps that this system is ending which many folks love although they complain
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