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  1. Los policías llegaron al lugar y dentro de un inmueble encontraron sin vida a José Contreras D., de 55 años de edad, así como J. Jesús E., G., de 34 años de edad y a su hijo Samuel E., V., de 6 años de edad, los cuales presentaban diversos impactos de bala en su cuerpo. La zona fue resguardada y más tarde llegó personal de la Unidad Especializada en la Escena del Crimen (UECS), quienes embalaron 41 casquillos percutidos calibre 7.62x39 y seis casquillos percutidos calibre 45 milímetros. Las víctimas se encontraban realizando un oficio religioso cuando, sin mediar palabras, irrumpieron los delincuentes y abrieron fuego en su contra; hasta el momento se desconoce el probable móvil del múltiple crimen Leer más:
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  2. Marie has built her career on the foundation of truth-telling songs like that one, "Go Home." She's the rare jazz vocalist who has put songwriting at the very heart of her enterprise, addressing the human condition through an unvarnished personal lens. In this episode of Jazz Night in America, we'll get to know the person behind that personality: how Marie came up in Virginia, telling stories and making up songs; how she left the Jehovah's Witnesses and her first marriage in search of freedom; how she found her true voice as an artist of political and moral conscience. Vocalist and songwriter René Marie. Lawrence Sumulong
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  3. A Russian court has overturned the convictions of six Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of extremism, marking the first instance of the group's worshippers having their verdicts overturned in Russia, the group announced Wednesday. The court in Penza, some 550 kilometers southeast of Moscow, handed five adherents suspended two-year prison sentences in December. The sixth worshipper, Vladimir Alushkin, was jailed for six years after an investigation had shown that he had continued to run the local Jehovah’s Witnesses branch despite the group being outlawed in Russia. Read more:
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    Vladimir Alushkin, a Jehovah's Witnesses member who in December was jailed for six years, has been released after his conviction on extremism charges was overturned.
  4. HOLDERNESS — A man who allegedly used a shotgun to blast holes in the walls inside the local Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall and who then allegedly poured gasoline around the front entry door went there to commit suicide, according to a police affidavit. David U. Petrell, 37, of 22 Circle Drive in Ashland was being held at gunpoint by multiple officers when he was tackled by Holderness Police Sgt. Michael Grier as Petrell was still standing over a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun he had dropped in compliance with orders. Grier wrote in the affidavit that as he placed Petrell in the cruiser he could smell alcohol on his breath and that the defendant said, “I own it all, I did it, I’m f---.” After Petrell was taken into custody, police searched the building to make sure no one else was inside. As there was a strong smell of gasoline, Grier shut off the furnace before exiting and called for the Holderness Fire Department to respond. Petrell was arrested at the property at the corner of Route 3 and East Holderness Road shortly after Holderness, Meredith and Ashlanrd police were dispatched to the scene about 7:19 p.m. Friday after a concerned male friend of Petrell’s called authorities to report he was on his way to the Kingdom Hall to take his own life. Read more:
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  5. Con el actual brote de Coronavirus (COVID-19) muchos testigos de Jehová no deben salir de casa y otros por situaciones especificas no pueden hacerlo. La organización cuenta con un sitio para ver las reuniones de la semana en formato de video este sitio es
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    Tomen en cuenta que es el único sitio oficial y no esta permitido la descarga de los videos y compartirlos por otros medios como youtube. Ahora la pregunta importante es ¿cómo acceso a este sitio? Como todas las herramientas que tenemos, de forma gratuita y sencilla. Todos los publicadores pueden tener acceso, solo contacta a alguno de los ancianos y recibirás en tu correo electrónico las instrucciones. ACTUALIZACION En el caso de algunas zonas la sucursal ya contacto a los ancianos para tener reuniones por video conferencia para que se pueda comentar y participar en ellas. Tengamos la confianza de que no nos perderemos alimento espiritual.
  6. The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, acknowledging what has seemed clear for some time — the virus will likely spread to all countries on the globe. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the situation will worsen. “We expect to see the number of cases, the number of deaths, and the number of affected countries climb even higher,” said Tedros, as the director-general is known. As of Wednesday, 114 countries have reported that 118,000 have contracted Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, known as SARS-CoV2. Nearly 4,300 people have died. In the United States, where for weeks state and local laboratories could not test for the virus, just over 1,000 cases have been diagnosed and 29 people have died. But authorities here warn continuing limits on testing mean the full scale of spread in this country is not yet known.
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