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  1. Dear @The Librarian Does the WT uses cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  2. @TheWorldNewsOrggood to know... do you remember that I was going to start using an account at that platform? I don't remember why I deleted it in November 2020 🤔
  3. For what I watched at the summary of that show that is a real problem not only in Korea. Huge amounts of debt that the entire lifetime of a person couldn't be enough to pay I still don't understand why banks/ credit cards companies borrow monies knowing that a person will die old and still will be owing that money
  4. People in my town say that children and adult of pure heart can see the snake's legs so all of us who don't see them should do something to fix ourselves 😂
  5. 🤣🤣🤣 Nicaragua is a small country, many people don't even know where it is. But since I work for a company that sells equipment in the industrial sector in Central America, whose 60% of their customers are mines yes that would be sad news
  6. Looking forward to get the Grand Master Badge 😆

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      These badges appear to be a new thing... I need to see where I am at...

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  7. Looking forward to get the Grand Master Badge 😆

  8. In case you needed another reason to care about the climate crisis, it has been found that pollution is causing human penises to shrink. A leading epidemiologist and environmental scientist has published a book which examines the link between industrial chemicals and penile length. Dr Shanna Swan's book, Count Down, argues that our modern world is altering humans' reproductive development and threatening the future of our species. The book outlines how pollution is leading to higher rates of erectile dysfunction, fertility decline, and growing numbers of babies born with small penises. Though the headline fact about shrinkage may sound like a laughing matter, the research paints a bleak portrait of humanity's longevity and ability to survive.
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  9. Familiares de Federico Gómez creen que "padecía persecución, hostigamiento y discriminación" de parte de integrantes de la comunidad de Testigos de Jehová. Y buscan que se contemple la hipótesis de "instigación al suicidio". Una organización pide a la Justicia de la provincia de Misiones que se investigue si Federico Gómez fue instigado al suicidio luego de ser sometido a "terapias de conversión" por su orientación sexual por parte de miembros de los Testigos de Jehová. "Ante la reciente aparición sin vida del joven misionero, Federico Gómez, 100% Diversidad y Derechos le pidió al juez que instruye la causa, Leonardo Manuel Balanda Gómez, que contemple como hipótesis de la investigación el prejuicio a su orientación sexual como elemento central del posible sometimiento a una 'terapia de conversión' y la consecuente instigación al suicidio de la que podría haber sido víctima", sostuvo la asociación en un comunicado. Familiares del joven fallecido afirman además que Federico "padecía persecución, hostigamiento y discriminación por parte de Testigos de Jehová". Gómez formaba parte del culto, aunque "en el último tiempo había dejado de frecuentar" la asociación religiosa, comentan.
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  10. Two years ago, Russian activist Vladimir Kara-Murza pointed out that Vladimir Putin’s Russia had more political prisoners than the USSR did when Andrey Sakharov began calling attention to them in the USSR in 1976 (rferl.org/a/activist-number-of-political-prisoners-in-russia-twice-what-it-was-in-ussr/30048022.html). In period since Kara-Murza made that calculation, Ellen Leafstedt of St. Antony’s College in Oxford says, the numbers of political prisoners in Russia have only increased and indeed continue to rise. In an article for the Riddle portal, she suggests that it is important to recognize their diversity (ridl.io/ru/nakazanie-bez-prestuplenija/). One can divide them into two categories, “people who land in prison for public expression of their political convictions and those who represent minorities who are deprived of their freedom for religious affiliations and convictions. The latter category is the more numerous, Leafstedt says. Among the most numerous of the second category are those charged with terrorism for their affiliation with groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir. Rapidly growing in number are Jehovah’s Witnesses whose denomination the Russian Supreme Court declared to be an extremist organization. Read more:
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  11. El tribunal de Abakán, capital de la república rusa de Jakasia, declaró a Valentina Baranovskaya culpable de “participación en una organización prohibida”. Desde el 2017 está en firme una ley que le prohíbe a los ciudadanos de Rusia ser testigos de Jehová por ser considerado por el Ministerio de Justicia como un “movimiento extremista”, el mismo término con el que se puede señalar a una organización terrorista, a una secta, o a un grupo al margen de la ley.
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