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  1. For history buffs: A relevant ad from 110 years ago.

    Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 12.11.09 PM.png

  2. 23 differs from its reversal 32 by 3²


  3. Watch the lions reaction when the head pops off.... LOL.
  4. The many accents of the United Kingdom


  5. One way to think of the Earth as the best spaceship possible. Ever.

    Could you build a better one? Better protected? Better fuel source?


    1. Just another man

      Just another man

      The usps goes to every address every day, fedex and ups go to 10% of addresses


    2. Just another man
  6. Petition calling for WHO boss Tedros to resign nears 1M signatures


  7. How capitalism works in America when things go bad - [30 seconds video]

    Legacy Markets 101 [30 seconds video] from r/Bitcoin
    1. Isabella


      How do the communist/socialist do besides increasing highly taxes specially when we can't put food on our tables but our billionarie rulers are protected in their bunkers enjoying quarantine (For instance: Maduro, Ortega if he is still alive) ? 

    2. Just another man

      Just another man

      In the USA it is socialism for the elite and their corporations.... and capitalism for the poor.

  8. Soon to follow - newly declared legal holiday, “Pandemic Day”


  9. Somebody please post a good story on your wall. 🙂

    As you hear a story unfold, your brain waves actually start to synchronize with those of the storyteller, says Uri Hasson, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University. When he and his research team recorded the brain activity in two people as one person told a story and the other listened, they found that the greater the listener's comprehension, the more closely the brain wave patterns mirrored those of the storyteller.


    aubrey plaza smile GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

  10. The US bailed out EVERYBODY this time... including the big banks.... and days later I read this news:

    JPMorgan Chase & Co , the country's largest lender by assets, is raising borrowing standards this week for most new home loans as the bank moves to mitigate lending risk stemming from the novel coronavirus disruption.

    season 8 friends GIF

  11. Walt Disney World to Furlough 43,000 Employees

    Walt Disney World employees are taking it on the chin, hard -- the theme park is about to furlough 43,000 workers as it remains closed due to the coronavirus. Orlando's Magic Kingdom, which has been shut down since March 16

    disney castle mickey ears GIF by ABC Network

  12. Cruising was halted weeks ago. But 7 ships and 6,000 passengers are still at sea


  13. 21 Year Old College Student (Cody Lyster) becomes Youngest Person in Colorado to die of Covid-19


  14. Many people seem to act like things will just go back to normal after this Coronavirus. I think we are all in for a rude surprise. Too much supply AND demand destruction has already happened. This won't be just our average "recession".

    When small businesses do start opening back up will they call in 50% of their staff at first? What will the other 50% of unemployed employees do in the meantime?

    I guess we shall see soon.

    Naked Gun Panic GIF

    1. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      You ain't seen nothing yet!

      I agree with you by the way. 

      GIF by moodman

  15. Did you all see Jared Kushner tell the states that the stockpile was "our"?  As in the Federal governments. Incredible.

  16. Limousines have gone completely out of fashion and no one has really noticed.

    home alone pizza GIF

    I'm guessing rich people are deciding not to draw attention to themselves now that the USA has become a 3rd world country as well.

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