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  1. The MIT release stated that an effective ventilator needs to control for several variables and situations such as failure to expire the previous breath before the ventilator pushes in a new one (auto PEEP). It recognizes the faults of such a simple design using a BVM, but states that while there are many different situations for a ventilator to treat, a mechanically operated BVM can handle the simplest of them in order to free up more advanced ventilators and pairs of hands for less simple patients. The patient under these MIT devices would still need to be monitored by a medical professional, but this would allow several nurses/doctors who would otherwise have to manually ventilate an absolute emergency patient to focus on other things while a single nurse/doctor could monitor these machines
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    The researchers emphasize that this is not a project for typical do-it-yourselfers to undertake, since it requires specialized understanding of the clinical-technical interface, and the ability to work in consideration of strict U.S. Food and Drug Administration specifications and guidelines. This is for medical device manufacturers (and maybe other industries with skill in sterile equipment manufacturing, if need dictates) to have a design that can be fabricated more quickly and cheaply than existing designs to get around the current bottlenecks in the supply chain. - Sure, but having a non-sterile non fda approved respirator is probably better than having no respirator.
  2. Turbulent Gas Clouds and Respiratory Pathogen Emissions: Potential Implications for Reducing Transmission of COVID-19 (MIT Analysis)
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    Welp, that 7-8m photo is definitely nightmare fuel, and the video just made it worse. The cloud just hangs in the air at around 20ft.
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    Kelly Stanton, who's been a nurse for 28 years, said she decided to put in her resignation after clinicians were told to wear the same mask and gown for a whole shift. I’m not expert but I think this could turn the clinician into a infection source. Patient A coughs and something stick on the gown/mask, patient B gets it..etc
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    The coronavirus pandemic is putting grocery store and restaurant workers at risk, often with no health protections and just a handful of safety precautions in place.
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    Gotta keep those billionaires happy!
  3. Variale predicted dire consequences if calls for help continue to soar and the number of emergency personnel continues to drop from illness. “If this continues we fully expect to have bodies on the street,” he said.
  4. 16078 new cases ( 27% of worldwide new cases reported today) 299 new deaths (10% of worldwide new deaths reported Today) 120k cases total NYC accounts 1/4 of all U.S. cases Apex in New York is estimated in 14-21 days from now
  5. It's months too late for a cordon sanitaire (temporary border for infection control). Closing schools, parks, restaurants, etc. and aggressively disinfecting places that must remain open such as markets and testing locations will continue to be helpful until herd immunity takes over. We need to try to blunt the peak, reduce initial viral loads, and deny opportunities for explosive propagation.
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    Checkpoints on the interstates, limit non-essential travels Do you honestly think they haven't already been fleeing all over the US?
  6. The biggest failure here is way too many hospitals and medical organizations have no pandemic plan. They don't have any PPE stockpiled or even remotely ready. Too many admin are in the system who are clueless. The health system has been not managed very well for quite some time. The time to prep for any pandemic is before it exists. We saw this failure in the Ebola outbreak. Unfortunately nobody took notice and corrected it. This really caught us unprepared. I believe heads are gonna roll for this. I see big changes coming in the medical system.
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