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  1. "Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap." - Einstein
  2. OH NO using slave labor in China and child labor around the world didn’t save Nike enough money?
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    Nike's sales have been hammered by the coronavirus as it shut down most of its retail stores. In June, it reported a quarterly net loss of $790 million and a year-over-year sales decline of 38%.
  3. He definitely lays a good solid prediction out there.... Although I wonder with the amount of money printing and the buying up of broad ETF's... including REITS.... will his secondary prediction be the actual one.... where housing prices don't go down... the dollar amount actually goes up due to inflation. Notice the comment he makes about the value going down though.
  4. "The lines say we might go up to 1 trillion or down 0, no financial advice though."fast forward 1 day: price went up or down"See? I told you guys!" Now it is official: if it goes up, we will see higher prices. I know for certain we’ll hit 10,900 so there’s a good chance we’ll pass 10,800 along the way. But no guarantees. You can also take a loan.. A second mortgage on the house. Or sell some organs.... Or sell some of your grandmothers organs.... she won’t need those kidneys soon anyways and you could have some precious BTC Sell futures to your own organs and buy them back with the appreciated bitcoins after they've goon up! Don’t forget to ask relatives for money. Tell them you are in danger of losing your house. Once they give you money, immediately take the whole chunk of money and market buy Bitcoin. My long lost Nigerian cousin who is a prince told me something similar. Except he needed it to buy his village back. I'm still waiting for him to tell me everything is okay. ☺️ I just sold, so this might be going moonward, boys. And if what you like what you heard and saw here on the free channel we’ve got our other channels pro channels with over 8500 students so if you want to join my beginners group just click on the link. If you’re looking to get rich fast make sure to buy plenty of our sponsor coin they’re all great guys over there and they just happen to have some of the best ideas out there nothing short of revolutionary but don’t take it from the guys (they’re paying) who love them and do some research of your own it can all be found in the description below.
  5. This statement is 100% spot-on truth. I think is started when the Supreme Court decided $ = Speech and that a corporation is a person and hence illegal to curb the corporate "free speech" 20 some years ago.
  6. English (2020) The Lord knows what's up, I'm vibing He hooks me up with the good kush He knows where the drinks at
  7. When I got my first salaried position I was told by a manager: "Feel free to work as much overtime as you want" 😉
  8. Fiat money is just taxation and theft as interest is taxation on the poor and inflation is theft of your hard work.
  9. The Founding of the Federal Reserve | Murray N. Rothbard A lecture presented by Murray N. Rothbard at the Ludwig von Mises Institute's 1984 "Seminar on Money and Government," held in Houston, Texas.
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    Yes the Acting Comptroller who wrote the decision was previously Chief Legal Officer at... COINBASE. This is HUGE people....
  10. "Our hospitals look like war zones": Texas battling influx of COVID-19 cases
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  11. Remember that COVID is mostly killing off people with chronic health conditions. If the average COVID patient is losing 10 years of their life, that means they left behind 10 years worth of unused medications. Big Pharma has already lost 140,000 customers forever in just a few months. It's in a pharma company's best interest to keep future patients from contracting COVID so they can spend another 10+ years buying medications to treat their cancer, diabetes, hypertension, lung/heart disease, etc., as well as pills for erectile dysfunction and other unrelated conditions. Plus, COVID will be with us forever, so they'll be able to make plenty of money once they develop better treatments for it, as well as new drugs to treat the chronic lifetime conditions that millions of infected people are going to have to live with.
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    In signing a $2 billion deal to supply their experimental coronavirus vaccine to the U.S., Pfizer Inc.and BioNTech SE are setting a price ceiling of less than $20 a dose that will impact how much other companies can charge to protect people from Covid-19. Interestingly, the CEO went into this saying that this wouldn’t be a profitable endeavor, but they’re pushing forward anyway.
  12. That's what happens in California when a tiny studio is $2200 a month. To buy a tiny condo of the same size is $700k. To get a decent amount of space for a couple it is at least $3000. Housing there is out of control. Normal people need to live with 16 other people.
  13. Uhmmmmm... If there are 16 people in her household and 11 of them are kids, I think she HAD to go to work. The joys of poverty. A lot of people are out of work and many who aren’t are struggling to keep their job(s) as it is. We’re likely going to see a lot more of this in the coming weeks/months/years; people who knowingly go to work sick because if they don’t, they or their kids will go without food, shelter or both. It’s a shame America wasn’t prepared to take care of its citizens in a time of crisis. It just goes to show who’s really pulling the weight in this country.
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