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  1. Deaths at home suggest coronavirus is hitting Houston harder than reported
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    The govenor has tied local officials hands so they cannot shut down yet blames them for the increase. The lieutenant govenor said there are things more important than living. Texas is screwed.
  2. Measles was almost eradicated but antivaxers ensured that would never happen. Coronavirus is not going anywhere, along with polio, TB, whooping cough, flu....
  3. the Bubonic plague still exists. It's still deadly, but it's far less threatening because: A cure now exists. Modern hygiene. The animals who are the current disease vectors don't come into physical contact with humans all that often. There are people who have a natural resistance to the disease since they're decedents of plague survivors. it is hypothesized that people who lack a cellular receptor known as ccr5, may be immune to the plague. Lack of that receptor also confers immunity to HIV as far as we are aware.
  4. You wanna hear something that’ll keep you up at night? There’s an antibiotic resistance strain in Madagascar ☹️ It's treatable but still 10% fatal. God help if bubonic plague every becomes more transmissible Not even that rare, it's around as Sylvatic plague in rodents all the time. Regularly wipes out prairie dog colonies and led to the decline of the black footed ferret.
  5. couple things to put in perspective. we have only eradicated 2 diseases from the planet, smallpox and rinderpest. the bubonic plague is still around. there was another case this year in the us. antibiotics have rendered the once greatest plague in history almost an afterthought. H1N1 was the common flu strain in 2018. that is the same viral lineage that spawned the spanish flu of 2018 and swine flu. these plagues continually fade away and resurface. So yes, covid will fade, but it may come back a later date. the key is keep an eye out for aggressive strains, and take appropriate actions to contain them.
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    You're telling me it's not going to magically disappear???
  6. When you couple this with the big news last week [about how Polynesian islands were populated by people from the Americas, aka Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki theory is accurate], it’s almost like our entire picture of pre-Columbia’s America’s is terribly wrong.
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    "Dr Ardelean said: “We don’t know who they were, where they came from or where they went. They are a complete enigma. We falsely assume that the indigenous populations in the Americas today are direct descendants from the earliest Americans, but now we do not think that is the case."
  7. This lease deal is hilariously beneficial for Tesla. You pay them $4500 for the privilege to pay $500 a month to drive the car. Then you will turn it back over to them, so they can use it in their fleet to earn extremely high margin revenue for Tesla. Alternatively - you buy on loan, and use it in the robofleet to earn you money... Plus, $512/mo with $4500 down and only 10k miles a year is ludicrous. That price doesn't include the 1125 destination fee, 75 doc fee, local registration costs, or sales tax. For me that adds another 2k, plus 45/ month sales tax. I'm a believer in leasing for some business owners at times…. but not for Tesla. They really make it very unattractive. 100% - they want to maintain high demand so they can pump out every single Model Y off the line and not have them sitting around The lease strategy is a fantastic way for them to put out a few hundred thousand cars over 2-3 years that will come back into their ownership by the time they hope the network is ready To all complaining about no buyout: Hardly anyone buys out their lease they just give it back at the end and get a new model. If you’re planning on buying it then just long term finance instead. And really the buyout price is usually more than you can find the same user car in the open market for.
  8. Do you have an example of where words affected your outcome in some way?
  9. The total of newly unemployed is now an astonishing 22M (nearly 14% of the workforce) in just a month. Despite those abysmal numbers, markets inched up Thursday.
  10. For history buffs: A relevant ad from 110 years ago.

    Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 12.11.09 PM.png

  11. 23 differs from its reversal 32 by 3²


  12. Watch the lions reaction when the head pops off.... LOL.
  13. What’s included... Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, the same one found in the latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Portrait mode, but don't try it on your pet. A home button with Touch ID and haptic feedback. And what’s not… 5G connectivity, more on that later. Face ID, which could be a plus because, you know, masks. The smaller size of past SE models. Apple will likely unveil its flagship iPhone 12 line this fall and yes, they will be 5G compatible.
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