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  1. Remember iPhone SE? It's that little rectangle which you could actually operate one-handedly without spraining a finger. Apple released it in 2016, then stopped selling it in 2018. Now, it's shockingly resurrecting iPhone SE for 2020, starting at the (relatively) lower price of $399.
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  2. The many accents of the United Kingdom


  3. WHO's parent organization is the United Nations Economic and Social Council
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    After congratulating Satoshi on the launch of the Bitcoin 0.1, Hal Finney wrote as part of what he termed an ‘amusing thought experiment,’ Putting numbers into perspective, Hal Finney added, " Either way, the now-deceased genius programmer although at that point saw Bitcoin’s potential
  4. One way to think of the Earth as the best spaceship possible. Ever.

    Could you build a better one? Better protected? Better fuel source?


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      Michael Krewson

      The usps goes to every address every day, fedex and ups go to 10% of addresses


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