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  1. For those wonderful and compassionate friends (active JW's) of JTR that was charged for felony child porn, his court date has been set for arraignment on December 3, 2020. For those of you that have never understood secular law, this is where JTR will plea “guilty” or “not guilty” to the 4 counts he has been charged with. If he pleads guilty, he will have a final hearing with the court's recommendation. If he pleads not guilty, court will set the agenda for pretrial.
  2. I will correct a mistake, its 4 counts of child porn. Now, before 2013 each State had their own scale in age on what child porn was. Some states had it at 13 years and under, some had it at 9 years and under. After 2013 the Federal Government made it at 18 YEARS and under. So, let’s NOT presume to know what the age level on the charge is. I think the point here, where's the outrage when people rebuke, the Watchtower. Where’s the slander, the condemnation of him being part of the Org. Instead, there is a soft appeal. I am waiting to read someone accuses the watchtower and elders for t
  3. It seems Allen Smith called it in the past and was deleted for speaking up, as many do here about such behavior. The condemnation is strong unless a beloved friend becomes, involved.
      Hello guest!
    I will not disparage his person other than to say, regardless if he is convicted or not, he can still “repent” in
  4. That's true. That's why he wrote the book to begin with, since he had already been removed as an overseer. Just like Raymond Franz, his thinking on matters of God belong to those that have fundamental flawed views about scripture. In other words, those in spiritual responsibility let it go to their heads instead of sticking to scripture. I've seen enough Elders and Ministerial Servants, they believe they understand scripture while not realizing how far they have gone from scripture. Usually, those are the ones with a greater voice, but then again, so does the devil. So, it wasn't a surpri
  5. You needed a new name just to give negative ratings :) ?

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