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  1. I'd say also to counteract the demon-posessed who keep running after Jesus.
  2. Brother X...did you see the game last night? X - Naahhh...I didn't have any money on it. (fact is I don't watch football because I'm into track, x games, worlds strongest man competitions, and women's skating...)
  3. I had to handle a case where we were getting ready to recommend a brother as an MS and some trouble popped up from some other congregation who got wind of what we were going to do. Apparently 15 years previously when he was 15 he was at some poorly supervised pool party and something may or may not have happened w/another couple of JW's 15 yr old daughter. But guess what? The police were called, and investigation was made, the society was notified and turns out neither the police, not anyone else thought there was anything going on which warranted further concern - save for these poor examples
  4. These sorts of differences in gospel account differences has been discussed by dozens and dozens of individuals... I don't use solely WT material in going through all these issues, however literally 5 seconds of searching provides the lazy one w/a banquest
      Hello guest!
  5. This passage is not often examined, but it highlight's how Jehovah allows his heavenly administration latitude in making suggestions and applying the same. This "Divine Council" has a lot of discussion in various circles. My thoughts in this regard are that the 144k are to be additions/replacements for the defective ones. This, though then elevates previously lower forms of life, like humans, albeit w/everlasting life, w/having "life in themselves", something the others in the spirit realm have been thought not to possess, needing some manner of sustenance to keep alive. These replacements, th
  6. Making anyone a mandated reporter...just what we need, more Karen's bothering people because they are not happy if someone isn't as miserable as they are
  7. Exactly. I was raised a Catholic, went to parochial school, altar boy...(that made me realize I didn't want to be a priest or a dentist after seeing the dental work of everyone in the parish). Of course the mass was Latin at the beginning and then it changed, and then there was that additional offering each other the sign of peace thing they stuck in, which seemed fake and nobody wanted to do it....I think I went to confession once, and that made no sense. Like it was a slide rule for sin and you had to do X number of "Our Fathers" and Y number of "Hail Mary's" to "pay off" the sin. That made
  8. Good last question, but one ALL OF US have to work on answering. We don't want to be like the lazy one who's hidden his hand in the banquet bowl, but is to lazy to bring it to his own mouth. I've always felt that IF I have a question, then it is MY responsibility to go about finding the answers. Not everyone has the same questions, therefore not everyone else has the same responsibilities.
  9. I hope it continues for you. I keep praying for more faith and understanding. I keep circling back to the logic I've used for some time now - 1. I've established there is a creator 2. I've philosophically determined that all good qualities which exist necessarily inhere in this creator and that in a greater supply than I 3. That there is a reason for all this pain and suffering and that it will end... It's this last part. The time involved which I think is the point which eats away at one...Understanding why so long at times...
  10. That was lengthy, Tom, but interesting. I keep trying to keep my head up because if I look at what's happening I find my anxiety increasing and wondering "Is it now?" and like the scripture says "expectation postponed makes the heart sick".
  11. Speaking of human solutions. A sort of pre-crime initiative, or a future urim-thummim test of guilt. The U.S. Navy apparently experimented w/fmri and eeg to be able to determine previous experience w/certain Navy medical training based on analysis of these scans after the subject was shown a series of images. Those lacking the experience displayed a different pattern.
    I don't say I disagree however before someone hands me a crescent wrench when I ask for a 9/16th socket I need to fully understand what "fixed" is before I get on the business of "fixing". Jesus did say "I have many things to tell you, but you can't bear them at present." - This enigmatic statement could mean many things. The issues are many, the solution the kingdom. The problem as the world and even some JW's see it is that these imagine they have it all figured out how it's going to be/go (I don't). I understand the desire "Lord, are you restoring the kingdom at this time?" They v
  12. Tom, I remember getting assigned two literally red-headed step teenagers and their ghetto-still-has-a-bullet-fragment-in-his-head as studies. One of the boys you couldn't tell which eye was looking at you. They were from Kentucky and their mom hooked up with the ghetto-rat when she was in detroit as a nurse. She was the nurse. He'd been shot at close range in the face w/a small caliber gun and I don't think they got it all out, so he'd be erratic at times and threatening. So I studied w/the boys and him separately. Tim made it to baptism. Keith couldn't get it together to qualify. I think he m
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