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  1. I am hoping someone will CORRECT my presumptions and premises. Making up stuff like this is based on the assumption that we are fools, and CANNOT tell the difference. I will have to watch the original video, the transcript may also be agenda driven. You should only take advantage of a fool in a poker game, there it is morally acceptable to rip his heart out and eat it. .
  2. I would like to see the references to where he came to the screwball conclusion apparently someone heard a rumor. Where did that come from? I don’t really know but I highly suspect if that statement and read was completely made up out of it out of absolutely nothing except agenda driven imagination. If anybody knows different, please correct me.
  3. The story is probably apocryphal, but there is a story of Thomas and Jesus going to a hotel in Bethlehem, and they walked in the front door, Thomas put four large metal spikes on the counter and asked the desk clerk “Can you put us up for the night?“.
  4. All this stuff reminds me of the Jimmy Carter Administration, when you could only buy gas if it was an even numbered day and you had "even number" license plates, unless of course your vehicle had out of State tags, or it was Tuesday and you were an Eskimo, or your drivers' license was in braille.
  5. Matthew 18:15 states (In contemporary language ...) that a person has the right to face his accuser. That principle is enshrined in the U.S, Constitution, as well. The REAL principle is basic fairness. Either your Judicial Process are fair .... ... or they are Star Chambers. ... or "Room 101".
  6. The true Christians survived - so they did not just know - but they obeyed. Some of those prophecies apply to today - so it depends how we understand (know and OBEY. I agree fully with your reply, Arauna, but your reply completely avoided answering the question I asked. It was a good general comment one gives when their eyes are glazed over, before morning coffee.
  7. Of all the things that have been posted here, as comments or references…… How many was it necessary for the first century Christians to know ? 15% ?
  8. It seems to me that everyone here is in at least one of several disparate camps of certainty about how to interpret scriptures about this subject, and that within each of these camps there are serious questions about whether certain "facts" align, support or contradict other .... "facts" about the main conclusions in each camp. It sprains my small canine brain to try and make sense of it all ... it's like the SNL sketch "Dueling Banjos Brandos", but in this case it's "Dueling Scriptures". My guess is that whatever is going to happen .... if I have full and complete knowledge, or are completely and totally ignorant, it will be all the same .... there is NOTHING I, or we, can do about ANY of it. I do not have to have a Doctorate in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering to try and not be run over by a car. ....distractions will get you killed.
  9. I think you ALL have lost your individual and collective minds ...
  10. Probably because you ran out of touchpad space. I had that problem, and had to build a table extension.
  11. Every investment over One Million Dollars will get a FREE Water Buffalo.
  12. I have started "PudgyCoin", a currency based on total trust. Accordingly, there are no provisions to check on it until after I die. Please mail your checks to: PudgyCoin Investment Fund. c/o Daisy Hill Puppy Farm Colony Park, New York No receipt is necessary.
  13. Many of the Society's "un-approved" videos are available on Rutube.ru.
  14. ...sigh ...... I know the feeling. It's worse when you only have four stubby fingers, and your thumbs are half way up the back side of your front legs.
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