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  1. My best guess is that Cesar really hates Jehovah's Witnesses, individually ... all of them, and is crude, rude, insulting and vulgar without letup to demonstrate to non-Witnesses that if they are considering the Jehovah's Witnesses religion, they will become like him .... thereby horrifying them, and scaring them away. I would also guess that this is caused by raging, massive and persistent neurotic insecurity, and is over-compensation due to unawareness. I don't expect perfection, or even competent general awareness from Humans, so it is not much more than a passing thought, of casu
  2. You know, that MIGHT work! .... I mean, every bone I have tossed YOU, Cesar, you have grabbed and chewed on ad absurdum ! .... sometimes I am embarrassed at how easy it is to rattle your chain with normal conversation, but then I realize .... you are doing it to yourself ! ..... it's like watching a train wreck ... I just can't not see it. Essentially ... Free Entertainment !
  3. No! Just stupid ones that they're master can't control. Something like here. I can see why any dog not actively restrained would want to bite you.
  4. Are Cats For Christians QUESTIONS FROM READERS "Is it appropriate for a Christian to own a cat in light of their past pagan religions affiliation and the new medical information that is now coming to light?" Many conscientious ones among Jehovah's people today have wondered if Christians should own cats in view of their sorted past and many health risks. What may be acceptable to one person may, although unintentionally, stumble another. This can become a life-or-death issue since to stumble a brother that Christ died for is tantamount to "putting a millstone around the neck and
  5. I do understand the word MAY. It's not just the 5th month in the Calendar. Unless you are a vegetable or mineral, we are BOTH animals.
  6. .... if I did not understand cartoons, I would not find this conversation so entertaining.
  7. Linguistics is not my strong suite, as I can only speak one word. But being friendly and wagging my tail works wonders for me. ...you should try it!
  8. ... and I did NOT mention "facts as as a factor for a good debate" I merely quoted Homer Simpson.
  9. .... (referring to another thread), I believe, CC, that you are barking up the wrong tree.
  10. Since the entire conversation, including mine, (but not yours CC) is about pronunciation of generally arcane words, I wonder how a TREE would pronounce "bark"? ..... probably too occupied considering square roots.
  11. I am confused. PWfT says: How will you know? Will they have an endorsement on their Driver's Licenses? Will they have a star on the end of a stick they can wave around, and with a "Bippity Bobbety Boo!" make some sort of magic happen? Will they be driven around in a limousine, with bodyguards in dark sunglasses? Try to visualize BEING a Thermos bottle, that can keep things hot .... or keep things cold. How do you know? PWfT .... for your convenience I have made a list of TEN things that will identify a TA. .... all you have to do is fill in the b
  12. Since I have VERY limited vocalization abilities, and can only type with my thumbs, which are half-way up my front legs ( go figure! ), and realizing that NOBODY alive knows how to REALLY pronounce the name of the one and only Almighty God, what works for me is to use the address "Almighty and only True God, Jehovah", and figure as much as Jehovah put up with humans in the past, perhaps even today it is intent, over formality, that counts. It's like when my Guardian talks to me ... " Pudgy! blah blah Blah blah blah Pudgy blah blah blah blah BLAH blah blah Pudgy". I think there should
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