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  1. Before I was rescued by my current Guardian (... a Rambo story of note ...), I spent some time in a cage at a cosmetics research laboratory, watching the humans day after day experiment with various lipsticks on pigs. ...it did make them look better, but oddly enough, resemble to a great degree Hillary Clinton.
  2. If you re-label everything you can invent scenarios out of thin air. It's easier when your thinking is based on an agenda and does not require thinking of any level. ... like the first posting on this thread. I personally prefer to think of eggs as boneless chicken.
  3. ….. sometimes I wonder if NoisySrecko even understands what he is down-voting. ….. some people cannot understand multiple nested sub-references, and refuse to work it out.
  4. Since we do live in a two dimensional forum on the site, I feel pretty confident in forwarding a two dimensional comment. Looking at what ABLJ STATED, Above, it seems to have no back up or make any sense whatsoever. Yeah I do this all the time, but it is clearly understood by those who have two neurons to rub together. It’s like the old saying goes, I never repeat rumors…… So you better pay attention the first time. TWICE she assumes things that are not in evidence, with no basis whatsoever for the premise upon which that opinion is offered.….. and who is this “we”, in “we assume…”?
  5. .... sometimes I am glad that I am just a literary device.
  6. I think this solar system is being bathed in a "wrong way" beam of exotic radiation, affecting all humans decision making processes. The 2D world has not escaped this ..... recently I learned that Clark Kent's son is bisexual, and that the current Earth based Green Lantern is gay, and Superman's motto has been changed from "Justice, Truth, and the American Way", to "Justice, Truth, and a better Tomorrow". And Joe Biden's "Build back Better" only works if you are the Taliban. At least in the 2D world we can just turn the page or stop reading. You in the 3D world are seeing your world disintegrate before your eyes.
  7. ....and don't forget the natural woodlands holographs protecting the entrances to the Flying Saucer repair hangers and refueling facility hollowed out with those tunnels. Those things are not cheap, you know ...... That's why they have whole underground factories with row after row of workers at sewing machines, day after day, turning out women's fashions for the Ferengi.
  8. There is a huge Jewish population in the Ramapo, Warwick NY area, and the new WTB&TS headquarters is also on an area peppered with old gold and silver mines, so it occurred to me that the secret agenda might be Golem Harvesting, left over from 1863 by the immigrants from what is now Prague, the Czech Republic.
  9. Remember this, Jehovah God foretold and had a Prophet declare the news that Nineveh the Great City would be destroyed. Then, for reasons of his own, he changed his mind.
  10. Remember our motto “Pudgycoin, the digital currency for those who can’t tell the difference!“.
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