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  1. ... which of course, brings up the issue of "Overlapping Klingons".
  2. Of COURSE it's not literal Jews! The above scripture was mistranslated, slightly. After several "temporal incidents" it appears that the "Lost Tribes of Israel" turned up in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, where Velcro Fastening tapes were invented. If you have a Trekkie background, and look up Velcro in Wikipedia, it gives the key to understand the scripture as "Ten men Klingon to the robe of a Jew."
  3. ... um .... MY personal opinion is that Jesus' 100% human brother Brian got a bum rap after stepping out of his fishing boat, and trying to walk towards shore on the water. The day before he had been to a crucifixion rehearsal, and both his feet had holes.
  4. The above text was so well written normally I would be suspicious that it was a "cut and paste" job. Is that your original work BroRando, or is it boilerplate from somewhere else .... um .... unattributed?
  5. The book's author is Bruce Quimby...uh...uh ... and YOUR name is bruceq. Like the fact that Ernest Borgnine and Elizabeth Tayor have never been seen in the same photograph ...... coincidence?
  6. So then did Satan think Jehovah evolved also? The author is clearly responding to new evidence that Satan worships Hillary Clinton.
  7. Neither gold, or bitcoin will have any value in the aftermath of a nuclear war. The ONLY precious metal will be Lead. ...and besides, most of the USA's gold is in basement vaults in the banks in New York City, in case international transactions need to be made between governments, in gold. Whether it is radioactive or not, the gold in Fort Knox is only a symbol, which with the USA now 22 TRILLION dollars in debt, printing money with no backing whatsoever, it far exceeds the entire gold reserves of the entire Planet Earth, several times over.
  8. ….. perhaps I haven’t been keeping up, but is there any “New Light” on the abyssments?
  9. I guess a good way to know is by being able to count how many outside people show up at the ZOOM meetings. I have noticed more “regulars” are showing up with sharper webcams, and green screens, or virtual backgrounds. I do wish they would adjust the camera angles so as not to emphasize neck waddles and nose hair.
  10. The story "To Serve Man" by Damon Knight was originally published in "Galaxy Science Fiction" magazine in November 1950, and an adaptation was made for the "Twilight Zone" on March 2, 1962, on CBS TV. "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy", by Douglas Adams was originally a BBC comedy radio show which first aired in 1978, and the Novel was published in 1979 No mention in either titles, radio show, or books was the date 1975.
  11. If you want to read a series of books just as good as "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy", read the first book of a great series "Callahan's Cross Time Saloon" by Spider Robinson.
  12. I remember from about 1962 to 1965 in the Truth many people were telling each other stories about demons, ectoplasm phantoms, and other "ghost stories", which I did not believe, but it was clear that THEY believed them, as they told them with serious rapt attention to detail. ...always relating someone elses' experiences ... never their own .... but they told the stories as if they were there. I was warned repeatedly not to buy things at yard sales, or any used items, as they may be demon possessed, and owning any such item was inviting the demons into your home. I am glad I spent several years in the Scouts (... before it went to hell in a hand basket), before I developed an interest in the Truth, so I was used to campfire "ghost stories" ... but the fact that most Witnesses I knew gave at least lip service to these beliefs made me wonder whether or not there was something to it. Empirical "evidence" from such testimony slowly mounted in quantity and scope that it became clear that anything a Sister bought at a yard sale was demon possessed, but Brothers could freely buy tools and used cars without any fear whatsoever. Later on, in slow, painful lessons, I came to realize we can be our own worst enemy. .... and I often wonder about the specifics of the Apostle Paul's "thorn" in his side, and the fight he had within himself.
  13. When you hear tapping, tapping, gently rapping, tapping in your house late at night, it may be a Raven, or a Demon using Morse Code.
  14. It seems to me that the only reason people argue about the stake or the cross is to enhance their own credibility about other things, reasoning that if you can prove the stake concept is correct for the cross concept is correct you have more credibility. It doesn’t …… Unless of course you actually have photographs.
  15. Hmmmmm……. I always thought those tunnels were used for giant radioactive ant men to get to central Australia. ….. since the “other” stories about the tunnels have no proof, mine is EQUALLY valid. …… and Certainly worth what you paid for it. For $15.00 I will send you a genuine hand drawn map!
  16. That reminds me of the Steve Martin comedy routine where he starts out with a sly voice and a giant grin that goes from ear to ear…… … “And I’m gonna tell you how to make a MILLION dollars ….. and never pay taxes”. “And I’m gonna tell you how to make a million dollars and never pay taxes“. “Yes I’m going to tell you how to make A MILLION DOLLARS, and NEVER pay taxes.” FIRST ……… get a million dollars. ……….…….
  17. My guess was that Linda James was going along with the joke. My intent was to have people continue the "story", and see where it would end up. That assumes everybody "got it".
  18. I find that all this "1914 Overlapping Generation", "Gog of Magog", and "King of the North" stuff does nothing but distract me ...and even if it is all true, it SOUNDS phony, and destroys any credibility that I might otherwise perceive. I have resolved to put such things, and all similar things that have no practical, real life consequences ON THE GROUND, where the "rubber meets the road" on a mental "suspense list" shelf, and ignore it completely. Otherwise, I agree with GB Member Dan Sydlik, and will try to do the same.
  19. It does not have to be THAT funny to be mildly amusing, invoking mental imagry of the various sub-references.….. and besides, it was fun to write, and like Dilbert, most of my humor only I understand. ….. thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to tip the waitresses.
  20. The Good part is Caleb and Sophia, and their Family do not need to eat, drink, or breathe, and are OK until plate tectonics subducts them. They of course have lumps on their heads the size of bananas, circled by a rotating disk of canaries and stars .... not unlike a halo.
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