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    Micah_Orion reacted to The Librarian in UN Compact 2018   
    @James Thomas Rook Jr. You just couldn't resist could you?
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    Space merchant you understand the implications. It started with the beautiful thoughts of freedom, egalitarianism long before the French revolution.   Human philosophies has been inspired by Satan and he has been preparing for this world government for a very long time. ..... if one looks at the histories of these utopian philosophies and how it progressed until now.
    I put a note on the other subject related to this which shows how spiritism and indirect worship of Satan is all part of this trend.  The Lucis Trust writes blogs for the united nations.  Read up about theosophy....  You may get a shock. 
    I also found a link between Rosicrucian's and Islam...... and this explains so many things to me because many of the worlds organizations which have secret higher levels (such as free masons) are linked to false worship  and ideas of power in a one world government.
    All these organizations are linked to creating a "counterfeit"  word government in opposition to Jehovah.  Satan does not care how many people are killed - he is being drawn out to create one world order to substitute the purpose of Jehovah.
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Srecko Sostar in UN Compact 2018   
    How will God in His Kingdom manage the global population number?
    As i can recall JW was use one Bible verse from Genesis where God was command to Adam and Eve to FILL the Earth - and JW members used explanation that Earth will be Filled with people and not to Overfilled. But i can not recall about Official WT interpretation HOW will God stopped new birth, nativity. 
    One crazy idea from GB member public talk was that in Kingdom when all come to perfection, all people will be brothers :))) that means - sisters will be transformed to brothers. And we have problem solved :))))))))))))))    
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    The heavenly woman which gives birth to a "heavenly kingdom" is not earthly congregations!  It is the same woman which is referred to in Gen 3:15...a heavenly woman - just as the 'bride' will be heavenly.  
    Galations  compares the two covenants (Moses and Jesus) to show that we are no longer under law - and are free from any "laws" under Christ - the woman "above" is free!  
    We are now under principals which we ourselves need to put into action.   Total freedom - but with responsibility..... even now I think the earthly class to not grasp that they are similar to anointed.  They have to follow the principals and love of Jehovah by free will and self-control.... and they can also be taught by Jehovah because we are already under Zion.  We do not need rulers.  We are already under total freedom under rule of Christ.  Our obligation is justice and love...... and keeping without blemish from the world..... and we all learn this from the bible and improve our behavior daily.
    The woman is not earthly.
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    Micah_Orion reacted to James Thomas Rook Jr. in UN Compact 2018   
    I think you should be worrying more about the Muslim immigrants that have overrun Sweden and Finland.
    as for me ... What? Me worry?

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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    I do think that the united nations is now forcing everyone to comply as far as possible.  Next week when they sign the immigration Compact one of the stipulations are that journalists would be 're-trained " to only speak positive of the plan.  Journalists who print anything negative will be hauled before the Human Rights court (UN Human Rights Org) which is an organization now run by mostly muslim leaders.  This Compact will basically get rid of national autonomy and replace it with open borders - to get all people equal - this is the goal and the dream.
    Muslim leaders are voting each other in at the UN - this is why they (UNESCO) voted more than a year ago that Israel has NO history in Palestine at all!   So Rome in 70CE never happened???  and this organization is supposed to protect "heritage". 
    At present - African countries who do not comply to the UN "re-education" of children are already cut off from much needed funds.   Google, Facebook, twitter have received fines if they allow certain kind of speech and are actually enforcing sharia restrictions on speech in many Western countries and of course also complying with surveillance in China. 
    Independent journalists on internet are finding their funds cut off -  I used to follow and ex-intelligence analyst who served in British intelligence for many years.  His funding was cut on Youtube recently by Mastercard. Visa and Patreon doing the same.  Many people against this plan are disappearing off internet -  this is really happening- it is not a conspiracy.  
    These global corporations have digital clout and their master is the EU/UN  with its utopian  ideology.  All global corporations are now staking their claims and influence to supply the future food, housing, water, property for this plan.  Monsanto is one of them.   All food, water etc will be rationed.... and all other utilities will be provided to you.  Of course - China is already getting ready for this... with huge empty buildings standing around.....  I always wondered what this was for?   Now I know.
    I do not know how far the UN will get - but I think pretty far because the young people have all been indoctrinated with this new philosophy without anyone realizing how far it has gone. (this gender equality and feminism is part of it).  Many organizations in America has already been infiltrated....... so nationalism may just be a flash in the pan.   The IMF or world financiers will break the US economy by bringing in a global monetary digital system.  At present the US dollar is coping because of the dollar exchange rate which is propping it up.  This could disappear. 
    The large digital Corporations   have been brought in control by legislation or fines to do the bidding of the UN masters.  Bilderberg and all these guys with their trillions have a dream of uniting the world under the UN and they are ideologs who really think that peace can come by providing everyone with one set of morals and laws and restrictions and control everyone.  Digitally they will be able to see what you are buying and selling and basically everything about you.  You will be classed as a favorable or unfavorable subject.... and there will be penalties just like in China at present.....
    So do I believe we will see the worst oppression in human history when they only allow so much food to be produced for everyone?  And water and all your needs rationed? I think so.   It will be a tribulation all right.  The dream of satan and his lackeys to bring a wonderful, peaceful, united world under his UN governance.... 
    If this happens then Jehovah has been so accurate in his predictions..... The GB have not yet said anything about it..... and they must be careful to say anything about it......I know that. What I see is that Satan is being drawn out of his liar.... he does not care what suffering he brings or if many people die - he is the father of death after all..... he just wants to see if he can manipulate things to get this done. All these people are under his influence. - the philosophies of the last 2 centuries has been leading up to this.  Communism was a beautiful philosophy but together with atheism it brought 40 million dead in USSR and 100 million dead in China etc etc.
    The world leaders are so blind they cannot see that Islam is a dangerous religion - all people and all religions are the same - so they think.  They are using it to bring one government.  islam believes it must rule the world so it has infiltrated all the "freedom organisations such as women's rights (even though they have no women's or children's rights).  Iran etc. has been funding many organizations in USA. So when they have served their purpose - satans purpose - the UN will act against religions by bringing in their own moral set of laws.
    This plan comes from 18th century philosophers and was picked up by Kalergi - go read about it.  There are other spiritists also involved.  This is why the Lucis trust is so heavily involved with the united nations and the Bahai religion....  I have not read this document below but I quickly looked it up for you  just to give you an idea what has been lurking under our noses all along.  See which prominent religions have been influenced by this way of thinking!

    Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Yes - the world will soon see the biggest upheavals in 2 millennia.... it will start  with protests  and oppositions groups such as the nationalists ...but then protesters may disappear in the sea of control.
    Satan loves to control - anyone who loves to control - has qualities of satan in their personality. It will show very soon!
    I have a lot more to add... but I think the implications are huge for the future of the globe. I may not be around but I would like to hear how it played out when I am resurrected. China and these governments also want their stake.  What if there is a great war?   Then the UN will get its wish even faster than anticipated because then most countries will be so relieved to have the UN around and will willingly give them control of unity and peace in the world....... (this compact also talks in a very strange way of freedom of religions - it must be subject to UN thought). 
    The 8th world government (mentioned in revelation)  will rule for a short period of time.  They will also restrict religion for their purpose.    I hope they put us all in prison together.... will that happen ? I do not know..... only our creator knows.  But he is preparing us now in a most loving way. 
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    I say what I think - it depends on how you say it  ...... and I am a woman!...... You see, woman do not have as big egos as most men.  It is a control thing with men or to be important or in charge.  Brothers have a life-long battle to learn to control this. Some acknowledge this and some don't.  If they are honest before Jehovah - they improve.  If not - they get themselves into all kinds of problems....
    I am not going to argue with you guys - your are so negative and toxic - you do not even come close to understanding how toxic you are.... so lets leave it at that.
    If you still want me on this forum then discuss the subject above and do not start to pull the GB apart.  
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    I put this here to make you aware.  There are far right conspiracies everywhere -so be careful.  But in the light of George Orwell's 1984 book - this control of speech seems to be part of the "big brother" which can only augur misgivings about this rule of the UN.   ..... and we have bible prophecy to back it up.  Their peace will be deceiving!  When they call that - we will not be deceived!
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    Anna - The originator of the subject you referred me to - refers us to the Bilderberg's.  If I remember correctly it was started by the Dutch king.  Yes, all the most influential and richest companies and persons in the world attend this yearly meeting..... and I believe that they are honestly trying to use their money for what they think is a good cause for the world - unity under the united nations.  They of course cannot foresee that it will bring the worst tribulation ever. The reason being that the idea sounds wonderful but it is just another version of communism.  They call it 'communalism'.  Communism together with atheism brought 40 million deaths in Russia, 100 million under Mao se Tung etc etc and today we have a good example in North Korea.
     Soros is also furthering the "no borders" agenda with his billions and has funded many organizations in USA to further this goal - some say to extent of 8 billion.  Most organizations such as black lives matter, Antifa etc has been infiltrated. Soros is also funding chaos.  He made his billions by creating chaos - funding organizations which generate dissidents or breaks banks and stock markets.  There are a few countries (in east and west) where he is a convicted criminal because of his subversive activities.  This happens when people have billions and use it for their own goals. 
    The Agenda 21 document is available to peruse and the 2018 UN Compact on migration as well.  The conservation side of it is a good idea.... but the rest is control of all human land, control of food and water, minerals, migration - basically everything and together with 5G surveillance and electronic money - everything you buy or sell will be visible. 
    In China at present they know everything about you and one cannot leave the country without permission.... having the right political credentials.   So in future we will not be able to buy or sell if we do not submit.   This is of course part of this new agreement - journalists will be re-trained to only print what is positive about this plan or it will bring repercussions in court.  If 20 countries do not sign - they will definitely circumvent it.   How do I know this?
    We have a good example in EU. When EU was created it was only a trade organization - for unity in trade. When they wanted to make a parliament - France objected.   They went behind the back of France and made agreements with all other European countries and therefore the EU parliament came into being - a dictatorship in Europe.  France had to go along after this and is now a proponent of the plans .  EU - I call it a dictatorship because the law-giving body has permanent members which cannot be voted off.  They are making terrible decisions in EU and the members just have to accept or face the financial penalties. 
    Journalists have been banned from next weeks UN signing of the Compact - only the ones who oppose the idea.  Many journalists who have researched Islam and knows about its political agenda have already had their funds cut off on Mastercard, Visa, Patreon and others.  THe idea that you cannot sell or buy is already here and most people do not know it!  Many people are disappearing off Youtube because their accounts have been blocked or their funding cut off. 
    If you allow the hate-speech of  islam you are accepted and if you write against it - you are far right. ...... So people like Jordan Peterson who talks against the new gender politics (which is also part of this new philosophy ) - are classified by them as far-right .  So this is where the far-left and far-right is the propaganda divide.
    All Islam countries are voting for this one world government because they think it is a way to forward their agenda of getting one world government under Islam.....  but they will meet their nemeses when UN dictates one world religion where all religions are acceptable and those who do not agree are in trouble.   The Bahai faith has its offices in UN building (they accept all religions as one religion and have been working with the UN since its inception) and the The Lucis Trust.  Read up about it.  It is basically a spiritistic organization.... 
    Of course - the full extent of one world government may not be reached but UN is strong enough to push through its ideas. EU and UN are working together.  Why do I say UN is strong enough? 
    The new post modern philosophy with its gender studies and female studies and its cultural communism ideas is fostering revolution at most universities!  It has been in our schools for at least 20 years and at our universities.  But it is now so strong it cannot be counter balanced.  The new gender studies in schools is promoted by the UN and EU and is everywhere.  It teaches young children about gender change, oral sex and anal sex.  The reason?   The world population is a concern and consumerism is a concern to the UN.  So any sex which does not bring forth babies is acceptable. Hence the new morality that UN will force on us.
    Countries in Africa which do not promote these gender studies have been cut off from UN funds..... and they need it the most. 
    I can go on.... but This is the new reality .....  the plan is real.... how far it will materialize needs to be seen.  But we all know Satan is a deceiver and many  powerful organizations have been working behind the scenes to get their part of the pie.  Monsanto/Bayer is going to provide the world with food......they already have more than quarter of the market...  and we know how evil they are..... if you are familiar with their history. 
    I have to go.... but I find it interesting that bible prophecy is accurate!  Who understands these prophecies?   Other organizations .... or Jehovah's very fallible servants.
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in UN Compact 2018   
    Interesting article and video.....
    On 11 December most countries will sign the UN Compact in Morocco.  It is part of the "Agenda 21" plan for the 21 st century  started in 1992.  Read up about Agenda 21, agenda 2030 and about this Compact for Migration which will criminalize anyone saying anything against the UN plan.  Those countries who signed are obliged to assist migrants financially and basically all people have a right to migrate....(no more borders).   About 20 nations are now fighting  it and will be forced by fines for not complying.  It is part of the UN plan for one world government...  Is this real? Or a conspiracy.... ? Watch this little video and give comments of the implications.    I have the original documents and on this Youtube link you can also download the UN document "agenda 21".   NGOs have already been receiving funds to implement it for the past 20 years and both republican and democratic governments has been changing laws to implement is..... It has been going on  under our noses and the general public does not know.  My interest in this is the fulfillment of prophecy which indicates the UN or coalition of governments to rule for short period of time before Armageddon.  There are huge implications to this .... but first watch this little video to begin the discussion....   here is the link.....
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Arauna in How will the United Nations take control over the entire globe and finally the United States of America?   
    The congres under obama (globalists on both sides of the isle) voted for the dollar to eventually be replaced by digital currency ( world digital currency).  It was sneaked in in 2015. This means the petro- dollar will disappear and adjustments will be made to cover debt internationally. .... the american economy will not be as strong as before.  There is talk of a fedcoin.... but all digital money will be intigrated internationally...  they are planning a federation of blocks of nations. Euro is one and Canada, mexico and US together.... 
    So the new world order will be a technocracy / oligarchy / plutocracy where digital companies will be doing the bidding of UN ( they are already doing the bidding of China and see China as the model to go forward)!.  All humans will have to buy food with digital money - so they will know everything about you.  What you buy and sell. What your opinions are etc.      in Europe people are being sent to jail for saying things agains islam online and there are 2 cases where a person wrongfully called a transgender man a man - 2 years imprisonment. 
    In sweden JWs picked up problems from EU for the convention clip which indicated we will have opposition from LGBT activists.  I do not know the outcome of this.  
    The world order is using google etc for tighter restrictions on speech. It is already Sharia compliant in many countries and transgender compliant in many countries.  If they do not comply - massive fines are given by EU
    EU is good example of what is coming- UN behind the scenes and EU and operating in same way.  Verhofstad and Junker openly say that stalin and mao se Tung were efficient leaders..... first they remove trade borders, then  financial borders. And then political borders (possible without war) 
    How are capitalists and communists working together towards one world order?   Super capitalistic companies are global companies such as Monsanto, google etc. together with bankers and oligarchs. Communism and super capitalism both have super rich people with the rest of the subjects  as pleps.  
    These super rich are yearly meeting to  facilitate the progress of the plan and most olugarchs are now vying for positions in the new dispensation. Who will do banking, provide food Monsanto) water etc.  
    NGOs are already operating in USA at local levels to implement local laws in line with the UN s "Agenda 21" . They work under the guise to be "sustainable planet" companies... 
    there is more... but i think this gives idea of how they are doing it. 
    china is buying up large parts of the earth , especially the minerals because it will give higher value to their digital money. 
    The bible indicates that the seven headed beast will be replaced by eighth king. Governments willingly give it its power. This has been going on behind the scenes and at the right time they will go in full power.  The image of the beast is different to the previous 7 empires - do not think it has no teeth.  It is already behind this loss of free speech, the suppression of news regarding migrant crimes as agreed upon last year in UN Migrant compact  2018 - signed in december by most nations ( except trump, hungary, poland, Austria ) and behind the one digital maneuvering of currency, the destruction of borders and legal autonomy etc. 
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Srecko Sostar in Love thy neighbour: Jehovah's Witnesses in court fight over fig trees   
    It often happens that plants, larger or smaller, are planted too close to the border. Many people who plant plants while they are still young do not leave enough room to grow. After a few years the plant spreads in its natural growth and becomes a maintenance problem. Ignorance of how big the plant will be when it reaches its full size contributes to the problem for both parties. There are also those who plant trees along the border and do not really care about the consequences of such planting. There are also wild trees that are left to grow.
    Trees and plants are a very valuable thing, but they must be controlled in urban areas, especially between two neighbors.
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Outta Here in A "Conversation" about 1914 as it appeared in the Watchtower's "1914-2014 Anniversary Celebration" issues.   
    I'll wait for this. But really! 
    This over 40 page to-ing and fro-ing so obscure and beyond the everyday experience of most that it just creates a gigantic yawn factor.
    The Cameron and Jon chat, while admittedly cheesy, is so easy to follow. What are we saying here?
    Nebu = Jehovah's representative rulership. 7 times interpreted as 2520 years = the time Gentile rule is uninterrupted by theocratic rule on earth. Starts with with Nebu &co dispensing with a divinely appointed dynasty of earthly kings. Duration= time, (disputed of course), of 2520 years, starting in 607BCE ending 1914CE. At this point, a Messianic king is restored in heaven (Jesus). Satan is ousted to be trapped on earth. That event is marked by a time of unprecedented disruption in earth's affairs (Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Rev 6 etc,. supply your own verses). Conclusion? = Messianic kingdom restored in the heavens, Satan kicked out and kicks up fuss on earth. We here are in last days since then.
    Explain an alternative view in one paragraph of 6 lines. I might be persuaded to consider.
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    Micah_Orion reacted to Patiently waiting for Truth in Did God reject his people (Israel)? WTJWorg quote and Bible verse   
    I would say that God rejected Israel as a nation, but not as individuals. 
    Why would he have Jerusalem destroyed in he did not reject it. It wasn't just the place destroyed but the people and the records of their inheritance. I'm sure I've read somewhere that after the destruction in 70C.E. none of the Jews could prove their birth line / family tree.  God replaced physical Israel with Spiritual Israel. 
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