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    News and discussion regarding JW.org, Watchtower, IBSA including current events and historical items of interest

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    Sadly there's false imformation about our christain faith. For truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses go to www.jw.org. Beware of half truths. You might end up believing the wrong half! Some opposers have groups that would use Jehovah's name or the organization to draw in our Christian brother's and sisters please make sure and check that your not in any of these groups, how would you know that your in an opposer group? Well they would speak out against Jehovah and Jesus by telling wicked lies about our Christian faith and tell half truths also twist what we say take things out of context so brother's and sisters if you accidentally added to any of these groups remove yourselves now unfollow that group NOW! It has also been observed that fraudulent social media accounts and websites have been created in the name of the organization, the Governing Body, and its individual members. However, no member of the Governing Body maintains a personal Web page or a presence on any social media site.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Organización de Activistas Anti Secta Testigos de Jehová. Reunión mundial que lucha por la prevalencia de los derechos humanos violados de forma sistamática por la Organización que hay detrás de los Testigos de Jehová a Nivel Mundial. Luchamos por la defensa de nuestros derechos civiles y sociales; por la unidad de la familia. Trabajamos para denunciar el Lavado de Activos que realiza la Organización de los Testigos de Jehová a nivel mundial, por la estafa con la construcción y venta de salones construidos por los adeptos y por lograr que paguen los impuestos como Organización y Corporación Empresarial. Denunciamos la Mentira en la Caridad.

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