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  1. ? The "application" of the Psalm is against all those who indulge in time, money, and effort wasting attempts to use the framework of "Caesar's law" to disrupt, obstruct or in any way interfere with the outworking of Jehovah's purposes and the share He has delegated to His faithful servants in carrying out His will in the earth at this time. Regardless of any gloat-worthy, assumed success in this activity enjoyed by agents of the mischief makers, the reality is that "Jehovah our God will do away with them."
  2. Who cares about the newspapers? What is really happening is more time and money wasting by those who are "framing trouble in the name of the law". Ps.94:10. We all know where this will end up!
  3. A conqueror among conquerors. This is worth looking at:
      Hello guest!
    Can't see it referenced on the forum 'though I admit I haven't trawled....(shoudn't have to really)
  4. Interesting. I like Zoom meetings across the board for many reasons. But no KH? I can see KH and Zoom or some other video platform, but no KH from our end sounds a bit odd. Circumstantial imposition like Russia I can see as time goes on, but voluntarily? That would be a game changer.
  5. Are you addressing these remarks generally or specifically? Biofabrication. Hmm.... is that what Jehovah used here: Gen.3:21?
  6. Many of Christendoms clergy seem to go with this view and probably not a few of Jehovah's Witnesses. All I can say is that if in connection with animals "death is no more", then something else will have to be no more!!..........
  7. Understandable emotional reaction. There are many Scriptural examples of the way in which Jehovah's spirit representatives handled the responses of humans to their interaction, both literally and in vision. These together should inform our understanding of appropriate behaviour. Perhaps a discussion on those examples would be well served in the JW Only section. Leaving it here as well might provide an interesting contrast in direction.
  8. Not a patch on the JW version, which easily comes a second only to the original. Wow!! I bet this flabbergasted some of those crusty old 1970's and 1980's Bethelites who probably thought they were a pretty groovy lot at the time! And this is just what got public..............
  9. Faulty logic. We don't really care too much about what "pagans" do or do not do.
  10. *** w13 7/15 p. 9 “Look! I Am With You All the Days” *** WT article with the most recent discussion on this. *** Pure Worship: p. 238 Summary of Clarifications *** Further detail in the AM 2020 talk "Will You Keep Standing Among the Righteous?"
  11. I hear their members breathe air from the same reserves as JwWs too. How do they avoid breathing what has been exhaled by Satanists?
  12. Excellent use of scripture to illustrate the status of natural Israel subsequent to the rejection of Christ.
  13. The point really is that whatever Jehovah allows to happen can be said to be "done" by him. He knew exactly what his son would experience by coming to earth. Jehovah knew he would not be valued for who he was but would be treated as worthless. Jehovah's matchless superiority in strategy enabled Him to use the debasement of the Christ by ungodly men to achieve victory by what unspiritual men would see as defeat. Isaiah worded it well at Chapter 53. Particularly v10. I don't think Daniels words clash with this verse at all. And I don't think Daniel's contextual understanding of the prophecy he wrote excludes a later expanded view either. Daniel wrote as he was "moved, (borne along) by holy spirit". That means his personal comprehension, even intention behind, what he wrote is not of primary relevance. He even stated elsewhere that he wrote down things that he admittedly"heard, but...could not understand". The wording of what Daniel said allows for a dual application, especially if we remember the primary purpose of the account is to establish the "unthwartableness" 😉 of Jehovah's will, not to focus on a singular historical event.
  14. The word lowly in English seems to have a dual meaning as an adverb or adjective. A person can be put in a lowly position without being lowly in mind, just as a person can be humbled without being humble. Or they can actually be lowly in heart or humble in spirit as well as having a lowly position, and then be elevated in position without losing the dis-postion. or vice versa. So I can't see anything too deep here. Jesus was lowly in mind in the sense of being humble in disposition. As far as his enemies were concerned, he was the lowest of the low, deserving treatment reserved for the lowest criminals. That image they portrayed may well have been believed by some, even if Pilate was not convinced. The description in Daniel allows room for both views. So the purpose of Nebuchadnezzar's dream as a way of highlighting that no government, good or bad, can rule without Gods sanction is not contradicted by either view. Secular authorities only rule by Jehovah's toleration and as such even currently serve as his "minister" (Rom.13:4), just as much as the government described elsewhere in Daniel (2:44). Pr.21:1 reminds us of this fact: "A king’s heart is like streams of water in Jehovah’s hand. He directs it wherever He pleases" This the real purpose of the Daniel 4 account of Nebuchadnezzar's dream. So applying the dream to immediate events in historical context, and then widening the picture to include an overarching view of events in connection with resolving the issue of Jehovah's Sovereignty seems quite in order (to me at least).
  15. I'll wait for this. But really! This over 40 page to-ing and fro-ing so obscure and beyond the everyday experience of most that it just creates a gigantic yawn factor. The Cameron and Jon chat, while admittedly cheesy, is so easy to follow. What are we saying here? Nebu = Jehovah's representative rulership. 7 times interpreted as 2520 years = the time Gentile rule is uninterrupted by theocratic rule on earth. Starts with with Nebu &co dispensing with a divinely appointed dynasty of earthly kings. Duration= time, (disputed of course), of 2520 years, starting in 607BCE ending 1914CE. At this point, a Messianic king is restored in heaven (Jesus). Satan is ousted to be trapped on earth. That event is marked by a time of unprecedented disruption in earth's affairs (Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Rev 6 etc,. supply your own verses). Conclusion? = Messianic kingdom restored in the heavens, Satan kicked out and kicks up fuss on earth. We here are in last days since then. Explain an alternative view in one paragraph of 6 lines. I might be persuaded to consider.
  16. Hm....is this nostalgia corner??? You're about 7 years late with this report?
  17. At first reading, it seems a shame they had to resort to a secular resolution on this matter in what seems to be a matter of simple shared responsibility. (1Cor.6:4-6).The rather emotive and subjective journalistic viewpoint expressed as "a flurry of letters over the fence" adds to that first impression. However, we don't appear to have the full facts of what went on here or what the legal implications might have been. May well be some insurance requirements involved as well. The good news is that the issue appears to have been resolved. I will make a mental note to take care in the future. Micah 4:4. 🙂
  18. They will need to do a bit of work before they cut the mustard in anything like that.....
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