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  1. Probably depends where and when they indulge.
  2. Well put. This connects with a response I would make to this accusation: "You say only Jehovah's Witnesses will be saved", namely, a question: How do you define a Jehovah's Witness?
  3. I would agree with this, as a sentiment. However what is NOT true is that everything has been done to make members aware of the dangers predatory pedophiles present. More is required. Also, (and I absolutely affirm this, (not from my own experience but from the experience of others), NOT ENOUGH is being done to help those falsely accused of this disgusting crime. Those I have known in this dire predicament DID NOT know how to handle it. I think the basic problem revpolves around naivety and incompetence. Spin it as you will. 1Cor.14:20 says: "be babes as to badness". This has been explained as inexperienced and said to be tandem with being "full grown in powers of understanding". The latter has not always been evident. I don't care about media trash on this subject. I just know that that my own experience of these matters confirms what I have said. In the main, JWs are "babes" when it comes to this issue. Many have had an "It Can't Happen Here" mentality, still very much in evidence. We live and (hopefully) we learn.
  4. Are you assuming this requires more than one person?
  5. Unfortunately however, with National Guardsman there is always the possibility of amicicide with no redress.
  6. My laugh vote is with you, not scorn! After reading the bbc news account on Lagarie, a hellfire vision subliminally crossed my mind, quickly replaced by non-parachute, low altitude, helicopter jettison over the sea near Gansbaai.
  7. At last! A working conscience, despite the ineffective remedy! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/sisters_who_survived_the_evil_at_lagarie
  8. Quite true! No need to reinvent the wheel after Anna and Melinda's contributions. In your own case, you are quite right in suggesting various contributory reasons for the specific accident in this news report and I agree with your common-sense reasoning regarding the specific incident. My comment, in response to some general scriptural points raised by Melinda, merely rounds out what she was saying as a reminder of the general situation mankind find themselves under present circumstances. This, in turn, could prompt a connection with Rev. 21:2-4, something which many more directly connected with the specific event will no doubt find of comfort as time goes on.. You obviously have other issues as indicated in your responses, for example: This statement could be true, depending on what you mean by "everyday". One man's "everyday" is another's "special event". This reveals perhaps some sort of underlying issue you have that is only prompted by the comments regarding the specific incident in this news report. It probably needs its own thread if it hasn't been raised elsewhere.

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