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  1. Just like they know nobody called Father Christmas ever comes down their chimney.
  2. You must be kidding? That foto of a floating flagpole falls on the first fence!
  3. Baptismal regeneration is just another of the pompous terms giiven by apostates to a distorted interpretation of scripture presented as a "doctrine". It is not a bilble teaching. Baptism is a necessary part of the action of anyone wishing to come into an approved relationship with Jehovah through his Son Jesus Christ of course. But it is an act that, whilst directed by Jesus Christ (Matt.28:19) and therefore essential, has a symbolic significance and does nothing in a physical way to the individual. Peter made that clear at 1Pet.3:21.
  4. Stop saying "obverse" which means "the opposite or counterpart of a fact or truth." You mean "observe". This is a critical error in a discussion like this.
  5. "Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids." (Wikipedia). Those who wish to indulge in such, if they are Jehovah's Witnesses, would first be asking: " Is it against Jehovah's expressed permission?" The answer to that is no, as the contextual posting from @James Thomas Rook Jr. makes clear. They would then consider, does it harmonise with Bible principles such as those underpinning 1Tim.2:9-10; Ph.1:10; 2Cor.6:3 and 1John 2:16 ? There might also be some practical considerations such as: the cost; the skill of the technician; the aesthetics; the impression given to others; the ease of reversal; the effects of aging This picture seems to offer no cause for controversy: This picture, however, does give cause for concern..... along with these.
  6. Tattoos were covered a couple of years ago anyway. The principles appear similar.
  7. What! Do they even steal the tyres off your bikes in that den of iniquity?????Pah! nothing is sacred these days!
  8. To the uninformed perhaps. A little thought should suffice: 1. Institutions based in England and Wales including the Armed Forces, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Council and private companies and charitable organisations recruit people to work abroad. If persons unsuitable to woirk with children are recruited and employed to work abroad, then 'children outside the UK' are being put at risk. High profile cases have littered the press of late. 2. How effective in its nature and application is the current legal framework for the monitoring of overseas travel of individuals known to the UK authorities as posing a risk to children? 3. What is the extent of institutional failings of organisations based in England and Wales relating to the sexual abuse of children involved in child migration programmes? For starters.
  9. The problem here is that it is not possible to hear the voice of Christ coming through the cacophonous rantings in your postings. All the anti-GB propoganda comes across loud and clear, so well done there, but that appears to be it. There isn't actually any spiritual content,.other than the interspersed scriptures that is, but otherwise, it isn't even spiritual "junk food".
  10. If they are, they have "hidden" their intention up to now. They are investigating: Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale Children in Custodial Institutions Children Outside the UK Child Sexual Exploitation by Organised Networks Institutional Responses to Allegations Concerning Lord Janner Lambeth Council Nottinghamshire Councils Residential Schools The Anglican Church The Internet The Roman Catholic Church Westminster Where did you pick up that information? Where did they say they are going to do an investigation into the UK branch of JW's? The only mention of Jehohavah's Witnesses so far has been by Rod Jones, social worker for Nottingham, who said he had to deal with cases involving Jehovah's Witnesses children and blood transfusions although there are no specific details.
  11. Now now, at John 10:5 Jesus wasn't talking about his voice being "strange". He was talking about those such as yourself who concoct all sorts of strange notions with scriptures thrown in for good measure. Your interpretations voice very strangely alongside the words of the "Fine Shepherd". But not to fear, his sheep listen to his voice, and because they know his voice, they follow him, certainly not you. Indeed, "because broad is the gate and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are going in through it; Matt 7:13.
  12. Not with the current corrupt system. Ah well. We will just have to wait until Jehovah puts it into the politicians minds to dismantle the religious infrastructure. And not before time.
  13. Well you are having a good go at ithe hoodwinking, but actually you aren't having much success. Just lengthy diatribes of multicoloured text. There are some scriptures there, the only relevant sections actually, but what lies in between is just a set of bitter sounding words without meaning or substance. Jesus said "his sheep will by no means follow a stranger but will flee from him because they do not know the voice of strangers" John 10:5. I'm sorry to say, yours is a very strange voice.
  14. This is such a pathetic, narrow-minded, microscopic and miniscule application of a prophecy that has a global relevance. What a waste of spirtual space if this is all Jehovah had in mind in prompting Paul to prophesy in such a manner!
  15. How disappointing. ☹️ The report is all ifs and woulds and shoulds and coulds. Why don't they just bite the bullett and just ban and dismantle the whole shower of corrupt charlatans?
  16. Arianism – Arius (AD c. 250 or 256–336) believed that the pre-existent Son of God was directly created by the Father, and that he was subordinate to God the Father. Arius' position was that the Son was brought forth as the very first of God's creations, and that the Father later created all things through the Son. Arius taught that in the creation of the universe, the Father was the ultimate creator, supplying all the materials and directing the design, while the Son worked the materials, making all things at the bidding and in the service of the Father, by which "through [Christ] all things came into existence". Arianism became the dominant view in some regions in the time of the Roman Empire, notably the Visigoths until 589.[10] The third Council of Sirmium in 357 was the high point of Arianism. The Seventh Arian Confession (Second Sirmium Confession) held that both homoousios (of one substance) and homoiousios (of similar substance) were unbiblical and that the Father is greater than the Son (this confession was later known as the Blasphemy of Sirmium): "But since many persons are disturbed by questions concerning what is called in Latin substantia, but in Greek ousia, that is, to make it understood more exactly, as to 'coessential,' or what is called, 'like-in-essence,' there ought to be no mention of any of these at all, nor exposition of them in the Church, for this reason and for this consideration, that in divine Scripture nothing is written about them, and that they are above men's knowledge and above men's understanding";[11] 10.
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