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  1. They will need to do a bit of work before they cut the mustard in anything like that.....
  2. I suppose the word "misleading" is what I balk at. Miriam Webster defines this as: "to lead in a wrong direction or into a mistaken action or belief often by deliberate deceit" I do not think this is the case in respect of the last days or any portion thereof. I think there have been and are speculative expectations regarding the proximity of Jehovah's intervention and that some get carried along with them, embroidering them even. But not all have, or are, even now. An "are we there yet?" mindset is not that peculiar among humans who are expecting good things to happen. It is just a
  3. Know what you mean, but there is a problem with the analogy. Your illustration has $100.00 as the main objective. So you gain nothing until the delivery of that prize. So the seeming delay in receiving this becomes a problem as you actually have nothing until that sum is repaid, in fact you are out of pocket, in a negative position. That is not the case with true Christians. Once their relationship with Jehovah has been restored through Christ, they have something of infinite, immediate value. They are not out of pocket while they await payment of a debt. So as the psalmist said at Ps.1
  4. Only to those who want to be misled. It is, at worst, "ambiguous" to a thinking person. "Last days of what?" is the first question that comes to mind. I see no issue with premature expectation when it comes to the end of this system of things. It seems to have always been a feature of true worshipers that their expectation of Jehovah's action to cleanse the earth brought the event closer in their minds than in fact, see Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6. In fact this attitude is even encouraged, 2Pet.3:11-12, although of course there is balancing counsel too as at 2Thess.2:1-2. We have a very cle
  5. Whatever part of the "last days" we are in, it has to be the final part.....because we "do not know the day or the hour". So if we are missing the point, then it must be because there isn't one being made....
  6. Um....it always is isn't it? If we are in the last days and there is an end, and some of the last days have gone already, and keep going day by day, then we must always be... in the final part....No? As long as we are alive that is of course.
  7. These kind of discussions remind me of what Jesus said about his return to execute judgement: Luke 21:35: "For it WILL come upon ALL those dwelling on the face of the WHOLE earth" So for me, discussions painting scenarios about the correct procession of events and who has the right dates and where we are in the stream of time are at the same time interesting and tedious, depending on the ingenuity and originality of the proposer. Early on, prior to 1975, an old brother (Glaswegian) said to me, "Ye'll hear a lot of talk about when things will or will not happen. Take my word for
  8. They are even more generous now. The "full price" for the books was abysmally little. And it is still all profit to those that freeloaded, and to those that did not it would be mostly profit....if they go selling them of course. And even more wary of religious people if they have any sense.
  9. Don't know if you will have time or inclination to read posts at present James. I have enjoyed some of our exchanges, especially when you have shared some technical insights, or glimpses of your anarchic sense of humor. And I must admit to a sense of achievement when getting your occasional "like" to a comment. I am sorry if you have fallen on hard times. I hope you are able to get through things. Please apply your own advice: "stay closer to Jehovah than I did". Start getting close to Jehovah.... now! This is a God who can retrieve people from the grave even. He will help you though
  10. There is good money to be made from JW literature, and it is all profit to those who have freeloaded
      Hello guest!
  11. Coll 3:13 Just as Jehovah freely forgave you, you must also do the same. Coll 2:13 provides context on as to who is the true source of forgiveness in this case. Jesus gave a clear indication of the same at Matt 6:14. The non-trinitarian translators decided that the inclusion of Divine name would correctly clarify who was referenced by the Greek word kyrios in this instance, as they did in 3 other places in the same chapter. Despite the use of the word "messiah" in some Hebrew translations of Coll.3:13, it appears Jean-Marie Paul Bauchet had the same view as the NWT committee when transla
  12. Will JWs religious activity ever return to normal? What normal? I think we are having a ball if we are honest! I have never had so much time for spiritual matters.....Prayer!.... Personal study!.... Meetings where I can see EVERYONE in attendance!........All my calls are on interested people!.......... And I have only filled my fuel tank 3 times in the last 6 months!..........If this is ABnormal.....I'll take it any time!
  13. These poor people, so damaged by their experience of narrow-minded family environments and influence. It is good to publicize their first hand testimony in such an open manner. It enables a clear assessment of the harm done by lazy-minded religious bigotry as they describe in their first-hand accounts.Presumably the facts have been verified?
  14. This reminds me of Joseph ben Caiaphas' unwitting prophecy. Duncan Corbett has hit the nail on the head, highlighting the failure of the authorities to protect their tax-paying subjects from the crime of CSA. Was this intentional? I hope so. Anyone got the video?🙂
  15. You might need to check some basic rules on the use of the English language as well as for the Greek prepositions, then try and discern what Rev 5:10 is referring to. I am sure you will get there in the end one way or another, bit like SS did. Thinking of your astute observation re SM, about those who appear to be one and the same, you wouldn't have a twin would you? Or maybe a doppelganger or even a clone? I am sure I recognise something in your cut an' run style of argument from somewhere...........🤔 BTW, @Anna has pipped me to the post with her excellent doctrinal/contextual poi
  16. New International VersionYou have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth." New Living TranslationAnd you have caused them to become a Kingdom of priests for our God. And they will reign on the earth.” English Standard Versionand you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth.” Berean Study BibleYou have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign upon the earth.” Aramaic Bible in Plain English“And you have made them a Kingdom, Priests and Kings to our God, and th
  17. Oh, by the way, just a passing thought on Rev.5:10. The scripture appears to be about rulership, not geography. In that case it would appear that epi is appropriately rendered in connection with the extent of rulership, rather than the geographical location of the rulers in question. The option of a contextual understanding of this preposition appears to have been exercised at Rev.9:11 and 11:6, and also by other translators in their rendering of the said Rev.5:10. (Courtesy www.biblehub.com). Just my "version", of course.
  18. No. Only when "people" assume that their "version" is my "version". To that I have an "aversion". No. That not my "version". Who cares? It is only a portal, like a public library. There are many.
  19. More lame logic. Trust in men is presented as some sort of extreme error. There is nothing wrong in trusting men.
  20. What I have realised with many of the critical comments from some on this forum, is that they have rejected their own versions of what they think are the beliefs held by JWs. That is why it is so difficult to understand where they are coming from. Their perceptions are alien because they are personal. They assume they must be shared by all, hence the paucity of explanation, and the irrationality of their criticism. And judging from the murky glimpses of those perceptions through the sarcastic and complicated reasonings they present, little wonder they rejected them!
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