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    Evacuated reacted to Arauna for a status update, Thanks sweety pie - yes one wastes one time on people who have made up their mind and   
    Thanks sweety pie - yes one wastes one time on people who have made up their mind and believe everything bad about Jehovah's people.... that we still follow Russell religiously.  But I am sure that some other people who love the truth can pick up something to think about.  I did not try to write scholarly notes... too much time to research for people who do not care anyhow...
    Thanks for the encouragement!..... I think I will really show more restraint in future as these people have so much time to waste.... but of course they do not think it is a waste because they have an agenda....
    I don't really have the time.... learning 2 languages and also packing up to go to Sweden .... and then I get sucked in....
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