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  1. A very good morning to you Sister Esther The postures very encouraging. Will forward this to some of our brothers within the countryside. I believe it will also encourage others. Thanks for your good work.
  2. Dear sister Esther, I am confirming your confidence that wherever you post the pictures I will find them. Thanks for your write up with full of information and courage about our brothers. Sure! I agree with you that since the source of spiritual feeding arrangement is being blocked by some authorities, Jehovah must have alternative plan for his servants. He want us to be strong in faith and trust all matters to his care. We all should bear in mind that what is required from all stewards [as we are] is to be found faithful. Queen Esther, may Jehovah continue to use you much in his work. You never can tell how many of us here are encouraged by your constant information on our brothers.
  3. Queen Esther, what do I say? That's a good job. Thanks for the pictures. From my lovely brothers in various parts of the world including my country Nigeria. Yes, the Nigeria couple and a young sister are known by me. They are my friends in my former congregation. We will continue the good work of preaching the good news until God says it is done. Thanks. It really refreshes my spirit when I see my fellow brothers and sisters doing their best in the work of the Lord. @Brother Aanu & family and young sister Akpobome - well done.
  4. Queen Esther, Thanks a million. Seeing my fellow brothers and sisters in a picture is a boost to my morale. I send my greetings also. They have smiling faces and I love it. My kind greetings to all.
  5. Dear Sister Esther, What a wonderful thought! Thank you very much for the card and I believe am speaking for others as well. Evidence of Jehovah's approval on brothers are seen as they are preparing for the commemoration of the Lord's Evening Meal come March 31st. The brothers are having increase share in their field service activities. All the preparations are taking shape. In my congregation, many publishers are also filling the auxiliary pioneer forms. We pray all the arrangements [by our brothers world wide] towards this important event becomes a success. Agape love to all our brothers.
  6. Yeee my dear sister Esther. Appreciated. My greetings is not limited to one congregation only. I sincerely send my greetings to all our beloved brothers and sisters in different parts of the world - Stade Congregation in Germany inclusive. May we continue to endure despite all odds as Jehovah is speeding up the work this time. Agape love.
  7. tReceived the greetings. I am also sending my greetings to all of you at Gladful Congregation. I associate with Odi-Olowo Congregation, Lagos Nigeria. May we not tire out in doing what is fine.
  8. Queen Ester, You know, your postings has helped me to know some of these brothers. Though I do see them in group pictures but not individuals like these.Yes Yes seeing your postings enables me to do more - especially in field service activity. May Jehovah bless our efforts.
  9. Thanks Sister Queen Esther. A reminder that it is a basic requirement for all to preach the good news. Once again, thank you.
  10. Really it is not easy especially in some remote villages. But we have no choice than to heed to the command to preach and make disciples.
  11. Yes, it is our prayer for Jehovah to help fast. Though HE has promised to cut the days short 'due to the chosen ones'. Until then, we MUST maintain a strong faith to withstand expectations .
  12. Dear Queen Esther, Merci beaucoup. I am thrilled by your positive comments. As I read your comments to our dear brothers and sisters in Russia, I am motivated as well. Please keep it up my dear sister. We don't have any other option than to be righteous and faithful waiting for God's time.
  13. I am really touched by this development. Active preaching helps to refine our individual faith. I believe Jehovah will make a way for our dear brothers and sisters. As we ALL pray, may HIS will be done!
  14. Sure!, if she receive your letter, she will definitely make arrangement for a personal visit of one of our members. You can read more of that tracts and others by visiting our web site jw.org . You will be glad if you do. Uche

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