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  1. This conversation is OVER, James Go back to your gun loving glee club, and enjoy sleeping with your armoury.
  2. James I do not recall bringing anything else into this conversation other than lone gunman statistics. The USA has 88% gun ownership, nearly double that of the country with the silver medal - Yemen - and there is a war there. Just for the record again, USA has had 90 mass shootings since 1982 by lone gunmen.......it would seem that you can go down to your 'local deli' and purchase the assault rifle of your choice. Another statistic: "Gun related killings as a % of homicides" 1. USA - 64% 2. Canada - 30,5% 3. Australia - 13% 4. England/Wales - 4,5% What
  3. James you said: "These things happen EVERYWHERE ... you just are unaware of it." Is it that these events are only reported in the world media when they occur in the USA? Oh! Silly me, I forgot: the Swiss are ranked third behind Yemen and the USA as respects gun ownership and they have a similar problems with lone gunman massacres..........they have had a few massacres there, but on a population pro rata basis the USA romps home to win the Gold medal...........Yemen probably comes second, and they are in the throes of a civil war........I am a bit behind on my history - Has the civil
  4. .........and the Bible states that an angel of Jehovah killed 185 000 of Sennacherib's army..........and that is not fantasy/sci-fi
  5. James, I will tell you why I said that re your personality, it was because of this comment: "Perhaps one day some nutcase will shoot up your Kingdom Hall with you inside." I thought; "How could a Brother, hope that another Brother would get shot up whilst attending a meeting at a Kingdom Hall" I took exception to that remark, and thought it very unchristian, and that is why I initially ignored your reply. I will also tell you why I thought that you had not been in the military.....it is your attitude to guns.........I also correctly picked two others
  6. Tell JTRJ, were you ever in the military? My guess, and it is only a guess is no. I could well be wrong, and it certainly won't be the first time, or the last time.
  7. I am pleased to see that your Christian personality is is shinning through.........or is it your true personality???
  8. JTR says: "I have carried weapons every day for over 50 years, and have never hurt or killed ANYONE." Well, I personally do not think that that is something to be proud of, and I personally would rank you among the the other approx. 88% of the population in the States who appear to have this inane love of guns. You obviously do not see the point that Jesus making on the night of his arrest. Interesting is a comment from the Insight volumes: "(Jesus) desired to have a sword available among his followers on that night in order to demonstrate clearly that, though they would come
  9. Give them a beak TT..........they don't really know why they are the only country in the world with this problem..........I mean what other country has had 32 massacres by a single gunman since 2000.........about 88% of Americans have guns........and it appears that they cam walk around cities and towns with loaded guns on their person...........and they still don't know why they have a problem. BUT, "its not the guns that are the problem; its the people".............of course its not the guns, what a cop out that is..........most, just do not get it...........if they did not have the gun
  10. Wrong question Queen Esther! I feel it should have been; "Is Rook really one of Jehovah's Witnesses?????" I think he just likes "stirring the pot." I maybe wrong!!! One wonders WHY he would have a gun in the first place!!!...........and a 9mm to boot, with at least 2 extra magazines, [I am not unfamiliar with 9mm weaponry, in a past life I had a German Luger, (The Japaneses also used to make one and they had a booby trap on theirs) - about 64 years ago - and In Australia, back then, you had to have a permit to obtain 9mm ammo - at 14 years of age I obviously could not get a permit -
  11. Just a little item that I copied from A BBC web site: " "Organisers of gun giveaway competitions in the US have come under pressure following the Florida school shooting that killed 17 on Wednesday. Republican politicians in Maryland and Kansas went ahead with their gun giveaways, while a county sheriff in North Carolina cancelled his raffle. A children's baseball team defended its decision to continue with a fundraising effort, in which the winner will receive an AR-15 assault rifle. That type of gun was used in Florida. Gun sweepstakes - costing as little as $5 (£3.50) per ticket -
  12. As Galatians 6:7 rightly states that whatever a person sows they shall reap. Personally I think that this scripture can be applied to America and the second amendment........."it is my inalienable right to walk around the streets of any city or town with a loaded gun on my person - just in case." One information source quoted that there was 88 guns/100 people.......if my maths is right that only leave 12%+ of Americans who do not own guns, (many of course have their own arsenals). I also think that the second amendment is something held dear to the hearts of many Americans.......thi
  13. I said: on the 16/1/2018 "........to an outsider it looks as those days of the 'wild west' are still there with the mass shootings that take place in America." Unfortunately the tragic circumstances of this recent massacre in Florida has proven my words correct..........mind you I guess that is not particularly hard to do, when you consider that there have been 32 massacres involving single gunmen since the year 2000. I still maintain that this is all tied up with the second amendment and those who feel that it is there inalienable right to carry a gun. Even so called third worl
  14. Ah! Question!........Is the pope related to the US president, Donald 'Duck'..........the photograph would indicate that they are 'tarred with the same brush'
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