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  1. This conversation is OVER, James Go back to your gun loving glee club, and enjoy sleeping with your armoury.
  2. James I do not recall bringing anything else into this conversation other than lone gunman statistics. The USA has 88% gun ownership, nearly double that of the country with the silver medal - Yemen - and there is a war there. Just for the record again, USA has had 90 mass shootings since 1982 by lone gunmen.......it would seem that you can go down to your 'local deli' and purchase the assault rifle of your choice. Another statistic: "Gun related killings as a % of homicides" 1. USA - 64% 2. Canada - 30,5% 3. Australia - 13% 4. England/Wales - 4,5% What part of "America - seen as a whole - has a violent, gun loving culture" don't you understand?
  3. James you said: "These things happen EVERYWHERE ... you just are unaware of it." Is it that these events are only reported in the world media when they occur in the USA? Oh! Silly me, I forgot: the Swiss are ranked third behind Yemen and the USA as respects gun ownership and they have a similar problems with lone gunman massacres..........they have had a few massacres there, but on a population pro rata basis the USA romps home to win the Gold medal...........Yemen probably comes second, and they are in the throes of a civil war........I am a bit behind on my history - Has the civil War in America actually finished?
  4. .........and the Bible states that an angel of Jehovah killed 185 000 of Sennacherib's army..........and that is not fantasy/sci-fi
  5. James, I will tell you why I said that re your personality, it was because of this comment: "Perhaps one day some nutcase will shoot up your Kingdom Hall with you inside." I thought; "How could a Brother, hope that another Brother would get shot up whilst attending a meeting at a Kingdom Hall" I took exception to that remark, and thought it very unchristian, and that is why I initially ignored your reply. I will also tell you why I thought that you had not been in the military.....it is your attitude to guns.........I also correctly picked two others, (non-Witnesses), that seemed to have this passion with guns and like to walk around cities and towns with loaded guns on their person. This was also over these insane massacres that keep on occurring in the States. Maybe you can answer the question James......Why do these insane massacres by lone gunmen continue unabated in the USA, and yet nowhere else in the world?
  6. Tell JTRJ, were you ever in the military? My guess, and it is only a guess is no. I could well be wrong, and it certainly won't be the first time, or the last time.
  7. TTH said in one of his posts; "Also his statement that: 'translators “all approached the text [ John 1:1] already believing certain things about the Word... and made sure that the translations came out in accordance with their beliefs.” Interesting point on John 1:1 in the catholic Diaglot - in the word for word translation of the Greek into English it says that the Word was "A GOD"............however in the column of the transliteration, (I think that is the word), it reverts back to the false teaching of the trinity, because it says "the Word WAS GOD".........I hadn't really noticed that before.....I just happened to be checking something else when I saw it.
  8. I am pleased to see that your Christian personality is is shinning through.........or is it your true personality???
  9. JTR says: "I have carried weapons every day for over 50 years, and have never hurt or killed ANYONE." Well, I personally do not think that that is something to be proud of, and I personally would rank you among the the other approx. 88% of the population in the States who appear to have this inane love of guns. You obviously do not see the point that Jesus making on the night of his arrest. Interesting is a comment from the Insight volumes: "(Jesus) desired to have a sword available among his followers on that night in order to demonstrate clearly that, though they would come into circumstances that could easily provoke armed resistance, he did not intend to resort to the sword but would give himself up voluntarily in harmony with God’s will." As Jehovah's Witnesses, we are, or should be, disciples - or, footstep followers - of Jesus Christ.......and I am reasonably sure that he did not walk around Galilee and Judea 'armed to the teeth.'
  10. Give them a beak TT..........they don't really know why they are the only country in the world with this problem..........I mean what other country has had 32 massacres by a single gunman since 2000.........about 88% of Americans have guns........and it appears that they cam walk around cities and towns with loaded guns on their person...........and they still don't know why they have a problem. BUT, "its not the guns that are the problem; its the people".............of course its not the guns, what a cop out that is..........most, just do not get it...........if they did not have the guns, life would certainly appear to be more meaningful. A lot of them want to be John Wayne, Gary Cooper, et al.............or they blame the 'crazies'.........all I can say is, boy! they must have a lot of crazies!!!!
  11. Wrong question Queen Esther! I feel it should have been; "Is Rook really one of Jehovah's Witnesses?????" I think he just likes "stirring the pot." I maybe wrong!!! One wonders WHY he would have a gun in the first place!!!...........and a 9mm to boot, with at least 2 extra magazines, [I am not unfamiliar with 9mm weaponry, in a past life I had a German Luger, (The Japaneses also used to make one and they had a booby trap on theirs) - about 64 years ago - and In Australia, back then, you had to have a permit to obtain 9mm ammo - at 14 years of age I obviously could not get a permit - I used to steal it], .......are you looking to start a war somewhere.....what else do you have in your armoury??? Just on this subject..........what other country in the world has the unenviable record of the USA for massacres/murders/deaths/injuries from guns and/or rifles from single gunmen, who are the, so called, 'ordinary' Joe Citizen. The answer is very simple. Too many 'cowboys' that think they still live in the days of the wild west........NO COUNTRY comes anywhere near those statistics. Oops! I forgot this does not really have anything to do with guns.........or does America have a lot more 'crazies' AND MORE GUNS than any other country. I am sure Jehovah understands your motives - but, I certainly don't. Still I am only human - and imperfect at that.
  12. Just a little item that I copied from A BBC web site: " "Organisers of gun giveaway competitions in the US have come under pressure following the Florida school shooting that killed 17 on Wednesday. Republican politicians in Maryland and Kansas went ahead with their gun giveaways, while a county sheriff in North Carolina cancelled his raffle. A children's baseball team defended its decision to continue with a fundraising effort, in which the winner will receive an AR-15 assault rifle. That type of gun was used in Florida. Gun sweepstakes - costing as little as $5 (£3.50) per ticket - are a part of life in some parts of the US, with the National Rifle Association having held raffles for decades. Organisers have hit back at the online criticism, saying their fundraising events were planned months ago." Are some Americans really that sick.......and they say: "I wonder why we have this problem?" "What's gone wrong in our society?"...............I think the fruitage is self evident!!!
  13. As Galatians 6:7 rightly states that whatever a person sows they shall reap. Personally I think that this scripture can be applied to America and the second amendment........."it is my inalienable right to walk around the streets of any city or town with a loaded gun on my person - just in case." One information source quoted that there was 88 guns/100 people.......if my maths is right that only leave 12%+ of Americans who do not own guns, (many of course have their own arsenals). I also think that the second amendment is something held dear to the hearts of many Americans.......this has made them a violent, gun loving society, many who still think that they are living in the days of the 'wild west'.......a bunch of would be, if they could be, cowboys. I mean what other, so called civilised country can boast 32 single gunman massacres since 2000, not to mention those that did not reach the dizzy heights of a massacre? ANSWER: NONE. No other country would even come near this unenviable record. Definitely a sad indictment of American society today. My comments, of course, do not include our many loving brothers and sisters in America and others of the 12%+ that are not gun owners. We certainly await the time when Jehovah says: "Enough is enough!" and brings this wicked system to its end.
  14. I said: on the 16/1/2018 "........to an outsider it looks as those days of the 'wild west' are still there with the mass shootings that take place in America." Unfortunately the tragic circumstances of this recent massacre in Florida has proven my words correct..........mind you I guess that is not particularly hard to do, when you consider that there have been 32 massacres involving single gunmen since the year 2000. I still maintain that this is all tied up with the second amendment and those who feel that it is there inalienable right to carry a gun. Even so called third world countries cannot come anywhere near that unenviable record. It is certainly undeniable evidence that we need God's Kingdom to sort out matters concerning Satan's world. How we as Jehovah's servants hope that is "Just Around the Corner.'
  15. Ah! Question!........Is the pope related to the US president, Donald 'Duck'..........the photograph would indicate that they are 'tarred with the same brush'
  16. Thanks for that information, and from several of the accounts that I have read of the massacre, Brigham Young was either the instigator or at least involved. I have a set of 4 DVD's entitled "The West" and it is a 12 hour documentary using old photographs and narration and deals with the triumphs and tragedies in the 'days of the wild west' and this massacre was included. It was also not backward in telling of the slaughter of the American Indian tribes..........and of course the "right" of every American to own/carry a gun............to an outsider it looks as those days of the 'wild west' are still there with the mass shootings that take place in America.
  17. ........perhaps they did that to those that they massacred at the "Mountain Meadows ".........it may have helped their conscience???
  18. Does the theme of these two paintings remind you of any thing???? They are from "The Augsburg Book of Miraculous Signs reveals a 16th Century society gripped by anxieties that we can relate to" in the book of Revelation. I just thought it interesting when I looked at the last post from Bible Speaks..........I happened to come across this when I was looking at the on-line digital BBC News, under Culture. PS. "Giant locusts swarm around a jagged aquamarine mountain. Great whales and strange beasts flounder amid stormy seas. Inky skies rain hailstones and blood. These bizarre and terrifying visions are found in the Augsburg Book of Miraculous Signs, also called the Book of Miracles. It is a beautifully illustrated manuscript created in the German city in the mid-16th Century but only recently discovered and now collected in a new edition, by Till-Holger Borchert and Joshua P Waterman."
  19. Tom, it is interesting you should say that, in our Public Talk yesterday, the speaker brought out that there are several organisations in Australia, and in deed, many more, throughout the world, that are in opposition to organised religion as a whole............several scriptures were used from Revelation. My thoughts were that maybe...........just maybe.........these organisations, in hand with communistic countries, (who thought religion was the "opium" of the people, with Russia and China on the UN Security Council and other countries who sit on it for a two year term), could eventually influence the UN to act against "Babylon the Great."..........but, however it plays out, we know that it is Jehovah's will that WILL take place
  20. @The Librarian Thanks for that "doco" on the Tesla, very interesting from both an engineering and an environmental point of view..........amazing what imperfect man can do..........one can only imagine the strides man will make under our Great Creators's guidance when mankind is perfect in a paradise earth...........thanks again.
  21. @TrueTomHarley...........when I read your comment "Several said that the judge appeared sad as he granted the Ministry of Justice's petition to ban Jehovah's Witnesses, after reviewing 43 volumes of submitted evidence in a single hour. He knew what he had to do. But possibly he was a man with a conscience.".............What immediately came to mind was Pilate, when he washed his hands.
  22. @Queen Esther..........just a little note on what what the May 2013 Watchtower said: "Mercifully, God has arranged to bring the cruel rule of Satan to an end—soon! He has appointed his Son, Jesus Christ, to be a just and righteous King forever.".....the highlight of the word soon was mine.
  23. @TrueTomHarley..............how hypercritical is that..........perhaps the court should have gone to the Russian Orthodox church in Moscow and seen the vainglorious display of the "easter" service........I only watched a minute or two of this "over two hour" farce..............the words of Jesus at Matthew Chapter 15 come to mind: Matthew 15:8-11 8 ‘This people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from me. 9 It is in vain that they keep worshipping me, for they teach commands of men as doctrines.’” 10 With that he called the crowd near and said to them: “Listen and get the sense of it: 11 It is not what enters into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but it is what comes out of his mouth that defiles him.” Therefore "To follow Christ is now illegal in Russia" unless you are a practicer of Russian Orthodoxy.........that is "the jewel in the crown" of hypocrisy..........or perhaps I should have said "ONE of the jewels" as there are many more..........again, the words of Jesus come to mind, this time in Matthew Chapter 7: Matthew 7:21-23 21 “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of the heavens, but only the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. 22 Many will say to me in that day: ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them: ‘I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!’
  24. @Witness........it is worth considering the words of Jehovah, as spoke through the prophet Jeremiah at Jeremiah 26:12,13 . . .Jeremiah then said to all the princes and to all the people: “It was Jehovah who sent me to prophesy against this house and against this city all the words that you have heard. 13 So now, reform your ways and your actions and obey the voice of Jehovah your God, and Jehovah will change his mind concerning the calamity that he has spoken against you...............I guess as the Sovereign of the universe Jehovah can do whatever he wishes, BUT, one thing we can be sure of, is that His original purpose for our earth, will not be thwarted by anyone.
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