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  1. I remember when this slaughter took place. Those young males made the choice to murder, not Jehovah God. He will resurrect Brenda, Dennis, and Eric Freeman back to life on earth, when living will become an "exquisite delight in the abundance of peace." (Psalm 37:10, 11)
  2. Jehovah is certainly the happy God. What an amazing variety of life exists on our planet. Such a huge flower, with such a stinky scent! It's humorous! Praise Jehovah!
  3. Martha Braun Amistadi

    New preaching the Good News Photos 2017 around the Earth!

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters, We just read our daily text and then I checked my emails, and when I read this one --- my heart leapt for joy!! All of the smiling faces doing the witnessing work --- such a shout of praise to Jehovah worldwide! Thank you for your love and godly devotion, all of you!
  4. That's disgusting! Mistreatment, and cruelty to beautiful creatures like the red antlered deer shows the spirit of Nimrod is alive on earth today! Mighty hunters in opposition to Jehovah!
  5. Martha Braun Amistadi

    The most beautiful *STAIRWAYS* you EVER seen....

    Wow! I have not seen anything like these before. Great idea for something interesting to do with a stair riser. Just imagine...
  6. Martha Braun Amistadi

    She is the model on the “Awake” July, p8. from Mongolia !

    What a pretty smile. She is so precious to Jehovah and to all our brotherhood worldwide.
  7. Martha Braun Amistadi

    Judge orders blood transfusion for a Jehovah's Witness child

    Arauna, your experiences and facts were so good to read and learn from. The blood transfusion issues have been of great interest to all Jehovah's Witnesses, from the days of the 20th century, and really blood issues from the ancient times before. Very informative, pertinent. I pray our sister in Chihuahua will keep on enduring in regard to this issue with her child. Sad, man's governments do not recognize Jehovah's Sovereign authority and love over us. Thank you very much.
  8. It's so wonderful that we have a worldwide brotherhood of worshippers that are so loving and zealous! Bless you Queen Esther. <3
  9. All praise goes to Jehovah for the harvest that has been reaped in that part of the earth. Whenever they gather for worship, it is an answer to Satan's evil taunts to Jehovah. Jehovah builds his house of glory and no one can stop it from standing forever! Great news! (Proverbs 10:22)
  10. Hats off to the Guardian for taking notice of Jehovah's Witnesses.
  11. We live in a wicked world where anything can happen. I will pray for the family. May Jehovah hold them close in his heart in difficult circumstances.
  12. Martha Braun Amistadi


    This video gives such glory to the Designer and Creator of us all---Jehovah. All of the precise processes that have a specified time for taking place---from the way the sperm have to swim towards the egg to the way only one finally makes it there to the delivery of the genetic code to the conception to the development of the baby---this is the remarkable handiwork of God! The greatest creation in the physical universe, our human brain--it too grows at specific times in specific ways! Cell differentiation doesn't happen at our commands. No! Our great God set the time for all these events to happen. What a faith building video! This is proof that the day and hour for the end to come is set to happen at Jehovah's time just perfectly! And, daily we are moving closer to that time. Have faith and endure whatever we must until that day arrives.
  13. Martha Braun Amistadi

    Song 134 "See Yourself When All Is New"

    Thank you Queen Esther for this song of praise to Jehovah. This sister's heartfelt feelings for our Father above, they come through the computer screen so clearly.
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