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    Dear Bible Speaks, Thank you for your meaningful post and comments. May Jehovah bless you.
  2. An Aniversary of a Faithful Man of God and Survivor, Leopold Engleitner

    As we await the beginning of the great tribulation, these faithful ones examples shine as modern conquerors of the world by faith. May we all take their experiences to heart and imitate their courageous examples.

    Dear Bible Speaks, When I ponder on the magnificent size of the universe, and how small we are here on earth, and yet---our Creator so lovingly cares for us and all the creatures on the planet---well. I am nearly moved to tears by Jehovah's boundless love. We have an eternity to give deep meditation on what that love is all about. From the infintesimally small to the grand, astronomically large, the mark of God's loving signature is seen. We are in awe of the Maker and Sustainer of life. We should show one another the same kind of love that he has shown us. Eternal life project.
  4. May this report about the Stanley Theater show the world just how much it means to us to bring our God Jehovah his due gloryin the way we care for this building of worship of the only true God!
  5. I was pleased to hear the Russian stand against Jehovah's Witnesses, and the homosexuals, being connected with the 2nd world war with unjust atrocities, and that they must not be permitted to happen again. How good is the way Jesus Christ and today's Governing Body in alerting us that Jehovah's servants will be hated and opposed because of their being disciples. We gladly accept the opportunity to have our God's name brought before the world community this way. It is indeed a privilege to be acknowledged in this way. 1 Peter 2:12 states, "Maintain your conduct fine among the nations, so that when they accuse you of being wrongdoers, they may be eyewitnesses of your fine works and, as a result, glorify God in the day of his inspection."
  6. Remove the Rafter

    Our own joy will grow when we look for the good in others, especially our brothers and sisters. This makes Jehovah very glad too. He'll be seeing his servants getting along together the way a father smiles when he observes his children getting along together. What a privilege!
  7. Convention 2017 — DRAMA: Remember the Wife of Lot—

    I know it's been said before, but, each year the Regional Conventions just keep on getting better than before. "That was the best ever!" has often been said by appreciative brothers and sisters after the conventions end. Without a doubt, we will be saying the same again after this upcoming series of sessions. So many spiritual riches are being given from our "Grand Instructor" (Isaiah 30:20) Jehovah! The Governing Body of brothers do great work in dispensing Jehovah's "banquet of rich dishes." (Isaiah 25:6)All of these reasons and more, explain why Jehovah's Witnesses are happy! (Isaiah 65:14)
  8. Jehovah - His wonderful creation honors his name ❤

    A day in the life of Hummingbirds and pretty frog families. Amazingly wonderful! Praise to Jehovah. :-O
  9. Queen Esther, Thank you dear sister, for posting this beautiful duet. Mother and son both singing praises with such heartfelt expression, touches my heart deeply. We all surely do love Jehovah! <3
  10. Jehovah's wonderful nature❤ Enjoy these beautiful, stunning pictures !

    My heart is full of appreciation for Jehovah whenever I see his awesome works of creation. Thank you so much Queen Esther. What beautiful thoughts to fill my mind with before I lay down to sleep! 💝
  11. We love our intrepid sister with zeal for Jehovah and a love that flames within her heart.
  12. "I Am Jehovah, That is My Name"

    Very pretty. 😇
  13. Family gets no explanation of March murder

    So much sorrow to go around. Jehovah through Jesus'ransom sacrifice will effect justice on this earth very soon. Hang in there sister! 😇
  14. "I Am Coming to You in the Name of Jehovah of Armies"

    I love this Bible account.