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  1. Neither one! Mistakes are done why fix them. You will have other mistakes and possibly the same ones as you age in life! As long as Jehovah does not recall them why should we? As for the $10M dollars, I would not want it because there would be 10M people trying to get some money free. You would not be happy!
  2. Wow so amazing! People can see Jehovah's name right on the various coins but cannot bring themselves to believe that he is Almighty God...and that Jesus is his son!
  3. So sorry for your loss. I too lost my husband in 2016 and the sting is still there! I watched the Broadcast for February and the part with the young sister seeing the picture at Bethel of the ones waiting on the balcony was so hard because it brought out that they were waiting for their dear loved ones being resurrected. So there I was crying my eyes out again. The loss of a loved one is so hard but we must keep our HOPE alive! We can do this, each of us...TOGETHER and always with Jehovah's help and his continued love and support. I feel that love and support each day! Take care my dear sister! Agape' P.S. I forgot to let you know how I appreciated the poem! Thank you for that.
  4. Welcome my beautiful sisters. May Jehovah bless you and all your efforts now and in the future!
  5. I was thinking a little like cotton candy! I love Jehovah's imagination!
  6. Job well done my little sisters! Excellent way to give a witness. I love that they even used Power point.
  7. This photo is absolutely beautiful! I love that our father loves color! Thank you Jehovah!!!!
  8. Okay...so since I am not a balance beam person like gymnast's, I am pretty sure I would not be able to go to any of these countries. I would not be able to balance on any of these bridges! I do appreciate the brothers and sisters that can go and serve in these areas or live in these areas and I know Jehovah is looking out for them. I, however know my limitations and will not put Jehovah to the test!!!
  9. Wow this is so awesome! This will definitely work for those of us who can only speak one language. Its definitely the way of the future. (Until we are in the new system!)
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