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  1. It is amazing to see what hatred can do to the most intelligent people. Please take away whatever you dislike And distrust about Jehovah’s witnesses, look at the law of the land. You are asking why don’t they break the law? Lie say they are not a religious institution and pay taxes. You are telling people it is okay to let themselves be discriminated and treated differently just because you feel like they should. I read all the tread multiple times again it doesn’t sense at all. I took away everything I may or may not like about Jehovah’s Witnesses to be objective on this subject. I even made some research on other major religions wealth, assets and investments compare to the watchtower’s organization, as you probably already know the witnesses are not even half close compare to the other religions. I made the research to understand the arguments about paying taxes, again compare to Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostal, Baptist’s, Mormons, Muslim, Hindu and more the witnesses can not even compare.
  2. The witnesses have the right to fight for their rights. I would be very disappointed if witnesses decided not to put up a fight if any government try to make them pay for taxes when other religious group are not. We call that discrimination. You are saying because witnesses claimed to be God’s people it is ok for them to let others treat them unfairly in the name of Jesus and Jehovah. It is the law in many western countries religious organizations are exempt from taxes. it is like you are saying, the government is giving families a tax break because you are a witness you will not take it for whatever your reasons are. This is a nonsensical subject. They are other things you can criticize the watchtower organization for, this is not one of them. This is an an idiotic subject, you are telling a group of people to let themselves be treated unfairly and be discriminated just in the name of God. What kind of God will be ok with that?
  3. I really tried not to comment on this post, but the point about taxes is so ridiculous and make no sense whatsoever, I felt like I have to say something. Criticizing a religious organization for using their tax exempt status is beyond non sense. First of all religious organizations activities are reviewed very so often if the government believed the witnesses where not qualified for whatever reasons they would know about them. Simple, in the United States the law said approved religious organizations are exempted from taxes. If we have an issue with this law, write to our congressman, take it to the Supreme Court if we have to.
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