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  1. Yes...brother JAY Witness, according to world's point of view.... however in GOD's view " Jehovah is the originator of marriage" hence it must be successful...and very soon it will be....in GOD's KINGDOM... Of course I enjoyed the humor part of it to have a smile on my face... Lots of LOVE(Genuine) from INDIA DEV...
  2. THANK you, Dear Sister, It is very nice to hear from you....and How Jehovah is bonding all his loyal servants around the GLOBE....!!! and how safe & secure we feel being a part of his visible organization..and eager to obey his instructions...Indeed faithful discreet slave and Governing Body are working hard to motivate and encourage us in this last days. LOVE from INDIA DEVARAJ and Family Bangalore
  3. Hi... Very nice advice and good prescription for a healthy Life....Thank you for sharing this. Love from far away INDIA...
  4. After learning the truth and knowing about Holy GOD JEHOVAH and his standard, of course we do follow modesty in our dress, is n"t it Brothers and sisters.
  5. Wow...I could not stop seeing...! Marvellous indeed..where is this elephant from?
  6. Wow... Sister YOU are very diplomatic and discerning too....!!! Is there any GREEN? kudos.. Love & Greetings from INDIA Your Brother Devaraj
  7. Yes..sister... Initially I would have inclined to go for blue.. But wait a minute...my mind tells that red is far superior & precious than blue.I had to pummel my mind and flesh to go for red ...and in turn get umpteen blues....
  8. To Bible speaks...Well said and very motivating and uniting words for all to learn & practice . Precious Gems from God's word... If all practice , how the World would be!!! I mean human beings in general.
  9. This week's Watchtower study under sub heading "The precious truths we learn" paragraphs 13-18, we must take delight in Jehovah 's correction and counsel for our own benefit and of others. Love buildsup & bonds together in our worship to Jehovah.
  10. Sister Queen Esther is right. Though the Bible directly does not say how our make up or dress should be, but the wisdom & discernment we get from God's word is to be modest since we represent Jehovah God.
  11. Thank you very much for the compact note book for both the Assembies 2016-17. I Appreciate from the bottom of my heart for the hard work gone through it. With warm Christian LOVE.. Always, dev
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