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    Kavitha Abraham reacted to Queen Esther in *Tank broken* words around people & Jehovah....   
    *Tank broken*
    The world's tank, broken,
    It slips slowly, life!
    Thousands of thoughts, split it,
    By "True Life"!
    She goes on thinking.
    Erroneously, like death,
    It goes to immortality,
    The living soul, having its side!
    But Jehovah says clearly:
    "After death, he is not a soul,
    No movement, no calvary,
    No thought or smile!
    It's nothing, but Jehovah can,
    To build it, out of the dust,
    His servant, who is in death,
    Keep it, by the hand!
    Many tanks are broken,
    And I do not keep life in them,
    Jehovah is far,
    Thinking of the world, the rebels!
    She repudiously rejects the Word,
    JEHOVAH, eternally alive,
    And eternal will be the earth
    For the rebel, coffin!
    ( unknown author )
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    Kavitha Abraham got a reaction from Queen Esther in Matthew 19:12 - What does it mean?   
    Literal eunuchs were those who were born such because of birth defects or who were made that way by accident or mutilation. However, there were also those who freely made themselves eunuchs. Though eligible for marriage, they exercised self-control and remained single “on account of the kingdom of the heavens.” Like Jesus, they chose the state of singleness so that they could devote themselves to Kingdom service. They were neither born with the gift of singleness nor granted such a gift. They actually made room for it. That is, they deliberately acquired the gift
    Further regarding Jesus’ words, the footnote to the Roman Catholic Westminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures: The New Testament explains: “Not physically by carnal mutilation, but spiritually by purpose or vow.” Likewise, A Commentary on the New Testament, by John Trapp, states: “Not gelded themselves, as Origen and some others in the primitive times, by mistake of this text . . . but live single, that they may serve God with more freedom.”
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