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  1. Jack Ryan

    Year 2038 problem

    Well 2018 came and went... and I didn't hear a thing about this problem.
  2. Only Jehovah's Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the "great crowd," as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil." Watchtower 1989 Sep 1 p.19 "In fact, with God's day of judgment so near today, all the world should 'keep silent before the Sovereign Lord Jehovah' and hear what he says through the "little flock" of Jesus' anointed followers and their companions, his "other sheep." (Luke 12:32; John 10:16) Annihilation awaits all who will not listen and who thereby set themselves against rule by God's Kingdom." Watchtower 2001 Feb 15 p. 14
  3. To all naysayers and apologists who say that Jehovah will look at hearts at armageddon and save billions, my own mother believes this. This is the october 2019 study Watchtower page 11 paragraph 14. As you can see it makes it crystal clear that ONLY baptized witnesses will survive armageddon. 14 Read Matthew 28:19, 20. As we conduct Bible studies, we have to try our best to “make disciples . . . , teaching them to observe all the things [Jesus has] commanded.” We need to help people understand how important it is for them to take their stand for Jehovah and his Kingdom. This means trying to motivate people to make the truth their own by applying what they learn, dedicating their life to Jehovah, and getting baptized. Only then will they survive Jehovah’s day.—1 Pet. 3:21.
  4. George Benson is being called by Watchtower for his musical talents!
  5. If you compare these teachings to the current ones then it would almost seem like a completely different religion.
  6. Funny how it went from that to, "Only baptized JW's in good standing and aligned with the Faithful & Discreet Slave (Governing Body) have any chance of making it thru to Paradise."
  7. The following quote is from page 94, chapter "How to live forever". The church systems would have the people believe that only those who become church members can be saved. The Bible never taught any such doctrine (!!!). The Lord never organized the nominal systems, and the true church is but a little flock, who shall inherit the kingdom of heaven, and the others of the world do not in- herit it. To the church Jesus said: 'Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom'. (Luke 12 : 32) Jesus died not only for those who will constitute the members of the church, but for all. St. John plainly stated: 'He is the propitiation [satis- faction] for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.-1 John 2: 2.
  8. Don't be too jealous. In order to get to "experience" this, you have shell out thousands of dollars for the privilege to attend these Internationals. They don't do this s*%$ for the peasant regular Regional Conventions. It's at least 5k per person. This is to attend an International Convention, includes air/hotel/crappy food.
  9. Why is it a village “of long ago” instead of “of the future paradise?” They’re confusing the time periods of their utopia.

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