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    Donna Mosteller reacted to The Librarian in JW's in Space   
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    Donna Mosteller got a reaction from Queen Esther in Which songbook was used when you got baptized ? 12 and soon the new one in silver ! Alot song-books   
    I also used three in the top row. The pink, the brown and the Sing to Jehovah songbook. We were using the pink one when I was baptized.
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    Donna Mosteller reacted to Queen Esther in I want send a beautiful weekend - rose to all my Brothers & Sisters ❤ with the best wishes from Germany... ;-)   
    I  want  send  a  beautiful  weekend - rose  to  all  my  Brothers  &  Sisters ❤
    with  the  best  wishes  from  Germany  ;-)
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    Donna Mosteller reacted to Jack Ryan in JW.org Disaster Preparedness   
    JW.org Disaster Preparedness video
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