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  1. My sister, on the post about Gog from Magog, i see many many are apostates.

    But , often , informations are write for us JW. As that, many "sensitive" informations are give to them by this website.

    Why  do you not put out these kind of poeples ?

    (Sorry for my English)

    Love !

    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      I agree, my dear Brother @Alzasior Lutor  !!!   I have finished with my question there...   Also have not the time to read that all....  bec. my English is my 2.language after German.  I know and little sad, we are SO mixed members here. But our Librarian wants that and mostly, only HE removed such of things.

      I remember from the past, often apostates writing long long texts and in a special kind of Bible thinking, right?

      Wish you a nice weekend and many greetings from Germany :)

    2. Alzasior Lutor

      Alzasior Lutor

      Your English is beatiful my sister @Reine Esther  . I am french ... Thank you very mutch for your answer.

      Love !

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